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Best Dog Calming Products for 2022

Dogs can become anxious and nervous for a number of reasons. From new environments to scary sounds and sights, they may need a bit of help to relax and feel at ease.

But what works for one dog may not necessarily work for another, which is why anxiety and stress relief for dogs comes in a number of forms. Some may prefer sounds or a place to sleep, while others may react to smells or ingestible medication. Unfortunately, some dogs may not react to anything at all – but they’re all natural, so it is worth a go.

Finding the perfect solution may take a lot of trial and error, but the below picks are a variety of what is out there.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog
    • Quick to act
    • Can work with multiple causes of anxiety
    Check Price
    Adaptil Calm Dog Collar
    • Natural calming aid
    • No drugs
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    Pet Remedy Plug-in Diffuser
    • Natural remedy
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    Top 11 Best Calming Aids For Dogs Reviewed

    Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog

    When it comes to fireworks, thunderstorms and other loud noises, dogs can often struggle to stay calm and nothing can distract them.

    As the name suggests, this is a device to calm your pooch when storms and other events which could make them anxious are approaching. The most effective anxiety solution as voted by veterinarians, there is no need for training or medication which is great if your dog doesn’t take well to change.

    As long as you can get this coat on, they will see through the event. It will help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, such as the shaking and panting, and can even stop barking, pulling on the lead and general fearsomeness, such as if they don’t like other dogs or humans on walks.

    It is available in multiple sizes, so there really is an option out there for you without turning to training or medication.


    • Quick to act
    • Can work with multiple causes of anxiety


    • Size: XXS - XXL
    • Colour: Grey

    Adaptil Calm Dog Collar

    Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the dog appeasing pheromone naturally released by a mother dog to comfort and reassure her new puppies. Using their body heat, this collar can diffuse this pheromone as and when required.

    This could really come in handy if they have to go into kennels, if there is a change to the household (such as a new pet or family member), or if there will be fireworks around Bonfire Night and Christmas.

    Each collar lasts for up to four weeks and should be kept on throughout this time, only removed if they are bathed or shampooed. It is non-sedative and non-systemic, so can be used alongside other medications.

    Available in three size choices, it can even be used with puppies when you are in those vital first few months of training when they will first be left alone, hear noises, or be socialising. The collars are plastic and can simply be cut to size if they’re too long.


    • Natural calming aid
    • No drugs


    • Size: Junior/Puppy, Small/Medium, Medium/Large
    • Colour: Black

    Pet Remedy Plug-in Diffuser

    A diffuser can help to fill an entire room with calming aromas, leaving your dog at ease without having to change their diet or what they are wearing.

    It is completely natural, and slowly releases the Valerian oil mixture, blended with Vetivert, Basil sweet and Sage. This unique liquid has come at the back of several years of research and testing to get it just right. It enhances the neuro-transmitter Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, which has an inhibitory effect on the body (i.e calms the pet down).

    The plugin can also work with cats, rodents, horses, other mammals and birds, so is still safe if you have a multi-animal household. The effects will last for up to six weeks before needing to be refilled, and it has shown to also have a positive effect on humans.

    You get a hanging travel diffuser as a bonus which is good for car journeys, and the plugin will cover up to 650 sq ft.


    • Natural remedy


    • Size: 40ml
    • Colour: White

    Lintbells YuCALM Calming Supplement For Dogs

    Sprays, collars and drops have maybe not worked, or maybe you would rather have something a bit more traditional to tackle your dog’s anxiety.

    These supplements are tablets which can be taken with food and are perfect for making a small unnoticeable change before Bonfire night, New Year or a big change in the house. They contain Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, Fish protein hydrolysate and B vitamins, which is all-natural and shouldn’t upset your dog’s tummy.

    The lemon balm does most of the calming, while the L-Theanine supports the production of serotonin. The B Vitamins and fish protein work to support healthy brain function, which reduced excitability and helps them to concentrate so they are more likely to listen to your commands.

    They are best as a constant remedy instead of an on-off thing and aren’t a quick fix. But used alongside some training and comforting, there may come a day when they aren’t needed depending on the issue.


