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Best Rat Cage for 2022

Giving your rats a spacious home environment filled with entertainment and everything they need to satisfy their needs just cannot be done without a high-quality cage!

It’s the most crucial purchase you’ll ever make other than your rats themselves and choosing the right one is the best way to help them achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

But with so many cages being advertised for multiple rodents of all shapes and sizes, it can get really confusing to determine what rats specifically need and whether the cages your browsing can provide it!

To make things easier on you, we’ve nit-picked our way through just about every rodent cage out there to help you and your rats find a perfect cage which will help set your pets up for life!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Ferplast Furat Plus Rat Cage
    • Liftable safe-locked roof for quick access
    • Plastic column frame for durability and stability
    • Steel feeder, drinking bottle, hammock and toilet included
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    Little Zoo Trekker Cage
    • Easy clean pull out tray and grill
    • Multiple levels to explore!
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    The Top Rat Cages Reviewed

    Ferplast Furat Plus Rat Cage

    Ferplast are one of the most respected and beloved brands when it comes to pet supplies and products and so rat owners will be pleased to learn that the Ferplast team have devised and designed a specialist rat cage to fulfil all your pet’s needs!

    A fun activity home, the Furat Plus Rat Cage provides your furry friends with an exciting living area, complete with platform, ladder and swinging hammock! Such climbing obstacles help bring out the natural instincts to investigate and explore in your rats and so are a phenomenal way of helping them enjoy their habitat.

    But it’s not all just fun and games in this cage, and there’s also plenty to help out owners too. A feeding bowl and water bottle ensures you’re always ready to stock your ratties up on food and water and a handy toilet is also included to help you with clean ups! The thermoplastic resin base can also be easily separated from the wire frame to make tidying up quicker too!

    A simple, uncomplicated cage that does everything you need it too!


    • Liftable safe-locked roof for quick access
    • Plastic column frame for durability and stability
    • Steel feeder, drinking bottle, hammock and toilet included


    • Weight: 7.03 Kg
    • Dimensions: 78 x 48 x 70 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 1 cm


    Rats are energetic and curious creatures that need plenty of space to run. So if you can, you should aim to get the largest cage possible to ensure maximum comfort and wellbeing for your rats. This Cozy Pet rat cage dwarfs many of its competitors with a height of 143 cm and a 79cm x 52cm width and diameter.

    The cage offers multiple levels for exploration and benefits from narrow bars to ensure your rats’ safety. it had five handy ladders and chew-proof trays that can be easily removed for cleaning.


    • Includes safety latches, caster wheels
    • Excellent value


    • Weight: 23.3 kg
    • Dimensions: 52 x 79 x 143 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 9 mm

    Little Friends Plaza Tall Rat & Hamster Cage

    Bordering on a five-star hotel for rats, Little Friends’ Rat Plaza contains three floors of fun and a ton of extra accessories to keep your rats well looked after and loving life.

    3 feeding bowls ensure that each floor can become a feeding station for one rat, and a hideaway, a mini-wooden house, a see-saw and a wheel mean that not one platform could be deemed boring or free of activity for your rats.

    Each platform is connected with a smooth wooden runway which is gentle on your pet’s feet and 1 cm bar spacing on the cage ensures there’ll be no great escapes or risk of your animals getting hurt or stuck.

    By being tall, the structure also provides your rats with plenty of room and opportunities to climb, but is still designed specifically with the intention of being a space saving cage and so can be easily collapsed for storage or when moving your rat cage to another location.

    A practical paradise, it’s a great choice for your spoilt pair of ratties!


    • Small wooden house, hideaway and wheel included!
    • Multi-floor, three shelves structure
    • Easily collapsible for storage or travel


    • Weight: 9.88 Kg
    • Dimensions: 78 x 48 x 80 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 1 cm

    Little Friends Blenheim Rat Cage

    A rats very own Blenheim Palace, the stunning Blenheim Cage from Little Friends is a big structure, designed to house rats with even bigger personalities!

    Containing the most unique inside structure of any other rat cage on the market, the Blenheim provides rats with four floors via three connecting mini-platforms, offering up a range of adventurous possibilities.

    It’s towering height certainly creates an expansive quality, and it’s just waiting to be filled with rat toys and gadgets to turn it into the most exciting home for pets to live in, as well as a great environment for owners to observe in awe.

    Little Friends will get you off to a good start though, as the cage also comes with a bottle and bowl so you at a minimum can feed and water your beloved furry friends! Two large doors also make handling and access relatively simple, while a grill and tray bottom floor should help cleaning!

    However, beware if you have female rats or baby rats, as the bar spacing on this cage could make it unsuitable!


    • Three platforms for climbing
    • Wheeled stand for maneuverability
    • Bottle, bowl, shelves and ladders all included


    • Weight: 11.5 kg
    • Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 12 cm
    • Bar Spacing: 2.5 cm

    Little Zoo Trekker Cage

    If size really is the most important thing to you, it really doesn’t get much bigger than this large ‘Little Zoo’, which could potentially house up to 5 rats!

