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The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Trying to pick the paw-fect gift for the dog-lover in your life and haven’t a clue where to start?

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve found a whole host of presents that they’ll go absolutely mutts for!

From premium pooch presents to customisable socks and clothing, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to please dog owners no matter their taste or style.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a stocking filler, birthday gift or just want to please the dog mom in your life, you won’t go far wrong with these brilliant doggie treats!

And if you’re lucky, their pups will love them too!

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    Is there a better way to pay tribute to the real ‘Top Dog’ than with a personalised pet hoodie?

    These adorable custom pet portrait hoodies from Woof Inc feature a sketch-style illustration of your pet, with their name written underneath.

    To order you simply select your favourite colour hoodie, check out, email a photo of your pet, then wait for the postman!

    Available in a number of unique colours to suit any wardrobe, the hoodies are great quality and feel super soft on the outside. We think they’re just the right thickness – layer over a t-shirt for autumn / winter dog walks, or wear on it’s own as comfy loungewear.

    The print is really good quality too. Other brands we tested tended to fade after a wash or two, but we’re told the screen printed heat transfers on these hoodies will last as long as the garment (so long as the care instructions are followed!)

    Woof INC is an independent British business that makes a lot of its products sustainably, so as well as this being a gift for the dog lover in your life, it will be a gift to the planet as well!

    A really thoughtful gift for dog-owners interested in their own pup’s background, Wisdom Panel’s DNA kit can solve the mystery of a rescue’s breed with a simple cheek swab!

    Wisdom Panel boasts the biggest dog breed database on the market with 350+ breeds, types and variants, helping you to understand your dog’s appearance and behaviours through DNA-based insights.

    After easily collecting a saliva sample from the dog in question, you can mail your sample to Wisdom Panel and receive back an assortment of interesting information online.

    Their comprehensive report includes a three-generation family tree, breed by percentage chart and a predicted weighted profile for nutritional guidance.

    It’s like a doggo version of Who Do You Think You Are!

    A superbly thoughtful gift for dog lovers that they will actually use, this personalised box set is so much more than just a pair of socks!

    Inside, you’ll find a dog IQ test, treats, a cosy pair of winter warming socks and a personalised dog card to make the set that extra bit special.

    For the card, you can choose from a variety of dog breeds and colours to match the lucky pooch in question, which is sure to pluck at the heartstrings of the owner.

    The socks are also thick and durable, made of comfy merino or classic patterned wool, ready to use on their boxing day stroll!

    Pre-packages with a ribbon and gift tag, it’s ready to receive joy that will please both pup and owner!

    This classy Dog and Owner Walking Set from Quirky Gift Library ensures it’s not just a four-legged friend having all the fun with your gift, as sometimes two-legged owners need a little love too!

    Featuring dog treats and a rubber ball for the lucky canine, this hamper also comes with some ‘paws off’ chocolate and a pair of premium cotton boot socks to keep your dog-walker warm on those cold winter strolls.

    Quirky Gift Library lets you choose from a range of sock colours and styles to perfect your present, and you can even write a heartfelt personalised message to your pal and pup to make your gift that extra bit special!

    Have they got a dog who they adore and have their picture around the home? Maybe they unfortunately lost a pet dog a while back but need a nice memory of their best friend?

    These crocheted dogs fro Lovingly Handmade Crochet are a perfect replica of pets. From every patch and mark on their body to the way their ears sit, the detail is amazing, with every one taking dozens of hours to finish.

    Various types are available too, whether you need something which can keep their keepsakes safe or even their ashes inside.

    Level up a pup’s private home with this luxurious Teepee dog bed from Little Dove.

    This cute and creative cotton canvas tent is a beautifully decorative accompaniment to any room of the house and is also the perfect hound hideaway for relaxing naps.

    It can be easily assembled in five minutes and can be folded like an umbrella for quick storage or transport meaning you can set-up your dog’s personal home just about anywhere!

    It also comes with a small chalkboard, meaning the entrance can be personalised with your dog’s name or a cute message.

    It’s a thoughtful gift bound to impress owner and pet alike!

