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Best Tortoise Tables And Enclosures For 2022

Creating the perfect environment for your tortoise is key to giving them a happy, healthy life. Tortoises need a hot spot to bask in, plenty of space to roam and a dark shelter to hibernate; the great thing about buying a ready-made tortoise table is that all this has been thought of, so you can feel confident knowing your little buddy has everything they need.

A tortoise table should have an open top for good ventilation and should be at least 35 inches in length in order to provide enough space for an average-sized adult tortoise like a Spur Thighed Greek Tortoise or a Herman’s Tortoise, so we’ve scoured the internet to find the tables that fit this criteria as well as providing other essentials like a that are important.

So let’s get started with our round-up of the best tortoise tables available right now.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Vivexotic Deluxe Tortoise
    • 3 sides of glass walls
    • Contemporary oak
    • Cabinet available
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    Easipet XXL Tortoise Pet Reptile Wooden House
    • Lamp arm to attach light into with clip
    • Removable roof
    • Fantastic length
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    The Top Tortoise Enclosures Reviewed

    Vivexotic Deluxe Tortoise

    We’ve chosen Vivexotic’s Deluxe Tortoise table as the best overall because it’s gone above and beyond what’s required. Not only does it have a large amount of space required, but they’ve also thought about the emotional well-being of the tortoise by providing glass decorated walls that prevent the tortoise from looking out. This gives the tortoise privacy and stops them from seeing all the hustle and bustle of daily life that might cause them to feel stressed.

    It comes with an adhesive bracket for hanging a spot lamp on and a smart mesh top that ensures proper ventilation while giving the tortoise the protection it needs. And as the cherry on top, the table is made from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests, so you can feel good knowing you’re choosing an environmentally friendly option for your little tortoise’s environment.


    • 3 sides of glass walls
    • Contemporary oak
    • Cabinet available


    • Size: 115cm x 61cm x 27.5cm
    • Material: Oak

    Easipet XXL Tortoise Pet Reptile Wooden House

    At 48 inches long, this enclosure is by far one of the biggest homes on the list! It supersedes the required amount of length by 10 inches, all while including the essential hideaway and a stand for the UVB lamp.

    The walls are high to prevent your tortoise from escaping, and since the enclosure is made from heavy-duty 12mm Hardwood Ply, your little tort can’t see outside sheltering them from any anxiety. And just so you can check on them, the roof of the hideaway is removable for easy viewing and access.

    Within this house, your tortoise has space to roam, bathe in a pool, bask in a sun lamp and hibernate in the dark, giving them all the essentials they need for a happy life.


    • Lamp arm to attach light into with clip
    • Removable roof
    • Fantastic length


    • Size: 122 m x 61 cm x 20 cm
    • Material: Heavy duty 12mm hardwood ply

    The Hutch Company XL Tortoise Table

    The hutch company is long-established for making quality pet products, and it’s no different with this tortoise table. At 39 inches long, it’s the recommended size for an average tortoise and benefits from a secure hide with a removable roof as well as a breathable mesh top and a lamp arm to attach the UVB light to.

    Generally, the reviews are very good for this table; the only thing to consider is the length between the lamp and the tortoise as it didn’t provide enough safe distance for one buyer’s tortoise in relation to the lamp. Nobody wants their tortoise to be at risk of burning, but this was only one customer, however, so it all has to be taken into consideration.


    • Mesh roof
    • Hideaway
    • Removable roof


    • Size: 100 cm x 46 cm x 17 cm
    • Material: Plywood

    Vividarium Tortoise Home

    Perhaps not the most conventional choice, but if you’re into all things cute and quirky, then this enclosure is ideal for little hatchlings. This enclosure by Vividarium won the “Best New Pet Product” award at the PATS 2016 trade show, and it’s easy to see why; they’ve put a lot of thought into providing a design that’s both safe and innovative. 


    For example, the open-top design has been created to ensure maximum airflow while the curved edges of the enclosure prevent tortoises from climbing up and falling onto their backs. Unlike wood (which is often used for tortoise enclosures), this home is manufactured from lightweight resin, which means it’s waterproof and won’t rot.

    The cables from basking lamps etc. are tucked away neatly into the cable clamps that are secured on the rear of the tortoise home’s shell while there’s a clever inbuilt hideaway within the tortoise’s head that’s around 15cm, allowing for a small tortoise to relax, hibernate and have shelter away from the UVB lamp.

    Our only quip with this enclosure is that there’s simply not enough space. The inbuilt hideaway won’t fit a fully grown tortoise in, and while the length is technically adequate, the design is a little cramped. This home will be ideal for the first few years of their life, but naturally, you’ll have to continue to measure your tortoise to check that they’re not at risk of becoming stuck in the hideaway because they’ve grown too big.


