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Best Rabbit Run for 2022

Gone are the days when pet rabbits were kept locked away in a hutch outside all day. It’s crucial that pet bunnies everywhere are given ample room to hop, jump, and play around! So, rabbit owners should provide their cotton-tailed clan members with a rabbit run.

Rabbits should ideally spend as much time as possible outside. Some experts say this is three hours of playtime at the very least. A rabbit can have free rein in a secure back garden or at the very least a fenced-off section. But this may be risky if there are predators about, or if you don’t want your garden destroyed.

A rabbit run is designed to provide a safe and secure area for them to explore, without them getting lost or getting harmed by other wildlife. Ideally, you want a rabbit run that can attach to their hutch. This allows them to come and go as they please in the day.

Look for substantial materials to prevent escapes or predation. You also need something that gives them enough room to get up to a sprint and stand up without touching their ears on the bars. Something around 3 x 6 x 8 ft (1 x 2 x 2.5 m) is ideal. Also, keep it out of direct sunlight.

But with various styles, structures and materials on show, it can be hard to work out which run is best for you and your bunny buddy.

So to help you out, we’ve used our expert eye to peruse the market and put together a definitive list of the absolute best rabbit runs currently available, from giant walk-in pens to classy wooden hutch accompaniments!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Omlet Outdoor Rabbit Run
    • Small or large walk-in sizes available
    • Anti-tunnel skirt to keep out predators
    • Easy gravity-controlled lock
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    VivaPet Outdoor Octagon Rabbit Run Cage
    • Large 150 x 150 cm size
    • Non-toxic, weather resistant coating
    • Fold completely flat in 20 seconds!
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    Feel Good UK Walk in Pet Cage
    • Chicken coop-style rabbit run
    • Strong galvanised steel structure
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    The Top Rabbit Runs Reviewed

    Omlet Outdoor Rabbit Run

    The absolute best rabbit run out there, Omlet’s Outdoor Rabbit run provides the perfect blend of security and space for your ickle bunnies as well as great features to help owners offer better care!

    Unlike most other metal rabbit runs, Omlet have designed this cage to blend in specifically with gardens, with a lush green colour that won’t offend the eyes and will keep predators away from your prized pals.

    Extendable in width, length and height, it can accommodate any breed of rabbit and fit nicely in almost any garden space, offering up a wealth of space for your bunny to run around in.

    Available in two different heights, you can choose from a small height Lo-Rise option or a tall Hi-Rise model and can choose pre-configured sizes of up to 3 x 4 m!

    The Hi-Rise option is our personal choice, thanks mainly to a stable door design which allows you to throw in treats and foods without them slipping past your ankles and into the garden!

    Underfloor meshes and a skirting base prevent precocious diggers or predators from tunnelling and an easy gravity-operated lock means it’s impossible to forget lock-up as it does so automatically!

    It’s everything you and your rabbit need for a stress-free relaxing enclosure you can both enjoy!


    • Small or large walk-in sizes available
    • Anti-tunnel skirt to keep out predators
    • Easy gravity-controlled lock


    • Weight: N/A
    • Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.05 x 2.2 m (Hi-Rise)
    • Material: Metal

    Zippi Rabbit Run with Roof and Underfloor Mesh

    The easiest way to nab your bunnies a large, secure play space, Zippi rabbit runs are lightweight, easy to put up and are designed to fit with all other Zippi rabbit products, meaning your bunny home can be extended and enhanced until you officially run out of garden!

    Our favourite starter run of theirs though is this Hi-Rise model with a Roof and Underfloor Mesh, providing an easily movable, large and secure structure for your hopping homies!

    All of its run panels are made from a heavy-duty steel weld mesh to provide the utmost durability and strength, meaning you can let your bunnies play away without the need for supervision or to worry about their welfare while away from home.

    This mesh also extends below ground level, which prevents persistent diggers from tunnelling their way out and nasty predators from tunnelling their way in!

    Compatible with Zippi tunnels as well as other Zippi rabbit runs, it’s the best choice for bunny lovers looking to turn their garden into a certified world of wabbits!