    Featuring a graphic of a dog mum and her precious puppy snuggling up together, the graphic is completely customisable so that you can make them match up to the world’s greatest poochy pair!

    You can choose from well over 50 dog breeds in various colours and for the mum, there are three skin tones, 6 hairstyles and five hair colours to choose from, so you can create the best likeness possible.

    It comes with a gold foil gift card to personalise a message inside and the mug is a Durham Style 10oz porcelain.

    Guaranteed to raise a giggle, it’s a mug you’ll be using for years to come!

    A fun and artistic dog bowl that looks seriously classy for your canine, these functional ceramic bowls come from the studio of artists Mary Fellows and feature intricate hand drawn bubble writing made up of eye-popping shapes and colours.

    Allowing you to personalise your dog’s name on the bowl, Mary designs the letter structure, colours and shape herself and then screen prints it onto the bowl for durability and a long-lasting effect.

    It’s then fired at the studio’s kilns for an authentic and permanent finish meaning you can safely wash the bowl in the dishwasher without fear of fading.

    It’s a great way to ditch boring bowls and get a little creative with your canine’s essentials!

    Fill some of that empty wall space by gifting your canine connoisseur a one of a kind piece of art with Faced’s personalised pet portraits.

    Send Facedan image of the prized pooch and they’ll create a custom canine portrait complete,

    You will receive the finished portrait as a beautiful archival paper print in the size of your choice .or as a framed in solid wood frame with oak, black or white finish!

    The adorable designs are a unique way for dog-owners to show off their love for their pup and beat a photo in a frame any day!

    A jazzy pair of socks always make for a great present for dads and uncles, and Pet Party provide the ultimate stocking filler for dog-loving dads with these personalised pet socks.

    These custom socks feature a patterned print of your favourite pup and let your feet do all the talking when it comes to raving about your dog.

    Merely send a dapper snap of your dog to Solesmith and they’ll do the rest, hand-making your socks from polyester, lycra and love!

    A personalised dog tag always makes a fantastic gift for a dog-owner, and they don’t come much funnier than this tag from Sweet William Designs.

    Engraved with the phrase “Oh Bugger I’m Lost”, this I.D tag is not only hilarious but also incredibly practical, perfect for cheeky little mutts who are always running off on their lonesome and getting up to no good!

    With 1-4 lines of engraving space, you can save a dog mom some tears too by including the pooch’s name and important contact information on the back.

    Keeping your dog safe has never been so funny!

    Everyone loves cuddling up to their pooch in bed, but you can often have a massive fight on your hands when it comes to keeping them on their side!

    This hilarious pillowcase pokes fun at your daily dog battle by giving two separate pillows with an ever-so exaggerated line of ownership delegating your side and your dogs, with a fair few extra centimetres on the dog side!

    It’s also fully customisable, allowing you to print both you and your dog’s name on each side to make it an item completely unique to you and your mutt!

    Coming in luxurious Egyptian cotton, these pillowcases are super soft too ensuring you (but mostly your dog) get a superb night’s sleep.

    If you know a dog that rules the roost at home, their owner will more than likely love this cheeky pillow.

    There’s nothing a dog owner loves more than letting the whole world know they love their dog, so if you’re stuck as to what to buy your dog enthusiast friend, then this embroidered eco-friendly hoodie might be perfect. It’s the ideal companion for long dog walks with a 350 mg weight meaning it’s as soft and thick as a duvet.

    The embroidery gives the hoodie a classy finish, and the hoodie comes in a range of colours so that you can tailor it a little more to your recipient’s preferences. Woof INC also do a range of other dog owner hoodies, so if the slogan on this isn’t floating your boat, why not see what else they have?


    Trying not to constantly pet every dog you see is a daily struggle, but this amusing t-shirt let’s other dog-owners know you’re coming from a mile away.

    A choice of 8 different colours and 6 sizes means you can make sure your new shirt doesn’t cramp your style, and it’s simple appearance means you’ll definitely be in fashion.

    It’s also bound to get a few laughs down the pub!

    This mug speaks the truth.

    Because we all know that all you ever need to get by is the love of a faithful hound!