    • Easy to administer


    • Size: 30/60/120 Tablets
    • Colour: Brown

    Pet Remedy Battery Operated Atomiser

    A natural calming solution for any furry friend, this battery-operated atomiser can be placed in the vicinity of your pet and will provide them with continuous stress relief without being overpowered.

    The low dosage valerian, vetiver, basil, and sage won’t harm anyone else in the room and can be dispensed every 15 or 30 minutes. It is suitable for rooms up to 10m2 or 100sq ft and should last for up to eight weeks before needing to be refilled.

    You can mount it to the wall, and screws and wall plugs are provided. This will prevent it from being sprayed straight onto your animal or being within reach of any. It takes three AA batteries.


    • Regular dosage


    • Size: 250ml
    • Colour: White

    Pooch And Mutt Calm And Relaxed Dry Food

    If your dog has a nervous disposition, Pooch and Mutt’s Calm & Relaxed is a vet recommended grain-free, dry dog food that’s packed with active ingredients designed to soothe anxious energy and improve sleep.

    the dry food contains 45% lean, L-tryptophan rich turkey, which is vital in creating Serotonin. Additionally, the added sweet potato is high in ‘anti-stress’ B-vitamins and the calming, digestion-aiding fibre, chamomile.

    Pooch & Mutt’s calm and relaxed complete dry food also contains brewer’s yeast and probiotics to help improve digestion and aid gut health, which can cause stress.

    You can also pick up this vet-recommended dry food alongside Pooch & Mutts’ calming Meaty Treats in a handy bundle to keep your pooch calm between meals.


    • High in calming ingredients
    • L-tryptophan improves serotonin production
    • NUTRA-BIONIC which improves overall health of skin, coat and gut


    • Size: 2kg
    • Colour: Lilac

    Scrumbles Nibbles Dog Treats

    Treats are a great way for nervous dogs to receive calming aids without realising any massive changes. The mixture of turkey with lemon balm and chamomile is tasty but natural, and they are button shaped so good for dogs of all sizes.

    Suitable from the age of four months onwards, they could be used as a way to help your new pup settle into home life, or if they get nervous when outside or with new visitors. The addition of slippery elm helps to soothe nervous tums and aids digestion, which can take a hit with anxiety.

    As a bonus, they come in eco-friendly compostable bags and are made by hand, so they really are guilt-free for both pooch and owner. Treats should only be an occasional addition to your dog’s balanced diet but they do the job.


    • Completely natural
    • Good Shopping Guide - Ethical Company


    • Size: 100g
    • Colour: Brown

    Pet Remedy Heated Calming Pad

    Mainly used as a post-operative or arthritic heat pad, this could be a good idea if your dog really loves their home comforts and seems to become calmer when wrapped up safe and sound.

    It is suitable for use in their bed if this is where they tend to go and hide when not quite feeling 100%. Or, it can be covered with a blanket or towel if they will be with you in bed or on the sofa.

    Warmth is proven to help pets sleep and feel more at ease, so used alongside any other topical or oral remedies, it could boost the whole calming experience.

    A protective sheath on the power cable will protect it from any chewing, and two integral thermostats will allow you to set it at just the right level.


    • Safe to use
    • Cheap to run


    • Size: 42 x 38cm
    • Colour: Blue

    Beaphar Calming Spot-On Dog

    Another containing valerian, this spot-on treatment is administered in the same way in which a flea treatment would be, but can instead inhibit stress and problematic behaviour.

    It is activated within one hour of administration, so it is good for any more last-minute events or situations. A single application can work for up to one week, meaning each packet has around three weeks worth of treatment.

    The spot-on can help alleviate the way in which your dog displays stress as well, such as barking, growling or destructive behaviour. It will also help when they have to go to the vet, into kennels for a few days or if you’re moving house.

    If you use a flea or wormer spot-on, be careful to apply this somewhere else. The only downside is that if they become wet, you will have to reapply the pipette once they are dry.