    • Lots of size and skirting options available
    • Combine with extension kits to create a mammoth rabbit run!
    • Quick and easy to assemble!


    • Weight: N/A
    • Dimensions: 144 x 96 x 105 cm
    • Material: Metal

    VivaPet Outdoor Octagon Rabbit Run Cage

    A large galvanized weatherproof playpen and safety net combination, this outdoor run from VivaPet is a certified bestseller and easily the best budget option on the market!

    It’s a robust pen which utilises non-toxic protective coating to protect the metal from harsh weather and the even harsher nibbles of gnawing rabbits or pesky predators, promising perfect longevity at an affordable price.

    At 150 x 150 cm when assembled, it’s also one of the biggest enclosures available and is suited to both indoor or outdoor use!

    A sealed safety net is included to help protect bunnies from strong sunlight exposure and predators, while it’s foldable style means it can be set up and dismantled in the record time of just 20 seconds every time!

    This makes it a perfect as and when rabbit run, keeping your garden or home free of large, unsightly cages until your coney needs a bit of a run-out!


    • Large 150 x 150 cm size
    • Non-toxic, weather resistant coating
    • Fold completely flat in 20 seconds!


    • Weight: 4.64 Kg
    • Dimensions: 62 x 62 x 7.2 cm
    • Material: Metal

    Feel Good UK Walk in Pet Cage

    The absolute biggest rabbit run we could find, this walk-in enclosure from Feel Good UK is practically a detached bungalow for bunnies, boasting a space large enough to accommodate their hutch, hidey-hole and plenty of entertaining toys!

    At 1.4 x 3 m, this mammoth offering allows you to move around inside the cage without any hassle, as a curved roof provides an optimum height to reduce the need for ducking or bending over.

    But far from just an owner’s fantasy run, there’s also plenty of features for your rabbit here too, particularly when it comes to the important factors of safety and security.

    With ample amounts of mesh, you can create a skirt around the base to prevent escapes and predators getting in, while cable ties, pegs and door latches keep the entrance secured and the structure itself fixed firmly in place.

    A free included rain cover also protects bunnies from powerful heatwaves and torrential downpours, while a barn-style door allows you to feed your cotton-tailed crew without having them hatch escape plans through the gap between your feet.

    And made from galvanised steel… there ain’t anything stronger out there!


    • Chicken coop-style rabbit run
    • Strong galvanised steel structure


    • Weight: 45 Kg
    • Dimensions: 1.4m x 3m
    • Material: Metal & Wire

    Trixie Small Animal Playpen

    A smaller playpen, this great cage allows you to supervise your bunny in close quarters and lets them play in a safe environment.

    It’s perfect for indoor bunnies being small enough to it in any house and it’s a low maintenance cage that keeps rabbits from getting up to no good with a water-resistant floor.



    • Small caged environment for play
    • Suitable for indoor use


    • Weight: 4.54 Kg
    • Dimensions: 37 x 40 x 2 cm
    • Material: Metal and Nylon

    Pets Imperial Savoy Large

    Forget the Savoy Hotel, this here is the Savoy Rabbit Run from Pets Imperial, offering up a stupendous 1.4 metres of room for your rabbit to run wild in!

    Although technically a chicken coop run, it’s still a fantastic choice for bunnies as it’s been built with the finest pet-friendly timber to ensure a strong and stable structure that protects your rabbits that looks distinguished and refined while doing it!

    With treated wood and impenetrable wire mesh, it’s designed to last for years and is easily erected for those who are slightly averse to picking up your toolbox!

    Best of all, this bunny sanctuary can also be combined with other Savoy Rabbit Runs to double, triple or even quadruple it in size. In fact, it’s extensions could feasibly never end if you’re so inclined.

    The only question is, how much money you got, and how big is your garden?


