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Best Dog Training Leads & Collars for 2021

Purpose-built dog training leads and collars can help give you greater control over your pup during walks, helping to train them to trot calmly by your side rather than drag you along and pull on the lead.

But as dog owners ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to find quality training leads which actually help guide your dog gently and effectively without yanking and harming them.

So to help you find the very best dog training leads and collars available, we’ve cast our expert eyes over 70 training products from 8 trustworthy online pet markets, including Amazon, Pets At Home and VioVet.

From our findings, we’ve selected ten of the highest-quality leads and collars out there which boast both comfort and security for your pup, as well as complete control and mastery for the owner!

It’s time to get out there and train that pooch!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Company Of Animals Halti Dog Training Lead
    • Adjustable short or long length
    • Multiple uses, including hands-free clip
    • Can be used for two dogs on one lead
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    Company of Animals CLIX Long Recall Line Dog Lead
    • Amazing 10m length!
    • Developed by leading dog behaviourists
    • Give illusion of freedom while remaining in control
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    Hunter Freestyle Collar & Lead Set
    • Durable & strong polyamide material
    • Abrasion & friction resistant
    • Anti-tug collar
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    The Top 10 Best Dog Training Leads & Collars Reviewed

    Company Of Animals Halti Dog Training Lead

    One of the most multipurpose leads available, Halti’s Training Lead is favourited by dog lovers around the world and can be put to good use in several wonderful ways. Made from lightweight, water-resistant nylon webbing, the lead is incredibly strong and can be extended and shortened to numerous lengths depending on your training programme.

    One of it’s best features is that it has multiple clips which allow you to attach on other walking accessories such as harnesses & headcollars if you wish, meaning it’s also a great tool for those who wish to conduct no pull training. But it doesn’t end there! Thanks to its multi clips, Halti’s leash can also be used as a lead for two dogs and can even be tied around the waist for hands-free walking!

    With so much room to customise, the Halti Training Lead offers you plenty of bang for your buck.


    • Adjustable short or long length
    • Multiple uses, including hands-free clip
    • Can be used for two dogs on one lead


    • Dimensions: 200 x 2.5 x 1 cm
    • Length: 2m
    • Sizes: S, L

    Canny Collar

    To enhance the effect of a training lead, it can often be wise to pair it with a training collar, as their added head supports or unique designs can often help divert a dog’s attention back to you!

    Our favourite of these is the aptly named Canny Collar, which aims to train your dog in the art of leash walking without sacrificing their comfort or motions to the point of irritation or pain.

    Simple to fit, it uses a ‘behind-the-head’ design which sits much higher up the neck to prevent yanking and provides an optional snout loop so that you can slip seamlessly between ‘regular’ and ‘training’ modes. This unique design when used in combination with the snout loop allows you to easily divert your dog’s attention when they are distracted, creating a safer alternative to tugging on their neck.

    Recommended by dog trainers, training schools, rescue shelters and veterinarians, it’s the favoured training collar of UK Guide Dogs, meaning you can rest assured it really is the most comforting and controlled collar out there!


    • Easy, quick fitting
    • No restraints - comfy for your dog!
    • Let off the lead without removing the head collar!


    • Dimensions: 20.5 x 13.5 x 3 cm
    • Sizes: 7 available (23cm-58cm)

    Company of Animals CLIX Long Recall Line Dog Lead

    This CLIX Long Recall Line from Company of Animals is a must-have for long-distance recall training as it’s 10m length allows for great freedom without you ever losing your grip and guidance of your mischievous mutt!

    Ideal for large open spaces, it’s soft padded webbing makes it both comfortable for you and your pup, and it’s also machine washable meaning keeping it clean and maintained is a doddle.

    Part of COA’s CLIX training range, it’s been designed specifically for the purpose of recall training and can be effectively utilised by both complete beginners as well as experienced professional dog trainers.

    COA’s company site is also home to a training and behaviour centre considered one of the best in the UK and they are at the forefront of research and development when it comes to new and improved canine products. Founded by world-renowned animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford, there’s quite simply not a safer and better-designed lead on the market!


    • Amazing 10m length!
    • Developed by leading dog behaviourists
    • Give illusion of freedom while remaining in control


    • Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 5 cm
    • Length: 10m

    PetSafe® Easy Walk® Harness

    For those who don’t trust collars not to pull and harm their dog during training, harnesses are a safer and conscience easing alternative.

    This PetSafe Easy Walk harness is designed to prevent tugging in the most gentle way possible thanks to a Martingale chest strap that sits directly below the breastbone. This means when your dog does pull on the lead, the pressure point is not around their neck but at the chest, eliminating any potential choking effects or neck damage.

