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Best Fish Tank Ornaments for 2022

Once you’ve bought all the important gear for your fish tank, you can finally move on to the fun bit… decorating!

Aquarium ornaments bring character, intrigue and spectacle to your fishes home making it the fantastical centrepiece of your home as well as an engaging and immersive tank for finned friends to enjoy.

How you choose to spruce up your little drop of ocean is up to you and options range from authentic flora and fauna to eye-popping pirate ships and castles!

With so many designs and styles to chew over, it can often be difficult to find high-quality ornaments that go together. So to help you out, we’ve searched the depths of the market to discover some of the best fish tank ornaments to act as your focal point and build your little seaworld around.

And if you really don’t know where to start, we’ve also included some fantastic ready-to-position multi-piece ornament sets, meaning all the interior design work is already done for you!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Large Desert Swim-Through
    • Natural swim-through arch
    • Intricate plant effect
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    BiOrb Autumn Aquarium Ornament Decor Set 15L
    • Autumnal orange colours
    • 4 unique decorative pieces
    • Safe for fresh, salt and tropical water tanks
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    The Top Fish Tank Ornaments Reviewed

    BiOrb Red Forest 15L Decor Set

    The Red Forest decor set is perfect for all 15L aquariums, and are based around the flowers in the forest theme.

    The unique plants are designed by Sam Baker, and you get a Flower Sculpture x 1, Small Crimson Sea Fan x 2, Red Colour Ball x 1, Crimson Sea Lily x 1 and White Starfish x 3 for you to put in your tank as you like.

    The fish will have a wonderful time in the flowers hiding, and it is all really decorative.


    • Nice set
    • Dark colours will allow your fish to stand out


    • Dimensions: 23 x 10 x 14 cm
    • Material: Kelp, Shell
    • Weight: 1.5g

    Large Desert Swim-Through

    A beautiful choice for traditional coral-themed aquariums, this brilliant Desert Swim Through is one of the most interactive fish tank ornaments on the market while remaining true to the flora and fauna of the sea.

    Coming in the form of a weathered reef rock with added artificial plants, it’s arch-like shape provides a great area for your school of fish to explore and travel through without disturbing the aesthetic of your tank.

    Constructed from a detailed and intricate polyresin, it’s a top tank ornament designed to last you a lifetime!


    • Natural swim-through arch
    • Intricate plant effect


    • Dimensions: 21.5 x 13.5 x 32 cm
    • Material: Polyresin
    • Weight: N/A

    Classic Orb Coral Ornament

    Another great coral-themed ornament, this piece brings a beautiful feel to your aquarium without the fuss and upkeep of a live plant.

    Made of durable polyresin, it displays a reef rock adorned with pretty ocean flowers and coral pieces which bring colour and character to your fish tank.

    It’s a premium choice for saltwater tank owners who want to give their finned friends a great big chunk of home inside their new aquarium!


    • Classic coral reef ornament
    • Durable polyresin material


    • Dimensions: 19 x 11.5 x 10 cm
    • Material: Polyresin
    • Weight: N/A

    Rosewood Cambodian Temple Ruins Aquarium Decor

    Look, natural habitat aquariums are all well and good, but we all know there’s nothing better than creating a sunken Atlantis-style metropolis with some ruins and lost world statuettes!

    This run-down Cambodian Temple from Rosewood, complete with overgrown tree roots is a superb focal point for anyone looking to conjure up a much more unique and adventurous aquarium.

    It also features a hollow enterable base where fish can swim through and hide if the enigma of this mysterious tomb ever gets too much!

    A brilliant way to engage and excite your little Findiana Jones!


    • Cambodian relic design
    • Hollow holes for hiding


    • Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 27 cm
    • Material: Resin
    • Weight: 907g

    BiOrb Autumn Aquarium Ornament Decor Set 15L

    Another fantastic ornament set from BiOrb, this autumnal set is designed for 15L tanks and so is great for filling up smaller tanks without impacting space for your poor fishies.

    A slightly more unusual set than most, the orange and brown fallen tree leaf colours give an incredibly unique look for your aquarium and include 4 different decorations to create a warm and cosy vibe. These include a small autumnal tree, a sea lily flame, orange moss pebbles and a set of red starfish.

    It’s a sure-fire way to ensure your fish tank completely stands out from the crowd!


    • Autumnal orange colours
    • 4 unique decorative pieces
    • Safe for fresh, salt and tropical water tanks


    • Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 21
    • Material: Moss, Maple
    • Weight: 950 g

    Mezzaluna Gifts Large Princess Castle Fish Tank Ornament

    If you treat your pet fish like a princess, surely their aquarium kingdom cannot possibly be complete without a towering, turreted castle?

    One of the most fun and wacky ornaments on this list, this Mezzaluna Princess Castle is one of the most decorative items out there, displaying three rustic pink turrets and eight interactive gaps and holes for your fishy royalty to swim through and hide in.

    Boasting incredible detail, it deserves to be the central hub of any aquarium it sets foot in and for fans of Hogwarts and Helm’s Deep, it’s a certified way to bring a bit of underwater fantasy and magic to your scaled soul mates.


    • Turreted castle with swim holes
    • Hollow base for hiding!


    • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 30 cm
    • Material: Resin
    • Weight: 730 g

    MEIZI Aquarium Castle Decoration

    Another ruinous model, this ornament does away with fantasy aesthetics to bring you a more classic castle made from safe, durable resin and featuring exquisite stone details and moss-covered walls.

    Coming in at  21 x 15 cm in size, it’s a good medium ornament that could be the focal point of a smaller tank or a glorious hidden kingdom in larger structures, with an archway gap and hollow base hidey-hole for fish to interact with.

    Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, it’s a fantastic spot for your gilled order of knights to hold court.


