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Best Puppy Training Pads for 2022

While taking your new puppy outside every time they need the toilet is the ideal scenario, sometimes it is just not possible. For those occasions, the puppy training pad is a handy alternative.

They create a safe area for your dog to go to the toilet on, absorbing smells and mess, within the safety of your own home. They’re also great for any very young dogs who haven’t yet had the vaccinations required for them to safely go outdoors.

It isn’t just puppies who could benefit from one of these pads, either – older dogs who perhaps can no longer make it outside in time could also find them much easier to cope with.

Here, we have listed the best puppy training pads available to buy online, which will safely take your pup from a learning curve to Good Doggo in a matter of weeks.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Beaphar Puppy Pads
    • Really secured and safe
    • Fully absorbent
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    AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads
    • Great size
    • Good price
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    The Top Puppy Training Pads Reviewed

    Beaphar Puppy Pads

    Beaphar believes these to be the most absorbent pads on the UK market, which is quite a statement but one which they can back up.

    Firstly, they are sealed around the edges to fully stop spillages. This means that when you go to throw them in the bin, you won’t leave behind a nasty trail of liquid. They also use modern nappy technology to fully absorb the mess, just to be on the safe side.

    Their placement is flexible, so you can start them off in a closed area such as a pen, and then gradually move them towards the door. If you have any leftover long after the toilet training is accomplished, they can also be used under drinking bowls to soak up any mess from eating and drinking.


    • Really secured and safe
    • Fully absorbent


    • Capacity: 7/30
    • Size: 60 x 60cm

    Simple Solutions Puppy Training Pads

    These pads are a great idea if so far, you haven’t been able to get your dog to twig that the pad is where they should go.

    They contain a scent which will attract them to the pad, but also manage to contain the eventual smell from the business. Advanced Polymer Technology, six layers and a quilted upper ensures no runoff and no leaking when you go to dispose of the pads.

    When the time comes to take them outside, these pads are safe to use on dry days outdoors. You can purchase them in packs as large as 100 or 224 as well, so there is no issue if a few are wasted along the way – a wetness indicator will, however, tell you if their trip was successful.

    They are reusable at a pinch; it will depend on how much your dog goes, and how fussy they are.


    • Multiple packet sizes
    • Holder also available
    • Can be used 2/3 times


    • Capacity: 14/30/56/100/224
    • Size: 53 x 58cm

    Just For Puppy Training Pads

    Exclusive to Pets at Home, Just For Puppy has a long list of 5-star reviews and has been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to help your puppy transition to being house trained in the easiest way. They’re specially scented to encourages your puppy to relieve themselves on the pad rather than on your floor.

    The pad is also highly absorbent, locking away up to 0.5 litres of moisture within the quilted 5 layers to help prevent leaking and odours.


    • Specially designed to encourage training
    • Popular choice


    • Capacity: 30
    • Size: 55 x 57 x 0.4 cm

    Good Boy Puppy Training Pads

    Three-layer protection and a soft top layer make this both an inviting and safe toilet pad to use. The super absorbent middle layer keeps the liquid secured within the pad, so it won’t leak back through the base either.

    They’re strong and tear-resistant, so even if your puppy goes a bit haywire on them, they won’t rip and risk leaks. Nor will there be any odours released, just in case you can’t get to the pad immediately to dispose of it.


    • Good size for crates
    • Soft upper layer


    • Capacity: 100
    • Size: 56 x 56cm

    AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

    If you have a large breed or a puppy who likes to have a little walk around before eventually having a wee, you will need an extra-large pad.

    An absorbent centre layer will draw the liquid through but ensure it stope there and doesn’t end up leaking through to your floor. It will also turn liquid into a gel on contact, making it a bit easier to dispose of and ensuring no odours are released.

    There is a quick-dry surface with built-in attractants, so it can be reused if suitable. Because of the absorbancy, there will be no tracking on their feet.

    Because of their size, they would also be great with any adult dogs who can’t make it outside because of age, illness or injury.


    • Great size
    • Good price


    • Capacity: 60
    • Size: 71 x 86cm

    Rosewood Puppy Pads

    Ultra absorbent, with a plastic backing which protects your floor and prevents leaks, these pads are quality and great value.

    They are thicker than some of the other pads on the market, meaning more layers for absorbency and more comfortable time for your dog. There is a blue border around the white pad so your dog can differentiate between these and a random towel on the floor, and they come in a nice small bag which is easy to store.


    • Easy to store and keep dry
    • Thick for comfort


    • Capacity: 100
    • Size: 56 x 56cm

    AI Dog & Puppy Anti-Slip Training Pads

    Great for hard floors such as laminate or tile, these anti-slip pads will stay in place even if your puppy is a bit over-active.

