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Best Dog Boots for 2022

Dog shoes are far from a fashion accessory as many would think. They are there to protect paws from rough surfaces when hiking, to help injured paws heal without limiting walkies and for use on icy cold or hot surfaces.

But buying a dog boot is not as simple as buying a pair of shoes for yourself. You may need certain attributions depending on your need, and dog paws can vary in shape, size and sensitivity.

There’s a big choice out there but some aren’t worth the effort, so check out our reviews below to find the best dog boots and shoes.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Ruffwear All-Terrain Dog Boots
    • Adjustable tightness
    • Grippy outsole
    • Tightly woven air mesh that's breathable yet protective
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    Hurtta Outback Boots for Dogs
    • Best materials for purpose
    • Good measurement guide
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    Trixie Walker Care Protective Boots
    • Waterproof
    • Washable
    • Huge range of sizes
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    The Top Dog Boots Reviewed

    Ruffwear All-Terrain Dog Boots

    Available in a set of two or four and a great choice of sizes; it’s not surprising that these are a popular pick amongst dog owners.

    They’re all-reason and provide protection from extreme environments, meaning you can use them for both a relaxing walk or mountain climbing. The thick base pads also make rough surfaces virtually undetectable so are great if you are off on a long hike or walk.

    The high traction rubber soles offer a great deal of protection from slipping, so if your dog struggles with balance or is a senior dog, these boots will offer a significant amount of stability. Since they’re long-wearing, one walk won’t mean there is no traction left.

    The opening is a wide gusset to allow the boots to come off easily, yet there is an adjustable hook and loop closure for a secure fit too.


    • Adjustable tightness
    • Grippy outsole
    • Tightly woven air mesh that's breathable yet protective


    • Sizes: 38mm, 44mm, 51mm, 57mm, 64mm, 70mm, 76mm, 83mm
    • Colour: Blue, Black, Red

    Hurtta Outback Boots for Dogs

    Thanks to the weatherproof Houndtex upper material, these boots are resistant to rain, snow and heat.

    They are easy to put on and they stay firm to the paw thanks to the flexible velcro fastening system. The rest of the boot is Softshell, which is flexible for easy movement as well as pliable, non-slip rubber soles which will help with grip when they are hiking or struggling to walk.

    If you tend to go out before anyone else is awake, or when everyone has gone to bed, the added 3M reflectors will help to illuminate you both. They are one of the best boots for size guidance too, in case you so far haven’t been able to find just the right ones, with ankle size, paw width and arm height all factored in.


    • Best materials for purpose
    • Good measurement guide


    • Sizes: S-XXL

    Royalcare Dog Shoes

    If you are going to be using the boots for hot weather, then you may want to reduce the time your dog must spend with the boots off by buying a pair of breathable shoes like this.

    The mesh is not just breathable, but soft too. A thick anti-slip sole will keep paws clean, and allow them to walk on hard surfaces without feeling the material underneath. They also feature an anti-collision toe cap which should keep their claws safe by preventing their foot from banging into anything.

    Made with medium or large dogs in mind, they feature an extended length to cover the entire paw area and ankle, and an adjustable velcro tightening strap for a more secure fit.

    They’re hand-washable and can be air-dried so you aren’t limited in where you go on your walks and travels.


    • Breathable mesh upper
    • Toe cap protection


    • Sizes: 2.17" x 2.52", 2.36" x 2.76", 2.56" x 2.99", 2.76" x 3.23", 2.95" x 3.5"
    • Colour: Black

    Trixie Walker Care Protective Boots

    Machine Washable at 40 degrees. Waterproof. Durable. These boots are everything you need rolled into one.

    They will reduce the risk of damage to the paw, especially when walking on rough surfaces. A practical velcro strap will ensure it fits tightly without being too restrictive, lessening the risk of it falling off.

    But the best thing? Available in sizes from XS to XXXL, there will be a size for every breed from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.


    • Waterproof
    • Washable
    • Huge range of sizes


    • Sizes: X Small to XXXL
    • Colour: Black

    Ewolee Dog Shoes

    A waterproof yet breathable cloth upper will mean that these boots could save your water-phobic dog from rain showers and wet pavements or grass, so they have no excuse to get some exercise.

    Skid-proof grip soles, made from rubber and PVC, will help them tackle ice patches, or indeed help if they are indoors and can’t navigate that new wooden flooring in the kitchen.

    They have a bit of room to expand with the split-seam opening so should remain tight without constricting them, and the two velcro straps give their legs and ankles some room to breathe too. Both of these are also reflective so will help in low-light conditions.

    While they can be used on wet surfaces or in rain, they aren’t for deep water.