    • Pollutant free
    • Freshwater & saltwater suitable!
    • Holes for rest & play


    • Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 9 cm
    • Material: Resin
    • Weight: 550 g

    Buying Guide

    Things To Consider

    Size of Aquarium

    It’s obviously not wise to purchase an absolute horde of ornaments for your aquarium if it’s going to take up so much room that there’s nowhere for your fishes to swim!

    These pieces are meant to be decorative and while it’s cool to have lots of fun figurines, rocks and models within the tank, there needs to be a bit of balance as you don’t want them to end up distressing your scaly pals.

    If you have a big tank, feel free to decorate to your heart’s content, but for smaller aquariums, we suggest picking just one or two large items for you fish to interact with when they feel like it.

    Spacing, Levelling & Positioning Ornaments

    Considering the size of your aquarium and what you can logistically fit inside is one thing, but once you’ve chosen your ornaments, you then need to further work out the positioning of your pieces and how this will affect swim space for your fish.

    The easiest way to do this is to imagine your tank as three zones – top, middle and bottom. To make your aquarium hospitable each of these zones needs to have an area of space for fish to swim. It’s therefore unwise to fill up your entire bottom section with plants and rocks, as some of your pets may enjoy swimming in this space more than any other.

    To space things evenly, we suggest having one tall item which rises to the top zone, then a medium-sized and shorter ornament to take up a little space in the other two zones.

    The bigger your aquarium the more items you can add.

    Colour of Ornaments

    This might seem strange, but choosing the wrong colour ornament can seriously mess up the aesthetic of your aquarium, especially if your actual fish boast vibrant and stunning colours.

    Getting right is fairly simple thankfully and all you need to do is pick colour tones than compliment your fish rather than clash.

    So for light, pale fish dark and dull colours can help bring them to the fore and for bright, tropical fish, white and paler colours can help make them pop!

    Focal Point

    It’s always best to have at least one large item which becomes the centrepiece of the tank. This can help you establish a theme and build your world around it.

    Fish Safety

    Sharp Edges

    Not all ornaments are created equal and sometimes can even be dangerous for your fish. While you might have fallen in love with a certain piece due to its unusual decor, if it has sharp edges or areas where a fish can get caught, it’s not worth the hassle!

    Imagine someone just dropping a huge barb wire structure in the middle of your living room! Even if it looks pretty or interesting, eventually someone is going to get hurt.

    Non-Commercial Objects

    Tank owners often get the urge to fill their tank up with all sorts of bits and bobs for decoration, with items such as old driftwood they’ve found on the beach creating authenticity, while nautical toys and figurines from around the house add a bit of fun.

    But non-store bought items are obviously not purpose-built for sitting in aquariums all day and so they are sometimes not 100% safe for your fish.

    To check this, you’ll need to quarantine all non-commercial products before placing them in your tank to test their safety.

    For plastic items, you want to make sure they’re not going to leak any toxins into the water. Place them in a separate bucket of water and then after a few days test the water to ensure there have been no harmful changes in quality.

    If a piece of bark or driftwood, boil or bake it in the oven first to remove any bacteria which it may be harbouring. You could also douse it in hydrogen peroxide and water solution for 24 hours.

    To ensure your fish is 100% safe though, it’s best to just never put anything in the tank that isn’t purpose-built for aquariums!

    Different Styles Of Decor


    Most people choose to mimic their fish’s natural habitats when decorating their fish tanks and so they’ll often opt for choices like driftwood, rocks, stones and pebbles which help replicate a sea bed.

    Popular choices also include coral sculptures or sculptures created with natural materials, while man-made cave structure can help create authentic hidey-holes for fish to bask in.


    If a natural look is a bit boring in your eyes, there’s plenty of fun nautical themes out there such as sunken anchors, mermaids and ships to spice up the inside of your tank.

    These days it’s also a hot pick to create a kind of forgotten metropolis in the vain of Atlantis, with a sunken city of ruins and ancient statues.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Are plastic items safe for fish tanks?

    When shopping for ornaments, you’ll often notice that a lot of items are made from a resin or polyresin.

    It’s natural for owners to worry about the leeching of chemicals and toxins from such items, however, resin is actually the most popular choice of decoration material and 100% safe for your fish.

    However, ordinary plastic could well be dangerous and so it’s important to check they are food-grade safe as this will ensure they do not leak chemicals.

    Can I put any type of wood in my aquarium for decoration?

    No. While lots of people enjoy finding pieces of old wood or rocks on the beach they think might look pretty in their tank, it’s not always wise to throw them in there without a care!

    Wood designed to go in aquariums has been treated to make sure it does not rot in water and more often than not such ornaments are merely wood-like in appearance, as resins are a much more durable material.

    A normal piece of wood found by you that hasn’t been treated can easily degrade and upset the tank chemistry and it may even realise harmful bacteria into the aquarium.

    Driftwood is probably the only found natural wood that experts deem safe for tanks. However, it still needs to be treated through baking or boiling to kill any nasty bacteria!

    Can I use any kind of rock in my fish tank as decoration?

    Again, No. It’s not wise to throw any old pebble you find on the beach into your aquarium as it’s always important to consider whether you have a freshwater or saltwater tank first.

    Decorating with found rocks is much easier if you have a freshwater tank as it’s safe to use slate, basalt, shale and igneous style rocks in this water. The only stone you need to watch out for is rocks which contain high calcium content such as limestone, as these will change the parameters of the water and make it quite hard. If you’re not sure what you’ve found – don’t risk it!

    For saltwater tanks, things are much more difficult as they prefer coral and coral reef rocks, which are obviously almost impossible to find naturally on a walk down the coast. We’d recommend sticking to store-bought products.

    But for any rocks or stones you want to place in a tank, always ensure you’ve thoroughly cleaned them first!