    Boasting multiple levels for living and exploration, this cage comes with a wheeled stand to help you manoeuvre the monstrous structure around your home, while three easy-grip ladders inside help your rats manoeuvre around the cage from within!

    In terms of access, security and cleaning, it’s undoubtedly one of your best options, with two huge front doors that swing open and make handling your rats a two second activity. This also helps when trying to get into every nook and cranny of the cage during those big weekly cleans your furry friends need to keep their environment hygienic and healthy.

    However, despite its enviable size, the Little Zoo Trekker Cage is not the finished article. While it’s easy clean pull out grill and tray system sounds great on the surface, the wire surface is not pleasant on a rat’s feet and so you’d have to be willing to customise.



    • Easy clean pull out tray and grill
    • Multiple levels to explore!


    • Weight: 25.5 Kg
    • Dimensions: 158 x 77 x 52cm
    • Bar Spacing: 1 cm

    Buying Guide

    Features to Look Out For


    Naturally, one of the first things you need to consider when buying a cage for your rats, is what the dimensions/ size of the structure should be.

    Rats need homes that are spacious and provide them with plenty of room and a general rule of thumb is that your cage needs to provide each rat with at least 2 cubic feet of space.

    However, you need to remember that this is an absolute minimum amount of space. So if you can give them far more than that, do so!

    Your safest option is to merely go with the cage that is the largest you can physically accommodate within your home, this way you will ensure that your rats have a whole world of space to call their own.

    Unless of course you have about ten rats!

    Style of Cage

    What we mean by style of cage is the cages overall structure and what it provides your rats.
    In general, there are two different styles of rat cages: ones which provide lots of ground space, and ones that provide lots of height. Rarely does a cage do both!

    While you may simply think that these differences in style are merely designed to help owners fit cages into their individual houses correctly, what choice you make could actually have an input on the happiness of your rat!

    Male rats tend to prefer wider, open ground space cages, whereas females appreciate heighty cages for climbing purposes! So the sex of your rats can in fact make your purchasing choice a little easier! Or even harder if you have one of each!

    Ease of Cleaning/ Accessibility

    If you ever want to handle your rats or clean your cage, you need it to be easy to get in and out of without some tiresome lock process getting in your way or tiny doors making it an uncomfortable squeeze.

    Try and plump for something with large expansive doors at the front of the cage so you can have instant access to everywhere you want.

    Being able to seperate the wire framing from the base of a cage is also helpful for getting inside it and performing a deep clean!

    Bar Spacing

    An often-overlooked importance, bar spacing is the absolute main point of security when it comes to keeping your rats safe and inside their home.

    1 cm or less tends to be the standard spacing for rat cages as this ensures rats of all shapes and sizes will struggle to ever squeeze through the gaps. If you purchase a cage with gaps of between 2 and 3 cm though, you may find that female rats and babies can find their way out of the cage more easily opening them up to threats around your home or getting themselves lost!


    Lots of rat cages model themselves after bird cages by utilising the fantastic idea of a grill and tray flooring base.

    The idea here is that droppings and urine fall through the grill and into a tray, separating your animal from their dirt for a more hygienic environment. This tray can then be easily removed and cleaned without having to go into the cage and hand-scrub the area.

    However, this isn’t a great idea for rats! Wire/grill flooring is sore for a rat’s feet and overtime they’re trotters can become permanently damaged by walking on such surfaces!

    We instead suggest going for a cage with a solid flooring, that still has a removable, easy clean base.

    It’s also important to keep an eye on the material of ladders, as similar metal rung options will also have bad effects on their feet and may cause accidents due to a lack of grip.


    Rats can suffer from a range of health issues in enclosures that are closed off plastic structures, as their droppings cause them to be quickly contaminated by bacteria and ammonia build up.

    You should always therefore choose a metal-barred cage which provides constant airflow.


    If you ever need to travel or move your cage around, it can be helpful for it to have a wheeled stand or have features which allow it to easily collapse.


    Obviously, it’s better to buy a cage which already provides you with most of the accessories or items needed to take care of a rat. These definitely should be things like food bowls and a water bottle, with exercise equipment or  toys and apparatus being a bonus!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much should a rat cage cost?

    Rat cages are expensive and so you’ll probably find on average you will pay between £70 and £100 for a very high quality one.

    If you are paying anymore than £100 it needs to be boasting some pretty fantastic features!

    What is the best rat cage?

    The best rat cage is one that is metal, with a removable base and large doors for easy access and cleaning. It should also have solid flooring and bar spacing small enough to keep rats inside but not disturb your visibility of them.

    Savic or Ferplast cages tend to be the best brands for such rodent cages!

    How big does my rat cage need to be?

    This all depends on how many rats you’ve got.

    Firstly, you should always have at least a pair of rats, as they are a bonding animal, and so rats kept alone are likely to be depressed and sad.

    Each rat needs 2 cubic feet of space to itself at least, which is about a 50 x 50 x 50 cage.

    However, most experts would simply suggest getting the very largest cage you can to ensure your rats are getting as much space as possible.

    This is because going off the 2 cubic feet rule, cages like the Little Zoo Trekker listed above could technically house 14 rats. However, this would clearly be unmanageable, cruel and cramped!