    • Reflective
    • Good for wet conditions


    • Sizes: M 2.36" x 2.17”, L 2.76" x 2.56 ", XL 3.15" x 2.76"
    • Colour: Black/Blue

    Pawz Dog Boots

    They may look like balloons before you inflate them, but are much more practical and dedicated. Disposable and waterproof, these are the perfect boot for dogs who just can’t stay out of rivers and need all the protection possible.

    They can still be used more than once, basically until they are starting to look a bit worn. Made from natural rubber, they will allow your dog to feel the ground so they won’t struggle to walk. Just like a sock, they still allow full paw motion so are great for active dogs.

    If your dog is currently suffering from injured paws or has had surgery, this is also one of the best options to stop them from licking them. They won’t need to be cleaned after every use to keep germs at bay, but also won’t become soaked if they still try to lick them.

    Really trying to cut down on your waste? Don’t worry about the fact these are disposable – they are biodegradable, so won’t be sat in a landfill forever.


    • 12 Pack
    • Disposable when done


    • Sizes: Tiny <7/8", XX-Small 1/2" to 1", X Small 1" to 1 1/2", Small 1 1/2" to 2", Medium 2" to 3", Large 3" to 4", Extra Large 4"<
    • Colour: Blue

    All For Paws Outdoor Dog All Road Boots

    Suitable for when your dog needs something durable, such as when hiking or running, these boots are perfect for active pooches.

    They have a weather-resistant upper, so you won’t have to worry about the terrible rain outside. This keeps rain out, so their paws stay comfortable and clean, which is great if they have injuries. There is also an intuitive hook and loop cinch strap which ensures a good tight fit but with room enough to move.

    They’re available in sizes from XS to XXL, so measure well and you’re bound to find the perfect option.



    • Keeps water out
    • Great size options


    • Sizes: L 3.5-7.5cm
    • Colour: Black/Green

    Buster Dog Walka Boots

    These boots are specially designed to help any dogs who are recovering from injury, but who still need to remain active throughout.

    They don’t only protect the wound but also allow full movement while being comfortable to wear with any bandaging. They are water and heat resistant, so won’t further aggravate the wound from rain or high temperatures.

    With a padded rubber sole, Buster Walka Boots also offer secure grip and support, as well as insulation so the paw remains comfortable. The velcro fastening is perfect for getting it just as tight as it needs to be, while still allowing joint support and flexibility.


    • Various sizes for different breeds
    • Sold in singles


    • Sizes: L6cm W5cm - L10cm W9cm
    • Colour: Black

    Mikki Dog Boot

    Best for any dogs who won’t be doing anything too strenuous, and just need to protect their feet from every day walking around the home.

    It will safeguard against infection or further injury, but while allowing complete movement so they barely know it is on. Great for post-operative care or if their paw pads need a bit of TLC with balm.

    They are available in sizes 00-5, which will take you from Chihuahua to Great Dane. With a non-slip sole, they will also be comfortable walking on kitchen flooring or similar with confidence.


    • Good size variation
    • Really soft upper for movement


    • Sizes: 00-5
    • Colour: Black/Silver

    Kruuse Buster Strong Sole Dog Boot

    With working dogs in mind, these boots are for the ultimate Bear Grylls’ of the canine world.

    The latex rubber completely covers their paw and part of their leg too, with a thick sole which can protect against the toughest of environments. This includes rocky ground, rubbish dumps and areas with broken glass, snow and ice.



    • Goes high up on leg
    • Really thick sole


    • Sizes: Small 4.5cm, Medium 7cm, Large 8cm
    • Material: Latex Rubber

    Buying Guide


    It is vital to get a boot which fits your dog’s paws well. Anything too small could cut off circulation and be very uncomfortable, but anything too large will mean they struggle to walk and could fall off during the walk.

    Measuring your dog’s paws if a bit more difficult than measuring around their head or body to fit a harness or collar, but should still be simple if they can stay still for a few moments.

    Grab a plain piece of paper and put your dog’s paw on it. Press down slightly to mimic how they spread when walking and putting pressure on them. Then draw a straight at either side of the foot.

    The distance between these lines is where the measurement comes from, but you may also wish to make a mark of where their claws and back heel end if your dog has extra-large feet or sensitive paws.

    Don’t worry about getting really really close as they do need a little bit of room in the boot, just like with human shoes. Do bear in mind that if your dog has very hairy paws, however, you should take this into consideration and get as close as is suitable to the actual foot. A 0.2mm leeway is usually best.

    Unfortunately, many manufacturers have their own size guides and methods, but most provide sizing charts. We have tried to pick options which are easy to understand.


