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Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders For 2022

While we certainly love squirrels when it comes to spotting wildlife in the garden, their presence gets old fast once it becomes apparent how much birdseed they eat.

If you live in a squirrel hotspot and have a garden full of bird feeding stations and seed feeders, you’ll be well aware of how greedy these nut addicts can be and how large an impact they can have on your back garden bird population!

In a worst-case scenario, your garden could even become bird free if you have a squirrel surplus, as feathered friends will soon learn there are only ever scraps left over at your gaff.

But the issue can be solved!

With a top of range squirrel proof bird feeder, you can wait on your winged pals without fear as they are specially designed to shut out rodents and allow birds access!

From caged beauties to marvellous mechanisms, we’ve sought out the very best squirrel proof bird feeders on the market to help make your home a bird sanctuary once again!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder
    • Weight-based mechanism
    • Seed ventilation system
    • Classic, Mini and Plus size versions available!
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    Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle
    • Universal fit for any feeder or feeding station
    • Super slippery dome shape
    • Adjustable attachment
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    Trio Of Colourful Hanging Bird Feeders
    • Attractive colours
    • Cage keeps all but small birds out
    • Easy to hang from anywhere
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    The Top Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Reviewed

    Simply Direct Squirrel Resistant Bird Seed Feeder

    Designed to deter squirrels with an automatic spinning rotation, this spinner encourages squirrels to jump off without harming them and preventing them from feeding on your nuts. It works by detecting weight and tilt angle, so you don’t need to worry about

    The spinner fits all feeders by simply hooking on with a galvanised rust-resistant hook on the underside of the unit and is
    weather-resistant with encapsulated electronics.


    • Doesn't harm squirrels
    • weather-proof
    • Can be attached to any feeder


    • Dimensions: 51.5 x 33.5 x 18 cm
    • Material: Plastic

    Gardman A01821 Heavy Duty Squirrel Safe Peanut Feeder

    Birds just can’t get enough of the tasty flavour of peanuts, but unfortunately, neither can squirrels!

    This can be particularly frustrating for twitchers who want to use peanuts to attract the likes of rarer garden birds such as Nuthatches, Titmice, Woodpeckers and Chickadees and instead all they get are furry tailed nut harvesters!

    This Peanut Window Feeder might help solve the issue though!

    There is the squirrel (and bigger bird) proof cage around the edge, but the little birds can still get into the feeder and peck away. The peanut holder is the regular safe model, which allows them to take bites small enough to be safe.

    It can be removed from the cage for easier cleaning, and a nice large hook at the top allows it to hang from anywhere.


    • A bestseller
    • Reviews state it is completely squirrel proof
    • Anti-pigeon, jay, crow and magpie


    • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 29 cm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 499 g

    Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

    One of the most popular and best-selling squirrel proof bird feeders on the market, with a name like ‘The Squirrel Buster’, was it ever really in doubt how successful this product was going to be?

    Far and away the most innovative product in terms of design, it’s one of the few feeders to promise a lifetime guarantee of longevity, hence why it’s sold over 3.5 million units worldwide.

    Designed by Canadian experts, it features a clever weight-activated mechanism that adjusts access to seed in seconds, locking out any larger animal who perches on its edge.

    Not only does this prevent squirrels from snatching all your seed, but it also sees off competition from visually unappealing, less desirable birds such as pigeons.

    What makes it truly unique is its patented Seed Tube Ventilation System, which allows fresh air to enter the feeder and humid air to escape through the top, keeping food fresher for longer.

    If that wasn’t enough, it also boasts UV resistant components and a chew-proof metal and resin material that not even the toothiest of rodents could chew through!

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why it’s undoubtedly the best squirrel fighting option out there.


    • Weight-based mechanism
    • Seed ventilation system
    • Classic, Mini and Plus size versions available!


    • Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 33.66 cm
    • Material: Metal, Plastic
    • Weight: 725 g

    Rosewood Feeding Time Squirrel Proof Seed Lantern

    A brilliant budget option, this bird feeding seed lantern from Rosewood helps attract an array of beautiful birds to your garden while putting a stop to squirrel mischief thanks to a sturdy outer cage.

    A strong metal hanger with a comfortable lattice wire structure, it’s perfectly suited for smaller birds to perch on and features a sturdy water-tight lid to prevent feed from becoming spoiled by the elements!

    Premium quality, practical and pretty, this is a simple solution to your issue that won’t break the bank!


    • Bird seed cage in appealing lantern design
    • Water-tight lid
    • Lattice wire structure for perching


    • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 30 cm
    • Material: PC (Polycarbonate)

    Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle

    A fantastically simple way to obstruct sneaky squirrels from scurrying up your feeding station pole and scoffing all the seed, this Baffle from Gardman will bring you an instant victory in your war against rodents!