    The harness also comes with a matching lead and hand loop to attach to the harness via a D-ring at the front of the harness. This unique placement of the D-ring means rather than being pulled backwards or suddenly disorientated, your pooch is always gently pulled to the side to face you where you can better gain their focus and attention.

    The harness is fully adjustable at four points to ensure the snuggest fit possible and is available in S, M and L sizes to appeal to every breed of dog. It’s also secured by just two buckles, meaning fastening on and off is fast and efficient!

    Recommended by vets and dog trainers, it’s the safest training lead and harness combo we’ve found!


    • Martingale chest strap for dog pulling
    • Soft skin-friendly nylon
    • Robust & weather resistant


    • Dimensions: 23.81 x 5.08 x 22.86 cm (M)
    • Length: 1.8m
    • Sizes: S, M, L

    Hunter Freestyle Collar & Lead Set

    Partnering up a perfect pooch training lead with an even better collar, this heavy-duty polyamide set from Hunter is an idyllically crafted anti-pull leash that is superb for close-quarters lead training.

    At 2m in length, it’s slightly longer than standard short training leashes, but it’s strength and durability make it far and away the most robust lead on this whole list.

    Polyamide is a bite-resistant material and is completely resistant to abrasion, meaning it more than matches the antics of your mischievous canine. Even more impressively, it’s also been tested and proven to be able to withstand up to 2.4 tonnes of force, which makes it surely the strongest lead in the world!

    Nevermind a dog, it could probably stop a small car in its tracks!

    With a collar that prevents tugging, it’s also friction resistant, so you and your pooch are both risk-free from injury and the added durability means Hunter’s set is designed to last you and your pet for years to come!

    It’s the optimum choice for powerful pups who are always breaking free of your guidance and the first step on your journey to calm and collected leash walking!


    • Durable & strong polyamide material
    • Abrasion & friction resistant
    • Anti-tug collar


    • Dimensions: 110 x 3.5 x 4 cm
    • Length: 2m
    • Sizes: S, M

    Heim Biothane® Long Dog Lead

    Biothane is currently one of the most popular materials when it comes to superior dog leads, as it combines the benefits of both leather and plastic to create a smooth, strong structure.

    With the glorious aesthetic of a fashionable leather piece and the durability of polyester, Biothane is also completely waterproof, meaning it can survive even the wettest and windiest of conditions! Thanks to the smooth, silky feel, it also doesn’t pick up moisture, mud or dirt meaning it’s always easy to clean and adverse to rust and erosion.

    This bright yellow model is one of the strongest models on the market due to a tear-resistant composition and can withstand an incredible 500Kg pull!

    Ideal for training on large open terrains, it’s 5m distance is perfect for practising recalls at a distance!


    • Secure hand loop design
    • Totally tear resistant
    • Antibacterial & mould-resistant


    • Dimensions: 5/10m x 13 mm
    • Length: 5m, 10m

    Halti OptiFit Headcollar

    Another great Halti training product, this OptiFit headcollar is the ideal partner in crime for your Halti training lead!

    A special design with snout looping, it works by gently steering your dogs head in the direction you want them to travel, making it an ideal instrument when it comes to loose-lead training.

    Available in small, medium and large sizes, it’s designed with optimum fit in mind (hence the name) and so it’s adjustability and flexibility is suitable for all breeds of dog. This means getting the absolute correct measurements is no hassle, as the self-adjusting chin strap and reflective cheek straps follow the natural contours of your dog’s face, ensuring the best fit!

    A sliding cam lock also allows custom fitting for every dog and a dual interlocking buckle gives additional security!

    If that wasn’t enough, each headcollar also comes with a comprehensive training DVD and guide so you can get the very best out of your HALTI products!


    • Prevents lead pulling without neck pressure
    • Internal padding for comfort
    • Dual interlocking buckle for security
    • Free training DVD & guide


    • Dimensions: 3 x 13.49 x 20.5 cm
    • Sizes: S, M, L

    Heim Long Dog Training Lead

    Another brilliant lead from Heim, this model is specifically designed for training, with a secure wrist strap for feel and control.

    The lead comes in an eye-catching orange colour, is made from UV-stabilised material and is even floatable should your pup ever escape into a nearby river!

    A braided leash that’s made from high-quality polypropylene, it’s extremely tear-resistant and features a 360-degree rotating nickel-plated carabiner for easy and flexible dog collar attachment.

    It’s easily one of the strongest leads on this whole list thanks to its pull withstanding 622Kg, meaning even a grizzly bear couldn’t hope to yank this lead out of your grip!