    Depending on where you will be going and what you want to protect your dog from, you may want certain attributions:

    • Waterproof – Can be good for rain or wet grass and pavements, and there are also some available which can go in deeper water
    • Non-Slip Soles – Good for icy conditions or if used inside on hard flooring. Can also help for grip when climbing
    • Thick Soles – So your dog does not feel rough surfaces under feet. Can help if you’re worried about going over glass, thorns or very dry grass or with hot floors
    • Thin Soles – Helps if your dog will still need to feel the ground underneath for balance. Perfect for general walking
    • Breathable – Dogs lose heat through their paws. To stop them overheating, you may want something which lets air in and warmth out
    • Lined – Good for cold weather if their feet are sensitive to low temperatures
    • Reflective – Bear in mind where you will be walking and when. Reflective boots could help with visibility
    • Washable – The majority are hand washable, which is important to keep them clean for going on feet (especially if their paws have wounds on)

    Disposable Dog Boots

    Dog boots can come in disposable variations. These are mostly used for wet conditions, say if your dog regularly has a dip in the river when on a walk. They’re often not quite as tough for harsh terrain, and because they can be thrown away after use they won’t need washing frequently.

    Most can be used a couple of times before needing to be disposed of. They lack adjustments such as straps to tighten or any split-seam openings for extra movement.

    Dog Boots In Hot Weather

    As you will read below, dog boots can be great for hot weather. Warm pavements can cause your dog’s pads to burn and become sore, which could cause permanent damage.

    However, your dogs do sweat from their paw pads (and nose) in order to lose body heat. This could mean that their paws get quite stuffy, they struggle to lose the heat or the boot becomes wet. Always give your dog’s paws a bit of a break and some air periodically, so they can stay cool.

    Dog Claws

    Always ensure your dog’s nails are not too long which could cause them some pain when walking. When wearing boots, their claws won’t wear down naturally on rough surfaces, so you will need to trim them regularly and file any roughness.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Why Do I Need Dog Boots?

    Putting boots and shoes on your dog’s feet can protect their paws and pads from a range of issues:

    • Rough surfaces such as rocks or stones
    • Hot surfaces in summer
    • Cold or snow-covered surfaces in winter
    • Wet floors or when in rivers/the sea
    • Salt on pavements in icy conditions (harmful if ingested)
    • Slippery surfaces at home such as wooden flooring
    • Protect from debris like broken glass in residential areas
    • Allergens – some dog paws are sensitive to grass or flowers!
    • If your dog has injured their paw or had surgery which they need to stop licking or biting
    • They can act as a digging deterrent

    Dogs still need walking in these situations, and often don’t understand why you can’t take them if you can’t go out. Boots are a practical solution and will keep your pooch happy.

    Overwashing your dog’s paws can also cause issues such as dry skin, so boots will prevent them from needing cleaning after every walk.

    How Many Boots Do I Need?

    Your dog may need four boots (one for each paw), or they may just need one or two for injured or sensitive paws.

    They can generally be bought in sets of two or four. If they just need one, it could still be worth buying four, and then you always have one ready to go if the other is being washed, or if it becomes damaged.

    Are Dog Boots Safe For My Dog?

    Dog boots are perfectly safe. They protect their paw pads and the general paw area, with no damage and no restrictions if worn correctly and once they get used to it.

    Because they need to be tight as to not fall off, they can cause a little bit of rubbing. You can try some dog socks to protect them from any sores.

    Do Dogs Walk Strangely When Wearing Boots?

    There are dozens of videos out there of dogs wearing boots, often with hilarious results. From not being able to walk in a straight line to acting as though they are starring in Monty Python’s ‘Ministry Of Silly Walks’ sketch, boots can be strange for dogs at first.

    They may try to shake them off, bite at them or not be able to stand correctly. This is why it is vital that they wear them around the house before you go anywhere, so always buy them in good time ready for the extreme seasons/weather or ahead of any planned surgery.

    Encourage your dog to play and move around with them on, so they forget that they’re wearing them or overcome them quicker. If your dog really does not get used to them, you could always try to put them on the front paws first as they should still be able to navigate with them on.

    Which Type Of Paw Does My Dog Have?

    As a guide, some boot manufacturers will label their boots in one of three ways so you can match the boot to your breed. These give you a general guide on whether the shoes are suitable for that specific breed:

    • Cat  – Compact, small, and round in shape. For stability, endurance, and bearing great weight so found on most large working dog breeds
    • Hare – With two elongated central toes. This helps give the dog speed and the ability to suddenly set off (like a rabbit or hare). Usually seen on racing dogs such as whippets
    • Webbed – Often found on dogs which can manage all terrains and those who are proficient at swimming, hunting or mountain dogs where balance and power is essential