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Best Horse Shampoo for 2022

Keeping your filly looking strapping and majestic is hard work and only horse owners and stable hands realise how much grooming goes into a shiny, glossy coat.

After a long day’s ride, mud, dirt and other nasties can build up and make your job even harder and eventually there’s only so much a brush can do!

A good scrubbing is often the best way to keep coats clean and healthy, and a high-quality horse shampoo is an optimum solution to help cleanse the skin and bring out the true beauty in their coat. Medicated shampoos can also be vital for easing the suffering of those with infections or insect lesions, restoring and rejuvenating sore, irritated skin.

So to help bring out the best in your mare, we’ve scoured the market for some fantastic value products which still offer the ultimate expertise, care and dedication to horse grooming, helping you and your prized pony achieve pure equestrian elation!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Mane 'n Tail Original Shampoo and Body
    • Micro-enriched protein formula
    • ‘Down to the skin’ cleansing
    • Doesn't strip natural oils!
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    Dermoline Insect Shampoo
    • 100% effective against lice & insect bites
    • Repels flies & other insects
    • Removes scurf & grease
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    Aqueos Anti-Microbial Shampoo
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungus & viruses
    • Deodorises horse smells
    • Ideal for itchy horses & skin complaints
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    The Top Horse Shampoos Reviewed

    C&G Pets Super Shine Horse Shampoo and Conditioner

    A thoughtful blend of natural organic oils, this antibacterial shampoo utilises avocado, wheat germ, orange and coconut scents with the skin-soothing properties of aloe vera, tea tree, chamomile and lavender for the ultimate experience in horsehair care.

    High absorbent, it penetrates deeper than other low lathering formulas and contains no parabens, alcohols, perfumes or synthetic elements to ensure it replenishes moisture and does not dry out the skin.

    Part of Cooper & Gracie’s Cruelty-Free Equine Care range, it’s a formula renowned for being one of the highest standard solutions on the market and made by horse owners to ensure the real needs and worries of equine enthusiasts are met.


    • Highly absorbent formula
    • Natural, steam distilled essential oils
    • Antibacterial itchy skin protection


    • Weight: 531 g
    • Dimensions: 18.8 x 6.6 x 6.6 cm
    • Size: 500ml

    Mane 'n Tail Original Shampoo and Body

    Chances are, you’ve already heard of the mythical Mane ‘n Tail, a horse shampoo that is bizarrely now more famous as a human shampoo alternative used by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian.

    Originally a premium mare shampoo back in the 70’s, it’s unusual clientele swap occurred after horse owners realised just how beautiful, strong, shiny and glossy Mane ‘n Tail made their filly’s manes. In fact, so irresistible was the appearance of these horses, that the very same owners couldn’t help but try it out on their own hair.

    Word spread, and now it’s a funky beauty trend for wannabe Instagram girls, it’s original use has almost become forgotten.

    But it shouldn’t be!

    Still one of the most caring colt creations available, Mane ‘n Tail provides ‘down to the skin’ cleansing action to get right through all of the dirt and debris trapped in a horse’s coat. It’s rich and pleasant scented lather is also gentle enough to prevent the stripping of natural oils and its formula is choc-full of moisturisers, emollients and micro-enriched protein.

    It’s no wonder us greedy humans stole it for ourselves.


    • Micro-enriched protein formula
    • ‘Down to the skin’ cleansing
    • Doesn't strip natural oils!


    • Weight: 354 g
    • Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.7 x 20.3 cm
    • Size: 355 ml

    NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler

    Forget those all over body shampoos, if it’s simply silky mane hair you’re after, this spot-cleaning conditioning spray from NAF is a knot-busting solution resulting in easily brushed, smooth hair.

    Helping to remove tangles, it helps horse’s hair shimmer and glisten in a non-greasy, non-sticky fashion, ridding their mane of dust and dirt!

    Simply allow to dry on manes and tails and then comb through to unlock luscious locks!


    • Conditioning spray for tangled manes
    • Non-sticky natural shine
    • Removes dust


    • Weight: 848 g
    • Dimensions: 5.9 x 11.8 x 24.6 cm
    • Size: 750 ml

    Barrier Anti-Itch Soothing Shampoo for Horses

    One of the few shampoo products to provide conditioning ingredients too, this Anti-Itch treatment from Barrier is an all year round masterclass that rejuvenates skin and keeps colts clean and gleaming at all times!