    With the smallest line size being 5m, it’s again best used as a lead while doing outdoor activity training or name recall exercises!


    • Training lead with wrist strap & rotating carabiner
    • Ideal for obedience training
    • Highly tear resistant


    • Dimensions: 5/10/20m x 6 mm
    • Length: 5m, 10m, 20m

    Toozey Dog Training Lead

    Already lightyears ahead of the rest of the pack, the wise people at Toozey have smartly included a bonus ebook with every purchase of their dog training lead, ensuring you are fully clued up on how to get the very best out of the product!

    Boasting incredible strength thanks to a high-quality nylon material and metal carabiner clip combo, it’s bordering on indestructible and so can provide plenty of anti-pull power to dogs of any size!

    Weatherproof, reflective and easy to clean, it ensures you and your pup’s safety at night and that the material stands strong in the worst of weathers. It’s best used for long-distance recall work, as the lowest length of 10m means this really is a roamers training tool, making it great for practising on large open fields and parks.

    There is even a length of up to 20m if you require, although good luck having the vocal pipes for that range!

    Offering supreme comfort and grip for owners, it also provides a lightweight, rubberised handle with grooves to allow ultimate reign even when wet!


    • Bonus ebook with training tips
    • Maximum non-slip rubber grooves
    • Free storage bag
    • Reflective for night safety


    • Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 4.8 cm
    • Length: 10m, 15m, 20m

    Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Lead

    A kind of military strength super lead, the uncomfortably named Elite Spanker is far from a slap on the bottom for your prize pooch, providing a shock-absorbing bungee cord to prevent pulling without the pain!

    A durable and lightweight nylon material, it’s perfect for close-quarters dog lead training, with a quick-release zinc alloy hook which can withstand 300kg of pull!

    Its unique bungee style cord extends around 12 inches when pulled, which helps reduce the sudden force acting on both you and your dog. This helps you stay in control and crucially, also helps reduce the risk of injury and increase comfort for your pup!

    Unlike a lot of other training leads, the Elite Spanker also offers an adjustable length of between 1.2 and 1.5m, which allows you to experiment with short to medium ranges and give them some experience of controlled walking from further distances.

    And of course, it’s not just kind to your dog either! With two padded soft handles, you can walk your dog with comfort from afar or quickly grab the traffic control handle if you ever need to gain immediate and fast control!


    • Bungee training leash with shock absorbing design
    • Adjust length by up to 30cm!
    • Withstands 300kg of pull!


    • Dimensions: 16.4 x 12.4 x 3.2 cm
    • Length: 1.55m

    Buying Guide

    Why Use A Dog Training Lead Or Collar?

    Technically, you can train your dog with any kind of lead providing it can give you the right amount of control over your pup!

    And so when a product describes itself as a ‘training’ lead or collar, this is because it will often have features which really enhance your control and ability to guide your dog with.

    In general, they will also usually cater to two types of dog training skills, these are:

    Name Recall
    The act of calling your dog’s name and getting them to return to you, so they always come when called.

    Loose Leash Walking
    Teaching a dog to walk in tandem with you on a lead in a relaxed manner, rather than them pulling on the lead and dictating the journey themselves!

    Important Things To Consider

    Lead Length

    The most important thing to consider when purchasing training leads is their length.

    In general, most training leads tend to be shorter in length to give you maximum control and teach your dog how to walk on a lead and reduce pulling. These will often be around 1m – 2m and are fantastic for training dogs in preparation for busy or built-up areas where they are less free to roam.

    However, there are also leashes out there that are better for recall trials. By purchasing a lead with large ranges of 2m – 20m, you can practice letting your dog run ‘free’ in larger open spaces without losing your control over them. This long lead means you can then work on recall training and build up confidence and trust until you feel safe letting them off the lead. Although you can get very long versions of these leads, it’s best to stay within 2m – 5m for the maximum amount of control.

    Dog’s Comfort

    The biggest part of dog training with a lead is trying to minimise pull and yanking from your dog.

    This is often a behaviour of puppy’s especially and far from being a bad habit or naughty act, you pup is merely curious and keen for the world around them!

    But as yanking and pulling is inevitably going to occur… any lead or collar you buy is going to need to be kind to your dog and their skin. We want to teach them to be less excitable and follow your movements on the lead and we shouldn’t have to hurt them to do this!

    Choose a material that guarantees soft, hypoallergenic qualities and always go for collars with added padding!

    Avoiding Retractable Leads

    Although retractable leads are undeniably great and easy to use when walking a dog, they’re not the best option for training purposes and won’t help prevent pulling behaviour.