    • Classic wooden design & wire mesh
    • Treated pet-friendly timber for durability
    • 40% larger than typical runs


    • Weight: N/A
    • Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 96cm
    • Material: Wood & Wire

    Pawhut 6ft Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage

    With an open bottom, this hutch is perfect for your bunny to graze safely. It has galvanised mesh to help to make fox proof as well as having secure latches. The run boasts an airy and open design which helps rabbits get a clearer view of their surroundings while providing good airflow and sunlight to shine through, making it a bright, breezy place!

    For your convenience, the run is lightweight for easy mobility and features accessibility from the top and sides.

    The wood has also been coated in waterproof treatment for longevity.



    • Trusted Brand
    • Pest resistant


    • Weight: 11 Kg
    • Dimensions: 105 x 49 x 24 cm
    • Material: Mesh, FSC fir wood, Stainless steel locks

    VivaPet Rabbit Run with Apex Roof

    If it is suitable for puppies and kittens then this shelter is going to be paradise for your rabbit in terms of space to roam.

    There is a cover to protect your pet from sun glare, and one of its selling points is that it is easy to assemble and take down if you want to store it for winter.

    The galvanised elements are both protected from the weather and any nibbles from pet teeth. Because there are two large doors on the side, you could buy two and easily attach them together to create even more space.


    • Easy to attach to ground
    • Sun protection cover
    • Can't be chewed


    • Weight: 6.92 Kg
    • Dimensions: ‎180 x 75 x 75 cm
    • Material: Metal

    BUNNY BUSINESS Fully Folding Sheltered Rabbit Run Hutch

    With 4ft size, added shelter and foldable design, there’s a lot to love about this rabbit run. It provides ample space for your bunny to run and play, and if the weather takes a sudden change, there’s an adjustable shelter to give them cover.

    The entire thing folds down in seconds, making it super easy to store away, and since the run is treated with a pet-friendly preservative, you can rest assured the wood will stay in good shape as well as keeping your bunny safe.


    • Shelter
    • Hinged with predator proof latches
    • Fast foldability for quick storage


    • Weight: 12 Kg
    • Dimensions: 122cm x 122cm x 61cm h
    • Material: Wood & Wire

    Tectake Rabbit Run With Safety Net

    A more simple, cheap and cheerful design, this Tectake Rabbit Run provides plenty of safety, space and security for your rabbit and is the perfect pop-up activity area for those who don’t want a permanent run taking up all their lawn!

    Made up of 8 grid-fence elements, the enclosure can be easily assembled and can combine with almost any rabbit hutch to offer a neat and pleasurable area to graze and lope around!
    Then in no time at all, these grid plates can also be folded back into a flat-pack shape for fast and efficient storage.

    It’s best feature though is it’s safety net covering, which prevents pets from escaping and stops cats, foxes and birds of prey from finding easier ways into the enclosure.

    It’s a brilliant source of bunny protection for those not looking to blow their budget!


    • Weather-proof safety net cover
    • Easily foldable for quick storage


    • Weight: 4.3 Kg
    • Dimensions: 60 x 72 x 145 cm
    • Material: Metal (Steel)

    Buying Guide

    Types of Run


    Classic rabbit runs are usually low to the ground and can often be attached to a hutch or rabbit enclosure, allowing your pet to move effortlessly between their home and their area of play. Accessible via an opening roof, you can then bend down into them to stroke, feed or pick up your pet!


    Taking their dues from chicken coops, walk-in rabbit runs are giant house-like cages, with full-sizes doors you can walk inside. This makes getting into your rabbit enclosure less fiddly and bach-aching work, but more importantly, it also provides your pets with masses and masses of room to explore!


    These are often smaller areas which are created by linking together several single fences into one hexagonal or octagonal shape. Lighter in weight and much easier to move around and dismantle, they make great pop-up areas which you can set up for your rabbit any time and are probably the most suitable models for indoor rabbits as they take up much less room. However, they are usually less secure than a proper run and so are probably best used under supervision.

    Features To Look Out For


    Most rabbit runs are either constructed from metal or wood and will often also utilise a wire mesh material.