    This classy and elegant mug is the perfect personalised present for the dog lover in your life, with a cute companion illustration of the breed of your choice and space to add the lucky pet in question’s name.

    Then on the back of the mug, this ceramic beauty comes embossed with the phrase ‘All You Need Is Love And A Dog’. Better yet you can even customise this part to change the word dog to a breed of your choice, helping to make it an even more special and unique drinking vessel!

    While we might already be well aware that the recipient loves their pup, this well-crafted cuppa allows them to do so in a more subtle way that doesn’t ram it down our throats too much!

    The ideal place to hang your dog leads and coat, this adorable, traditionally made wall hook is strong, durable and a great conversation starter for all your guests!

    Fashioned from high-quality cast iron, this superb home accessory features four dog tail hooks on a slate wall plate, which is both cheeky on the eye and practical in use.

    Quick to set up, it can be placed on an outside wall or inside in the hall, meaning you can install it wherever you deem to be the perfect place.

    Fun and functional, it’s one banger of a coat hanger!

    Forget naff t-shirts with quirky dog-themed sayings, because this sophisticated and dare we say it ‘cool’ sweatshirt from Florence and Ottie is a subtle and sweet way to display your puppy love.

    These bespoke, round-necked sweats allow you to proudly wear your prized pooch on your chest, and Florence or Ottie (we’re not sure which) will hand illustrate a portrait of your pup and then have the finished result digitally printed onto a soft cotton jumper.

    Available in attractive pink, grey or khaki colours, there’s a design here for everyone and with sizes from XS-XL, every dog owner can rep their dog’s image without issue.

    Forget classic embroidered symbols like the Ralph Lauren polo player, because now there’s a new mutt-shaped motif in town.

    Forget owners, it’s our precious pooches you need to be treating and a dog-loving pal will probably appreciate you splashing out on their pup far more than a classic pair of socks for themselves.

    A really sweet gift for any four-legged friend, these beautifully soft fleece blankets are fantastic for dog beds or your sofa and can be easily washed and dried and feature anti-pilling fabric to ensure it thrives in colour and care for years to come.

    Better yet, you can also add a personal touch by having the blanket embroidered with a paw print and pet’s name!

    Available in 12 colours with 3 font styles and 20 embroidery colours, it’s never been easier to craft and customise a truly unique and special gift!

    A great gift for a special occasion, this is the ideal present for pooch lovers, writers and organisation freaks who need to scrawl down everything from the shopping list to their innermost thoughts.

    A handy-sized journal, it can be taken with you wherever you go and slots nicely into handbags, backpacks and even pockets, if you’re boasting a particularly bulky coat!

    There’s also plenty of opportunity for personalisation too, with an appealing doggy illustration on the front in which you can inscribe a personal message. Further to that, you can also add two more lines underneath the graphic, perfect for happy birthday messages or Christmas wishes.

    Available in 6 delicate colours, it contains 48 good quality 200gsm white pages and can even be extended to an extra 16 pages should your recipient be a known wordsmith!

    A dog tag that brings a little more style and adorableness to your sweet little fluff ball, this copper effect dog tag can be personalised with your pooch’s name and their cute wee face courtesy of the 100 or so dog breed illustrations available to print on the tag.

    There’s also no character restriction for personalisation on the back of the tag meaning you can fill it up with all the appropriate information needed for your dog’s security and safety, such as addresses and phone numbers.

    Coming in three sizes of bauble to suit all pet breeds, these pretty pup tags come wrapped in a brown envelope with Hoobynoo Pet Logo stamp and sealed with colourful washi tape, meaning it’s a ready to go, receivable gift!

    An apt and appealing prezzy for new dog owners or puppy parents, milestone cards are funny and fabulous little memory makers which create superb photo opportunities that help build up a scrapbook of beautiful landmarks in your pup’s little life.

    Our favourite set is this range from Pink & Turquoise which feature pretty graphics and squiggle designs which are as vibrant and poppy as your inquisitive and energetic wee whelp.

    Featuring milestones such as ‘My 1st Christmas’, ‘Today I Learned To Sit’, and ‘Today I Went For My 1st Walk’, this set features 12 cards to accompany those first few memorable snaps and events.