    This is because the design of a retractable lead means that a dog will always feel a slight constant pressure from the mechanism and so can easily get confused between the retractions of the lead and your actual guiding actions. Not to mention the mechanism itself gives you way less control and essentially lets your dog roam free and dictate the way themselves!

    Without adequate control, you risk your pup getting into trouble or worse… an accident.

    Kind Collars/Harnesses

    After lead length, the other most important thing to consider is the type of collar or harness you are using.

    If you are teaching your dog not to pull on the lead, there is naturally going to be some tension and a few yanks here and there as you practice reigning your dog closer to your side.

    But as previously mentioned, this shouldn’t be a painful process, as you merely want to be exercising your control rather than actually pulling and yanking your dog right back!

    Training collars in particular often feature unusual designs which offer more security around the head and neck so you can better guide their motions. The key when choosing these kinds of collar is to make sure they still offer a full range of movement and are comfortable for your pup without being constrictive.

    Figure of 8 style designs which offer a collar around the neck and loop over the snout is the safest form of training collar, as when dogs pull on the lead, it takes all the pressure and force away from the neck and simply pulls down on the nose and breaks their line of sight.

    This is a painless alternative and great for training as by diverting their gaze, it can teach dogs who are easily distracted and excited to focus more on the task at hand.

    Some owners just prefer to use harnesses to avoid this issue altogether, but they too need to be kind to your canine. Always make sure that harnesses use the chest areas as their main pressure point and that the lead attachment is found on the dog’s back in a central area to minimise painful pulls.

    Choosing A Dog Training Lead & Collar


    The main types of material for dog leads are nylon, leather, metal and biothane.

    The best for training tend to be nylon, as these are the most hard-wearing and so provide the best tear-resistance and strength. If you have a particularly big dog, this can help with those early stages of yanking!

    Biothane is an interesting and newly popular material which consists of polyester and a special coating which makes it odourless and anti-fungal. This stops it from getting dirty and harbouring bacteria, making it a slightly more weatherproof option. It has a smooth, leather-like feel, but is crucially a lot more resistant!

    Leather and metal tend to not be particularly good choices for training, as both tend to be an aesthetic choice rather than a controlled one. Not only are they more expensive but leather is more breakable than nylon ann biothane, while metal options have too little give and could be painful when yanked.

    Collar-wise it doesn’t really matter what the material is, as long as the inner side features plenty of padding to ensure your dog’s comfort!


    A nice handle makes the world of difference for owners and without one, a sharp yank or pull could result in some seriously painful rope burn from your lead!

    A quality grip can also give you much better control.


    For collars or leads with collar attachments, size is of course incredibly important as it needs to be a snug fit for your pooch without feeling constrictive or tight.

    Be sure to take a measurement of their neck with a measuring tape as you would when measuring for a normal collar. Occasionally, the specialist nature of training collars means they will sometimes sit higher up the neck for more control and support than usual, and so you may need to take a new measurement higher up the neck if the product suggests it.

    Secure Clips Or Attachment

    As well as material that can promise minimal tearing for your lead, the clips on your lead or collar need to be strong enough to brace a sharp tug from your canine.

    Carabiners and buckles should always be some form of metal or alloy which can provide maximum security and safety for your pup.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What is the best dog training lead?

    Our favourite lead for short-distance and loose-lead walking training is the Hunter Freestyle Collar & Lead Set. Having tight control is the most important thing when lead training and for those of us not blessed with the rippling muscles of The Terminator, we need the lead to do most of the work!

    Basting 2.4 tonnes of resistance pull, you really can’t beat Hunters set for pure strength and the added collar with anti-abrasion and friction material ensures your pup is never hurt or irritated by your more strict guidance at the helm of the lead!

    In terms of name recall training and slightly longer lines, we would suggest the Company of Animals CLIX Recall Line lead for dogs. This is the only lead on our list and one of the few in the world that has been specifically designed to cater to this form of training. Given COA’s dog training and behaviour centre is one of the most celebrated and respected of it’s kind in the UK, we’d be fools not to suggest their very own training lead!

    What length of dog training lead do I need?

    The length of dog lead you require is entirely dependent on the form of training you want to do and the training environment at your disposal.

    For name recall training, experts recommend using a longer lead of around 15 feet. This is just short of 5m and allows you to give your dog the feeling of free roam while still providing a large degree of control. You can then begin calling their name and should they not respond, it won’t take long to slowly draw them in and reward them to create a learned behaviour.

    For loose-lead walking and training not to pull on the lead, it’s best to choose a very short leash of around 1m to 1.5m. This ensures constant control and limits pulling on the lead continuously until your dog becomes used to the action of walking by your side on the leash.