    • Doesn’t change diet


    • Size: 3 x 7ml
    • Colour: Clear

    Adaptil Transport Spray

    Dedicated for when your dog may need to go on a long car journey, this Adaptil spray naturally gives off the appeasing pheromone which would be given off by a mother to her pups.

    The idea is that it is sprayed onto bedding, transport crates or blankets around 15 minutes before travelling or going to the vets. About eight sprays will work in all, and the effects will be seen for between four to five hours so there is no reason why it can’t work for non-travelling events too.

    Other users have also said that it really helps with their dog’s travel sickness, which is something to bear in mind if it is a side-effect of the nervousness.


    • Dedicated for travelling


    • Size: 60ml
    • Colour: Clear

    RelaxoPet Pro Dog

    Something a bit different now, this is a device which gives out audible and inaudible sound waves which are meant to send your dog into a relaxing sleep.

    Each RelaxoPet variation is designed with a certain animal group in mind, and the dog option matches their hearing group. So, it won’t be audible to the human ear, nor will it affect other animals.

    It has a 120-minute timer ability, and a battery and power indicator. The micro USB charging port means it can be recharged when needed, and one 40 minute charge means over 1,000 minutes of use in standard mode.

    You can even set it to respond to noise motion so if there are loud firework bangs outside or your dog starts barking, it can kick in.


    • Uses sound waves
    • Doesn’t disrupt other animals


    • Size: 6 x 6 x 5.5 cm
    • Colour: Red

    Buying Guide

    Types Of Calming Aid

    Calming Collars

    Dogs can get very stressed about a lot of things. From going outside and hearing new noises to being around other dogs and in fireworks season, it can be hard to keep them calm.

    A calming collar can help them best adapt to modern life. While cheap options are just a bit of a fad or use nasty chemicals to give the calming effect, some now use only natural pheromones.

    They work in a similar way to the plugins which are available to buy, but as your dog wears the collar, the pheromones follow your dog around safely so are also good for dog walks and other rooms in the house.


    These can be given with a treat, such as wrapped into a bit of cheese or ham. They are often best if your dog needs continuous calming relief, as their effects are best seen over time as opposed to being a sudden or emergency fix.


    These release pheromones or natural herbal remedies such as valerian into the atmosphere. They can be good if you don’t want to change your dog’s diet, or maybe if you have several pets who all need a bit of help.


    Similar to the plugins, these supply more targetted relief to your dog’s immediate area. They can be good for if your dog is travelling somewhere in a crate or will be staying in their bed, without affecting the rest of the room.

    Other Things To Try


    Heat can often provide a calming effect, so there are heat pads and self-warming beds out there which are comforting. Many are soft and mimic the comfort of a mother dog’s coat


    If you are happy to change your dog’s diet and need something permanent, calming dog food helps ease digestion, any stress-related issues such as dry skin, while still giving your dog the necessary nutrients


    Said to have a positive effect on a dog’s behaviour. Classical, flute and string has been proven to have a positive effect, as has Bob Marley music. There are plenty of CD’s, radio stations and playlists out there which can help, as well as dedicated playing speakers

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How can I tell if my dog is stressed or anxious?

    Dogs often give off a few signals that they are stressed, on top of the general behaviour change:

    • Panting and lip licking
    • Flattened ears
    • Regular barking and howling
    • Highly alert
    • Restless and unable to settle

    It is often quite clear that they are anxious, and you could even spot what is causing it before you see that they are stressed (such as fireworks).

    Will a calming aid work with fireworks?

    Perhaps the most notorious cause of nervousness in pets. There is no harm in trying calming aids when it comes to fireworks season, but it is best to use something which can be used for a prolonged period and will, therefore, build up ready for the event – which often lasts for longer than just one night.

    Remember that you can’t just give your dog the medication and leave them be. Comfort them and ensure they are away from the cause, such as the bright lights and flashing.

    Do I need a prescription?

    Not for any which we have featured – they are all-natural and don’t require any major changes. You should ask for advice from a vet if you’re unsure, however.

    If the issue persists, you may wish to talk to your vet again about something which can be given on prescription. SSRI’s and antidepressants can be used, and they will often recommend trying to desensitise your dog to the cause gradually too.