    A built-in scent is featured, which will attract them to the pad yet not cause your room to smell. This will encourage them to go and realise that the pad is the place to do it.

    Thanks to the superabsorbent polymer, any liquid is drawn to the centre of the pad and then remains there, eliminating leaks and tracking. Along with the leak-proof backing, your floors will stay clean and they will be easy to dispose of.


    • No tracking
    • Remains still on all surfaces


    • Capacity: 50
    • Size: 60 x 60cm

    Mikki Pup-pee Pads

    Scented to make it easier for your dog to find and use, these pads are leak-resistant, slip-proof and extra absorbent which are pretty much the three main things to look out for.

    They are available in various pack sizes, making them an ideal pick for any stage of the toilet training journey – buy 50 when you’re just starting out or have a few puppies to look after, or just 7 if you’re near the end of the cycle.

    They are a great price, and all come in a plastic bag which keeps them easy to store and free from any moisture. Colour change technology will tell you when your puppy has used the pad in case you can’t keep both eyes on them at all times.


    • Various pack sizes
    • Strong scent


    • Capacity: 7/14/30/50
    • Size: 55 x 58cm

    Pet Brands Petsentials Training Pads

    To encourage their use, these pads contain a special scent which will ensure your pup knows that they are the place to go.

    They’re average in size, perfect for most regular breeds of dog, and the absorbency locks in both liquid and odour. Easy to dispose of, the wee will safely be within the pad so you won’t end up having to mop up after you when you’re carrying them to the bin.


    • Large box to keep them safe


    • Capacity: 105
    • Size: 60 x 60cm

    Simple Solution Washable Training and Travel Dog Pads

    These pads don’t only look dissimilar to ordinary single-use pads, but they are also much better for the environment.

    They are constructed using four layers, so you’re not going to get any leaks through to your floor. It is really quick at absorbing too, so your pup isn’t going to track through the house.

    You can pop them in the washing machine which helps with your busy life, and because you get two in a pack, your floor is never left uncovered. They’ve been tested up to 300 washes, which should easily see your pup through this stage of their life.

    They aren’t just for pups though. Also ideal if you’re taking your dog on a staycation or long car ride.


    • Easy to wash
    • Can be used multiple times before washing


    • Capacity: 2
    • Size: 76 x 81cm

    Buying Guide


    The majority of puppy training pads will be 60 x 60cm or thereabouts, which is usually fine for most puppies.

    But if you have a large breed or an adult dog who needs to use an indoor pad, you may need something larger. Pads which are around 80 x 80cm or above are available. If you are still worried it isn’t big enough, it could be worth putting an old towel underneath to catch any overspill, which can be washed immediately.


    Puppy pads have to be thrown away with general waste. They are usually made from synthetic materials, so aren’t recyclable.

    But some can be used two or three times before being thrown away, and there are also reusable, washable pads available if you are concerned with how much waste the single-use pads could be putting into landfill.


    Pads are usually available to buy in packs of 7 up to packs of 200.

    It will take between 4 and 6 months for your puppy to become fully housetrained, and some puppies can even pee up to 12 times per day! However, some will only take a few weeks to learn.

    This means that there is no way of telling how many you will need. It could be 100, or it could be up to 1,000. But, after a week or so, you should be able to get to grips with your puppy’s habits and how many you will need on the journey.

    We would say that if you’re just starting out on the journey, buy a large packet which will give you some leeway. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to know whether you need to buy any more.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do puppy training pads work?

    Think of them as a bag. When your dog goes for a wee, the liquid will soak through the top layer and remain trapped within the pad. This means there is less mess, it won’t soak through to your carpet and floor and can all be disposed of without drips and leaks.

    Where do I put a puppy training pad?

    Ideally, they should go on a hard floor where any spills are easy to mop up. If you buy a pad large enough for your puppy to go on there should be no accidents on the floor, but they could just miss the pad for the first few goes.

    But the best place is near the door which they will use for going outside, whether this is a back patio door or side door in the garage. This way, you can gradually move it outdoors without them realising that there have been any big changes.

    If you do place it on a hard floor which is naturally a bit slippy, look for some pads with sticky pads on the base so each pad can be affixed safely and not cause your dog to slip. There are also dedicated trays available which can accommodate the pads, like a litter tray, but these may be a bit less ‘natural’ for your pup.

    What can I do with leftover puppy pads?

    Scared about buying too many? Don’t be – too many is better than too few! If you have some leftover, they are still good to have to hand in case of emergencies, but excess pads can be donated to animal shelters for use in kennels and with young puppies.