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The Best Gifts for Chicken Lovers

Chicken ownership is on a very steep rise. There is a very good chance that you know somebody with a flock, and whose life has changed considerably since.

They’re now obsessed. Everything is chicken themed. So you need to get your thinking hat on when picking out a present for them now.

Luckily, we are here to help you out and have picked out some ideas and inspiration below, so whether you’re after something practical, fun or more for the birds, there will be a chicken-themed gift below.

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    Does your chicken lover love a good cuppa just as much as their flock?

    This enamel mug can be personalised so it truly is theirs, and you can also pop a little “happy birthday/Merry Christmas/thanks for being you” message on there.

    Because it is enamel, it won’t break in a hectic home and will keep their tea nice and warm.

    The perfect addition to their coop.

    This little sign will just finish their coop off, or they can pop it on their door/porch/garden gate to give any visitors a little pre-warning that they love chickens and own chickens, in case they had somehow not managed to wrangle it into conversation yet. Warn the postman not to stick around.

    Yes, you read that correctly. A swing. For their chickens.

    In actual fact, chickens love playing on it, able to jump up and spend some time in the sunshine. While it is not strictly for your giftee, they will have hours of fun watching their flock swinging away.

    As mentioned, there are hundreds of newbies to chicken keeping every year. If your recipient is one, this book could come very much in handy for them.

    It takes things back to basics but there are still a lot of handy tips in there. It would also be ideal for any children who are perhaps interested in keeping the pets one day soon.

    A perfect gift for any family of chicken owners, this personalised print gives every member their very own chicken in pecking order from Dad/Mum to the youngest kids.

    You can use their names or nicknames, and even add glasses so you can say “ah, that has definitely got a likeness to Mary”.

    No, not *actual* poop, so don’t go scooping some up thinking that it’ll save you a couple of quid.

    This balm actually has rave reviews saying that it works wonders. Made from natural ingredients like sweet orange oil and beeswax, with not a bit of chicken waste in sight, it is a perfect little stocking filler.

    It is quirky and would be ideal for any chicken lovers in your office for a bit of a laugh.

    Your feathered friend lover makes their own jams and chutneys (or maybe just loves the stuff). But has anybody successfully ever got jam out of a jar without getting sticky fingers?

    This spoon makes that a thing of the past. Just the right length, even for those big tall jars, and there is also a little hook with which they can perch (pun intended) the spoon on the side of the jar.

    Most importantly, the spoon actually features a chicken on the top. Just in case you thought we were going off course with the theme.

    Ideally for big birthdays, unless you want to remind them of their age at Christmas.

    It has a real country kitchen feel and is high quality which will make any kitchen cook a happy bunny. But if you are planning to buy something for a non-birthday event, the good news is that the text is completely customisable, so it would also work for a retirement gift, anniversary present or just because they simply need a new chopping board.

    Needing a wedding, engagement or anniversary gift for a chicken owner?

    This print is great for a chicken lover’s kitchen, or even a little chicken lovers bedroom and nursery. It can come in A3, A4 and with a mount or frame.

    If you want a wedding, anniversary or engagement gift (or are just buying a joint present for a couple of chicken owners) these are ideal.

    Mr and Mrs? Tick. Handy for their supply of eggs? Tick. they are a brilliant keepsake, something different and still very practical yet look fabulous.

    If they have chickens, chances are they also have some gardening tools because chickens make a LOT of mess.

    Ideal for a potting shed or outhouse, it will keep everything organised and together while still giving a nod to their favourite animals/little terrors. No matter how heavy the equipment, it will withstand the weight.

    You read that right, yes. A chicken clock with a wagging tail, from The Labrador Company.

    It is handmade and is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

    Plus it is something that they can have forever and will be a constant reminder of your relationship.

    There’s nothing quite like a farmhouse, country kitchen… it’s a style that never leaves the interior design magazines, and it’s a style that this tea towel channels perfectly.

    Your chicken mad recipient will be overjoyed with this hen and chick tea towel that’s made from organic cotton and even gives the instructions for making the design into a chicken cushion should you wish to reinvent it!

    It’s perfect for eco-conscious, chicken loving, and super creative folks, anyone in mind?

    Practical, handmade and adorned with some happy hens.

    This key rack would be an ideal addition to any home, and could be given to someone who has everything else, or anyone who loves homeware and chickens in equal measures.

    They are crafty as well as being clucking-mad.

    With this cross-stitching kit, they get 14 counts white Aida, needle, pre-sorted Anchor threads, chart, backstitch chart and instructions, so everything they need to get going. It has been developed from artwork by illustrator Jayne Schofield, so they are cute as well as being able to keep them occupied.