    An excellent cleanser, it boasts a skin healing super team of ingredients, including tea tree, aloe vera, chamomile and lavender, ensuring sore and irritated skin is calmed and free of itchiness.

    Designed to keep such issues away for good, it also scrubs away lingering bacteria and fungi with ease, making sure scurfy, diseased skin is gone for good and glistening, shiny coats are here to stay!


    • Antibacterial 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner
    • For minor irritations or more serious skin damage
    • Added benefits of tea tree, aloe vera, chamomile and lavender


    • Weight: 540 g (500 ml)
    • Dimensions: 19 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
    • Size: 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

    Barrier Lavender Wash

    For those who don’t like bathing their horses too often, this no-rinse formula body wash is a great choice for cleaning up cuts and bruises without risking drying up the skin!

    Its low lather is sensitive to a horse’s skin and it’s lavender and coconut combination helps to alleviate bruising as well as reduce stinging and swelling on minor cuts and abrasions.

    With no artificial thickeners or prohibited substances, it’s a skin healing solution you can wholeheartedly trust!


    • Concentrated, low-lathering & no-rinse
    • High grade lavender & coconut derivative
    • Applicable to cuts, grazes & bruises


    • Weight: 500 g (500 ml)
    • Dimensions: 19 x 6.8 x 6.6 cm
    • Size: 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

    NAF NaturalintX Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Horses

    We’re all aware of the fantastic antibacterial qualities of Tea Tree Oil and so this cleansing wash from NAF is a sure-fire way to support a steed’s supple coat!

    The ingredients help to keep away viral nasties and scurf build-up, while the natural ingredients ensure a mild solution which won’t strip your mare of their natural oils.

    One of the most economical shampoos on this list, all it needs is 20ml of solution per litre of water, which means a large 5L bottle will surely last you a lifetime!


    • Natural, antibacterial tea tree formula
    • Removes scurf & build up
    • Ideal for frequent use


    • Weight: 549 g (500 ml)
    • Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.6 x 19.6 cm
    • Size: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

    NETTEX Lavender No-Rinse Wash for Horses

    A calming and relaxing experience for any colt, this no-rinse lavender wash from Nettex is fantastic for hard-working horses needing to recover from strenuous exercise and minor knocks.

    To be diluted in warm or cold water, it’s perfect for quickly removing sweat, dirt and grease and after scraping off the sweat, you can leave to dry naturally!

    A concoction of fabulous conditioning ingredients, it refrains from stripping the coat of natural oils thanks to a soothing lavender and moisturizer blend.

    Unlike other shampoos, it’s also suitable all year round, providing coat nourishment in every season, without drying out the skin!


    • Lavender oil, conditioner & moisturiser combo
    • Soothes knocks, grazes & bruises
    • Won’t strip natural oils


    • Weight: 2 Kg (500 ml)
    • Dimensions: 40 x 34 x 12 cm
    • Size: 250 ml, 500 ml

    Dermoline Insect Shampoo

    Kind to both horse and human skin, this licensed veterinary product can be an ideal weapon in your colt’s battle against bites and pesky insects.

    An insecticidal shampoo, it’s ideal for treatments of lice infestation, as well as routine coat care and show preparation. Best of all, it’s effects are long-lasting, meaning it can continue to repel flies and other nasty insects well after use!

    Economical to use, one bottle will last you a long time and it can also act as a great cleaning agent for removing build-ups of scurf, grease and ectoparasitic debris, keeping your horse healthy as well as handsome!


    • 100% effective against lice & insect bites
    • Repels flies & other insects
    • Removes scurf & grease


    • Weight: 998 g (1 L)
    • Dimensions: 25 x 8 x 8 cm
    • Size: 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

    Aqueos Anti-Microbial Shampoo

    A mild, water-based disinfectant, this antimicrobial shampoo is a fantastic option for helping horses who are fighting issues such as fungal infections, irritated skin and even strangles and ringworm.

    A fast-acting formula, it kills microorganisms within an impressive 30 seconds of contact, yet is still gentle and nourishing to the skin.

    For mares suffering from actual sores and lesions, it can even help disinfect minor wounds and can provide a soothing sensation for itches, leaving coats, manes and tails feeling silky smooth to the touch and shimmering to the eye.

    It’s also alcohol-free and environmentally friendly in ingredients!