    Wire mesh usually provides a strong protective barrier, while the frame of the run will be made of heavy-duty wood or metal to ensure the structure is sturdy and will stand its ground.

    Metal cages are usually the best option, as they are naturally heavier and more robust, and so tend not to suffer from damages or wear. This is critical to stopping predators from easily breaking into or knocking down your run.

    Wooden designs, of course, look a lot nicer than great big metal cages, but it’s at the cost of durability and security. When combined with wire mesh they are still brilliant options, but treated wood is never going to last you as long as a steel material playpen.


    The absolutely most important thing a good rabbit run can offer you is security, to stop both predators getting in… and rabbit getting out!

    The wire mesh used on a rabbit’s run must be strong and galvanised or welded to ensure it firmly fits into the frame. The spaces between the mesh should also be small enough to prevent rabbits or predators getting through, but large enough so that they are easily visible through the gaps and are well ventilated!

    It’s also a good idea to watch out for runs which feature extra secure locking mechanisms on the doors or roofs, which will help prevent more crafty and cunning predators like foxes from sneaking their way inside.


    The whole point of a rabbit run is to offer your bunnies a large, safe space in which they can perform exercise and remain fit and healthy in both mind and body.

    The very minimum size of run recommended for two rabbits is 8 ft x 4 ft. But it’s always recommended to just choose the very biggest size that your home can accommodate.

    It should be tall enough so that your rabbits can stand upright on its back legs as well as hop around in.

    If a walk-in option, you might also like to consider your own height – as you don’t want to be stooping over all the time!


    No matter what material your rabbit run is, it’s always helpful to find out what coating or treatments your wood or metal has been given, as certain treatments can help your run last for years longer than expected.

    In the main, such coatings tend to protect from poor weather as well as scratches or any other damage it may receive.


    While you might naturally want to protect your ickle rabbits from torrential downpours, roof coverings and safety nets can also be useful for protecting from less obvious issues too.

    Rabbits can suffer in extreme heat and powerful sunlight and so UV protected shading can help keep them cool during the summer, while net coverings can also help protect them from items falling from trees or predatory birds from above.

    Skirts & Anti-Predator Features

    If you keep your hutch and run outside, various predators in the wild will have an opportunity to get in your animal’s home and harm them, no matter how far-fetched and ludicrous that seems!

    Nocturnal animals like foxes are more common in urban areas than ever before, and they’re all too happy to spend a few minutes digging a hole under the fence of your run to squeeze under and gain access to your bunnies.

    Therefore, features like metal skirts around the base of a cage can provide added security!

    Ease of Access

    You’ll need to be able to efficiently lock up your run and open it when feeding, cleaning or attending to your bunnies, and fast-action locks and handily positioned doors can help make this a breeze.

    Quick Assembly & Dismantling

    Unfortunately, it would be too awkward and difficult for large cage structures to arrive at your door ready-made and so in the vast majority of cases, rabbit runs need to be put together by yourself!

    So if you’re not comfortable with DIY, try and find something which can be easily constructed with buckles, bolts and clips.

    Some models can be folded down almost instantly, making them a great pop-up choice for those who want to let rabbits out under supervision.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What size rabbit run do I need?

    Something a lot of people don’t pay attention too when purchasing a run is the height of the structure.

    Rabbits should be able to stand on their hind legs in a run without their ears reaching the roof or becoming squashed. This means, on average, that the run should be around two feet in height.

    The most important thing of course though is the floor area, which needs to give them ample space to move around in and explore. It’s often cited that the smallest dimensions for an activity area for two rabbits should be 8 feet by 4 feet (32 sq ft).

    How much do rabbit runs cost?

    Rabbit runs can be on the expensive side if they are large walk-in style structures with added security features and you can expect these top of the range models to be between the £150 and £200 mark.

    However, playpens and traditional runs are slightly cheaper, with playpens often being the cheapest at £25 to £40 and good-quality hutch runs ranging from £50 to £100.

    Although walk-in cages are far more expensive, they undoubtedly offer you the best security and ease of access, whereas cheaper playpen models offer portability and quick storage.