    Coming in a super slippery dome shape, Baffles create a tricky barrier for squirrels to manoeuvre past and the slick material makes it impossible to gain any leverage or clamber past!  With this Gardman model, even the most determined and cunning squirrels will struggle to steal birdseed, as it’s large 25-centimetre diameter provides plenty of coverage.

    Forget greasing up your pole with vaseline, this is all you need to protect a bird feeding station and an attachment adapter ensures you can successfully fit it to 12, 22 and 25.5 mm poles!


    • Universal fit for any feeder or feeding station
    • Super slippery dome shape
    • Adjustable attachment


    • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 26 cm
    • Material: PC (Polycarbonate)
    • Weight: 299 g

    Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Feeder

    The most heavy-duty, anti-squirrel feeding option available, this die-cast metal monster from Gardman provides unmatched durability and some seriously lengthy longevity!

    With uniquely designed branch shaped perches and an attractive gunmetal rust-resistant finish, it’s a strong, bite-resistant model which still manages to enamour with its pleasing lantern shape.

    It’s caged outside prevents squirrels from squeezing through the gaps and getting at birdseed, while the biocidal coating on the outside ensures nasty bird bacteria are killed on contact, making it automatically a more hygienic and health hotspot for your feathered friends!

    Coming with a large stainless steel handle, it can be easily hung from trees or feeding stations and offers four feeding ports to attract several birds at once.

    And with a capacity of 500g, it’s sure to be a bird banquet your winged pals return to again and again!


    • Heavy duty cast cage
    • Biocidal coating
    • Holds 500g of seed!


    • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 29 cm
    • Material: Metal
    • Weight: 821 g

    Nature's Market Squirrel Guard Fat Ball Feeder

    A lot of squirrel proof bird feeders seem to mainly be about keeping the mischievous climbers away from seeds and nuts, but if fat balls and suet are a more frequent menu item in your garden, these Fat Ball Feeders from Nature’s Market really are a must.

    Featuring a lantern-shaped squirrel guard, this fat ball feeder boasts a centre only small agile birds such as tits can reach and rejecting the advances of greedy rodents.

    For those who only want to attract certain birds, you’ll also be pleased to hear this cage design also helps keep out bully birds such as pigeons and magpies!


    • Suet fat ball feeder with cage
    • Plastic coated metal
    • Lightweight model


    • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 30 cm
    • Material: Metal, Plastic
    • Weight: 399 g

    Trio Of Colourful Hanging Bird Feeders

    Fancy something which will brighten up your garden? This set of feeders includes a seed feeder, as well as a peanut and fat ball one, so your birds have a real choice on their hands.

    The benefits? The bug cage around them are squirrel and big bird proof, so all of the seed will go to your little visitors. They’re nice and large, and easy to refill and cleanout. They can also work well on feeding stations or something like a tree branch.


    • Attractive colours
    • Cage keeps all but small birds out
    • Easy to hang from anywhere


    • Dimensions: 18 x 26 x 36 cm
    • Material: Metal

    Kingfisher Squirrel Guard Hanging Wild Bird Feeders 3x

    If your someone who likes to offer a concoction of different bird feeds to attract as many winged visitors as possible, buying one squirrel proof option isn’t going to solve all your seed and suet stealing issues.

    A great way to save money, this set of 3 bird feed lanterns from Kingfisher offers you the chance to provide nuts, seeds and fat balls in caged off areas which will help keep lurking rodents at bay and attract plenty of small birds.

    All three lanterns are powder coated with a weather-resistant finish to ensure high-quality and durability, while specialised hinge clip lids keep food within supremely sealed and your seed fresh and dry.

    Fitted with handy metal hanging loops, you can kit out an entire bird feeding station in just one purchase!


    • Caged seed, nut and fat ball feeders
    • Hinged clip down lid for dry food
    • Hang from trees or feeding stations.


    • Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 24 cm (x 3)
    • Material: Metal
    • Weight: 939 g

    Roamwild PestOff

    You don’t want a horrid looking cage around your bird feeder. You want sleek, squirrel-proof feeder which is great in terms of capacity too.

    A metal chew-proof design means that it is also pest-proof, and it will even stop large birds. A huge capacity of 1.5L means less time filling up for you – it should last long enough to take you up to when it needs washing out.

    It works by shutting the feeding port when something too heavy is on it. This them automatically pops open when the pest leaves again. Because they are spring-loaded, you won’t face the closure issue when multiple small birds feed.