    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungus & viruses
    • Deodorises horse smells
    • Ideal for itchy horses & skin complaints


    • Weight: 1.07 Kg (1 L)
    • Dimensions: 8.4 x 24.2 x 8.6 cm
    • Size: 1 L, 5 L

    Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo

    With options for Black, Grey, Bay, Chestnut & Palomino ponies, Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo can help intensify and bring out the natural complexion in any colt!

    A uniquely formulated and luxury brand, the shampoo contains colour enhancers and optical brighteners to create a show ring standard coat with every wash!

    Don’t worry if you can’t get an exact colour match for your filly either, as any of the choices are bound to have just as tantalising results on the pigmentation of your pony.


    • Colour enhancing shampoo
    • 5 options for the 5 horse colour types
    • Designed to clean & condition


    • Weight: 454 g (500 ml)
    • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 18.5 cm
    • Size: 500ml

    Buying Guide

    Things To Look Out For

    Your Horse’s Skin Condition

    What type of horse shampoo your mane man needs is entirely dependent on their current skin condition, as some mares will need a specific kind of care if they are suffering from any coat issues.

    If your horse has perfectly healthy skin, you can use regular shampoo, but if your steed is suffering from lesions, infections or irritations it’s best to try and find medicated shampoos to help treat these conditions.

    These will often boast antibacterial or antifungal properties and herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil and lemongrass to help soothe and heal irritations.

    Because a healthier and glossier coat makes for a happier and healthier horse!

    Whole Wash Or Spot Clean

    As well as standard regular shampoo in bottle form, you may occasionally come across stain-removal spray formulas, which are more intended for spot cleaning.

    Whole wash solutions are obviously needed for regular cleaning sessions, but spot cleaning bottles make your job less tiresome and frequent if your pony is always picking up spots of mud here, there and everywhere.

    Mild Ingredients

    Every horse owner wants their horse to glow like a unicorn after a short shampoo session and so it can often be tempting to go for products which promise super shiny results thanks to ‘strong’ or ‘super-strength’ formulas.

    The truth is though that a horse’s skin already has a beautiful natural sheen, and strong ingredients can end up stripping a horse of its natural oils.

    It’s, therefore, best to go for the mildest ingredients, which won’t strip away oils and will help bring out your horse’s inner shine!

    Colour Boosters

    You may notice that some horse shampoos offer colour boosters designed to help bring out those stunning, natural colours of your filly’s coat. If your horse’s skin is looking a little dull or less vibrant than usual, these blue or purple solutions can often help revitalise your colt’s pretty complexion.


    Just like us humans, horsies can sometimes suffer from dull, dry and unappealing coats if their skin lacks moisture and so it’s always a great idea to choose a shampoo with moisturising ingredients.

    Certain ingredients are naturally helpful for making coats nice and shiny, such as aloe vera, but a shampoo which creates a lot of lather can also provide just as much moisture to a horse’s skin. But as it’s difficult to know how much lather a product is going to produce, it’s best to just to seek out shampoos which promise moisturising effects!

    Deep Clean

    As you horse owners are well aware, horsehair can be particularly thick and it often takes a good scrub to wash out all that grub and dirt! Try and find a product which promises deep penetration, which can get through the hair and into the skin. This will help them regain skin moisture better than just standard moisturiser – as if it can’t reach the skin, it can’t do its job!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much does horse shampoo cost?

    Prices of horse grooming products can vary greatly, however it’s very rare that you would ever have to spend a bomb on a good-quality horse shampoo.

    Most of the best products on the market are priced at around £10 per 500ml and so if you ever see a product way off this price range, it’s probably either inferior quality… or someone’s trying to take you for a ride!

    Of course, professional standard shampoos or special bundle deals might add up to closer to £20, but in general, you should not be breaking the bank – lord knows owning a horse is expensive enough as it is!

    How do I apply horse shampoo?

    It’s important not to overdo it with horse shampoo, in the same way, you wouldn’t use hordes on your own hair, as it can be very drying!

    Never apply the solution straight to the coat either, as this can cause lots of suds to build up and won’t effectively clean off any grub. Instead, mix some formula with warm water and pour it slowly over your horse’s entire body. Then you can get scrubbing!

    How much horse shampoo do I need?

    Generally speaking, 30 ml of solution mixed with a gallon of water is enough for one wash’s worth!

    Given that most people only shampoo their horse very occasionally, a 500 ml bottle could well last you over a year. But if you’re partial to giving your filly more frequent scrubbings or are trying to treat a skin condition, a weekly wash is probably only going to last you around four months!