    • Made from resin which is easy to clean and maintain
    • Clever hideaway
    • Lamp-safe


    • Size: 82 x 100 x 64cm
    • Material: Resin

    PawHut Wooden Tortoise House Turtle Terrarium

    It’s not often that you get a tortoise enclosure as stylish as this one, and while it’s not a conventional table, it’s certainly worth a mention due to its sleek grey design, appropriate length and the fact that it can be used outside and indoors.

    The hinged wire roof can be left open for complete transparency, or you can leave it down in the knowledge that the mesh design is providing good airflow. The two-room design also provides your tortoise with privacy and space away from the sun/UVB light.

    Since the bottom slides out like a tray, you can easily clean it, and there are handles on the side of the box for easy transportation when you want to put it outside in the summer.


    • Sleek design
    • Hinged mesh roof
    • Can be used inside and outside


    • Size: 33 x 94 x 63 cm
    • Material: Fir wood

    Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table with Stand

    Complete with a stand, a hibernation shelter and decorated glass, this Vivexotic table has everything your little pal needs to settle in and enjoy their abode. The roofed enclosure is perfect for them to snuggle up in while also providing some rest bite from the hot spot of the UVB lamp. It has a hinged roof, so you can easily replace old bedding or just see how your little tortoise is getting on.

    The decorated glass offers your tortoise privacy and prevents them from becoming anxious by the day to business of your home. The elevated stand gives an extra layer of protection and since the set comes in either walnut or oak, you can decide which will fit your decor best.


    • Roofed enclosure
    • Decorated glass
    • Stand included


    • Size: 90 x 45 x 86 cm
    • Material: Walnut

    Buying Guide

    What features should you look for?

    Lamp Arm

    Since tortoises need daylight, you will have to buy a sun lamp to ensure they get enough UVA/UVB rays; this affects the choice of enclosure in two ways.

    Firstly, you should look for a table with an arm attached to clip the lamp onto it. Then you should also check that there is enough space away from the lamp for your tortoise to be out of the ‘hot spot’ since they don’t want to be under it all the time. The bulb should be suspended at a minimum of 12 in (30 cm) from the top of the tortoise’s shell so check the length of the arm when browsing.

    Good Ventilation

    Unlike other reptile vivarium’s, tortoises need an open top, so either the table/enclosure has to be completely open with high sides or have a mesh top to allow maximum airflow. If you put your tortoise in a closed vivarium with small air vents, it’s likely to be more prone to sickness and may not grow as quickly or be as healthy.


    By nature, tortoises are a little shy, they’re not super needy, and they don’t like to be in the centre of it all in the way that perhaps a dog would, so privacy is really important. Not only do we recommend opaque sides to stop the tortoise from looking out, but we also recommend looking for a table with a built-in hideaway.

    While you can always buy a hideaway at a later date, built-in ones can’t be tipped over by your tortoise, and they often have hinged roofs that allow you to check on your tortoise without completely disturbing them. Since many species of tortoises hibernate, so a hideaway is an essential component of their environment; plus, it’s not good for them to be under the UVB light all the time; they need cool shaded places as well.


    The size you need will naturally depend on how young your tortoise is and what species it is, but as a general rule, a tortoise table is suitable for a hatchling to a juvenile, which means it’s suitable for a tortoise up to about 10-12cm.

    For this instance, a tortoise will need a table/enclosure that’s a minimum of 90 cm (35″) long. While this would be fine for the first five years of life for most species of tortoises, try to aim for more than 90 cm. Ideally, you should try to get one as big as you can accommodate to make room for your tortoise’s growth and to allow them to properly roam without constantly being under the UVB light.

    If you want to learn more about which size will be suitable for your species of tortoise, then check out our guide on the best tortoises for beginners to find out what size your tortoise is likely to grow to.


    Your tortoise enclosure/table is likely to be made up of wood, plastic or glass. While wood is the most common material, this does require specialised sealing and varnishing to make sure dampness doesn’t cause the wood to rot or grow mouldy. Since you can only use a pet-safe sealant, it’s important to do your research, but don’t worry; we talk a little more about this in the FAQ below.

    If you can get a pre-varnished table/enclosure, then this will save the work for you. Plastic/resin is also a good choice because it cleans easily, and so does glass, although we don’t recommend having too much glass in an enclosure as tortoises need privacy.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Where can I buy a tortoise table?

    Since tortoises are more unusual pets, it can often be difficult finding a table or enclosure on the high street, and so you may have to go to a specialist reptile store like Swell Reptiles or Reptile Centre. You can also try Pets At Home and the online store, Viovet, but the choice is more limited. Amazon is also a good place to look as well.

    How do I clean a tortoise table?

    How you care for your tortoise table or enclosure will largely depend on what it’s made of. If it’s plastic or glass or polished wood, then you can simply wipe the surfaces down with a pet-friendly cleaning spray; however, if it’s wood, then you should coat it with a waterproof pet safe sealer such as an aquarium silicone sealant (you just need to make sure it’s silicone only) or a water-based polyurethane finish, not an oil-based one. Ensure it’s completely dry before placing the tortoise back in.