    It is completely waterproof which means no seed will clog, and any grass is less likely to grow inside. The built-in rain guard also helps here, and this also prevents squirrels from accessing the top of the feeder.

    The only issue is the base, which is plastic, so you have to watch for determined squirrels who will just chew through this given a chance.


    • Spring loaded hole closure
    • Easy disassembly for cleaning and refilling
    • Large capacity


    • Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 45 cm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 700 g

    Buying Guide

    Types of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder


    Although an admittedly bizarre name for a bird feeding product, baffles do exactly what they say on the tin as they are in essence a confusing obstacle that squirrels are unable to figure out!

    Attached to the top or bottom of the feeder, their conical shape prevents squirrels from accessing food through climbing and so only creatures of flight are able to find their way to the feed!

    Weighted Access

    Using a clever platform mechanism, these seed feeders will lock when they feel the weight of a particularly chunky squirrel. This means smaller birds are free to feast away at their treasure trove and squirrels will be unable to bully them off their perch.


    Sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective. Cage bird feeders are just that, cages which keep squirrels from reaching the central feeder.


    Probably the funniest design in terms of the spectacle they create, spinning designs feature a weighted, electric-powered perch which begins to revolve incredibly quickly once a squirrel jumps on board. Watch in amazement as they hang on tight and hope to ride it out in the name of some tasty nuts. But of course, there is never any end in sight.

    Standard Preventive Design

    Some squirrel proof bird feeders don’t feature any fancy design or innovative measure, they’re just designed to be incredibly difficult for rodents to gain sufficient access.

    More often than not these designs feature small openings that feasibly only beaks can fit through. However, as you can imagine these are nowhere near the most effective and a seriously cunning squirrel might be able to sneak a few nuts!

    Things To Consider

    Feed Type

    If you like attracting birds during the winter, you’ll be well aware that things like fat balls are a far more enticing and useful option for birds than simple seed. You, therefore, need to be careful when purchasing a squirrel proof feeder and make sure that it can not only accommodate your chosen seed but that the food is not too large to be accessed through the small openings.

    Strength & Durability

    Squirrels are quite tenacious when they want to be and if they think they can get access to food by simply breaking down the feeder’s material through chewing – they will.

    It’s therefore wise to purchase bird feeders made of a material they won’t be able to simply destroy. Try and avoid basic plastic models and go for metallic designs as squirrels will be unable to wear these down effectively with just their teeth!

    Easy Cleaning

    Bird feeders need to be cleaned every so often to ensure they remain sanitary for birds and so you might want to make sure that doing so is a simple process.

    You should be able to quickly and efficiently disassemble a bird feeder to get scrubbing every nook and cranny!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How else can I prevent squirrels from using my bird feeder?

    Although squirrel proof bird feeders are fantastic at keeping out pesky rodents, they don’t exactly make for the prettiest picture.

    This can be frustrating when you have fancy birdhouse feeders and grand feeding stations that make your garden look grand and act as the perfect bird stand.

    But there are some slightly more DIY ways to prevent a squirrel feast and protect your already existing feeders:

    • Protect the pole – If you have a feeding station, rubbing vaseline on the pole or attaching a slinky can create access problems for squirrels.
    • Positional power – squirrels are like acrobats when it comes to jumping and climbing, but they’re not superhuman. If you place your feeder far away enough from jump-off points and climbing spots, you won’t have an issue.
    • Unsatisfying seeds – certain types of bird seeds are incredibly unappetising for birds which will prevent them from coming back to your secluded spot too often. Safflower, nyjer, white proso millet and capsaicin are all known to be effective at scaring off squirrels.
    • Separate squirrel feeder – if you still love squirrels being in your garden, why not buy them a specific feeder full of the kinds of food they like? It’s not a foolproof way of ending your birdseed woes, but it’s certainly going to reduce them quite a bit!

    How do I clean my squirrel proof bird feeder?

    Keeping a bird feeder clean is important if you want them to remain hygienic and healthy for birds to use. Although it doesn’t have to be a daily chore, you should probably aim to clean it once or twice a month so it remains acceptable in appearance and is a bacteria-free feeding zone.

    Here’s how to do it correctly and effectively:

    • Remove all leftover birdseed and sweep the area underneath the feeder to clear it of spilt seed.
    • Disassemble the feeder and submerge in hot water. Then scrub with a stiff brush that can easily access hard to reach areas.
    • Once you’ve scrubbed it to a point where it appears clean,  remove from the water and disinfect with a bird-safe disinfectant.
    • Leave to dry fully and then refill with new seed and place back in its special garden spot!