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Best Gerbil Cage (Gerbilarium) for 2022

Now that so many rodent and hamster cages describe themselves as being suitable for gerbils, it can often be confusing what kind of enclosure you actually need to buy for your furry friends.

But have no doubt, that despite what other places and people might say, your gerbils need a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to their personal home.

You’ll need to find them a gerbilarium with an incredibly deep base that offers an area for burrowing and digging, as well as a multi platformed living room area where they can explore, eat and drink above ground!

That’s something the average hamster cage rarely has both of.

Therefore, to help you find a gerbilarium/ gerbil cage that suits you and your pals, we’ve scouted out the roomiest and most innovative gerbil homes on the market, made with your pet’s needs and natural habitat in mind.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
     Skyline Small Pet Terrarium Marrakesh
    • Servo Lift lid for easy access
    • Attractive wood & glass construction
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    Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage
    • Patented playtube that allows ease of cleaning
    • White, walnut or birch style cabinet look
    • Water bottle, feeding bowl and wheel included
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    Diversa Guardian Glass Aquarium
    • Huge sizes for up to 5 gerbils!
    • Ideal for creating your own gerbilarium
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    The Best Gerbil Cages (Gerbilariums) Reviewed

    Skyline Small Pet Terrarium Marrakesh

    If you have the room to spare, it’s always best to go with a slightly larger gerbilarium, and 30 to 40 gallons of tank is always a great way to give a pair of gerbils plenty of room to explore!

    This Small Marrakesh Pet Terrarium is anything but dinky thanks to a 31-gallon capacity and uses a combination of high-quality wood and glass for a modern style that blends in with your home decor effortlessly.

    A practical Servo Lift lid on the enclosure makes access to the roof of your gerbils a simple task when it comes to feeding and cleaning, while aluminium mesh panels on the backside ensure plenty of ventilation.

    You could possibly house three gerbils inside here, but there won’t be much extra room and so we advise just using it as as a roomy mansion for a little digging duo!

    And with a 92cm length, there’s plenty of burrowing and digging to be done in this tip-top tank!


    • Servo Lift lid for easy access
    • Attractive wood & glass construction


    • Weight: N/A
    • Gallons: 31
    • Dimensions: L92.5 x W44 x H35 cm
    • Gerbil Capacity: 2-3

    Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

    The premium gerbilarium on the market, the Qute hamster and gerbil cage not only provides an innovative space to house your little pipsqueaks in, it also does it with a style and aesthetic that could rival most contemporary furniture pieces.

    Coming in either a white, walnut or birch style cabinet, the Qute compliments your home and yet still provides a high-quality, clear burrowing tray and wire mesh cage combo to securely house your gerbil pals!

    The burrowing tray sits below the wire cage top, and the two are separated by a solid, clear plastic flooring, with a raised grid surface design that provides grip without sacrificing comfort for your rodent’s ickle feet. A section of mesh either side also offers up plenty of ventilation and allows for bedding or debris to fall into the burrowing tray with ease.

    Your gerbils can move from bedding tray to top floor thanks to an innovative patented play tube named the Lift ‘n’ Twist. This piece of ingenious design uses a lift and twist to lock feature (hence the name) meaning you can cut off your gerbils access to their bedding area quickly and easily – making removing and cleaning the bedding tray a doddle!

    The living area also boasts one of the safest wire cages out there, with secure locks that prevent escape and even more crucially, protect them from any other household pets you may have!

    It’s practically paradise for your pet!


    • Patented playtube that allows ease of cleaning
    • White, walnut or birch style cabinet look
    • Water bottle, feeding bowl and wheel included


    • Weight: 23.2 Kg
    • Gallons: 25
    • Dimensions: H64 x L48 x W37 cm
    • Gerbil Capacity: 2

    Savic Lugano Gerbil Cage

    Savic is one of the finest and most respected brands when it comes to making hamster cages, and so it’s no surprise that their gerbilarium is of equal if not superior standing.

    A large, plexiglass basin provides a superb height and width to be filled with soft bedding that they can burrow into allowing your gerbils to dig, hide and build nests in.

    This is then topped with a secure wire mesh frame to place your included water bottle, feeding bowl and laddered platform, with the wire itself being an enticing structure for your gerbils to climb up and explore without risking their safety!

    A naturally stimulating environment that’s easy to assemble and clean, it’s the complete gerbil homing solution!


    • Water bottle, feeding bowl and playtube included
    • Durable plastic tank base


    • Weight: 12 Kg
    • Gallons: 29
    • Dimensions: H44 x W60 x D29cm
    • Gerbil Capacity: 2

    Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage

    Although it’s name of Savoy was probably suggested with tongue firmly in cheek, this gerbilarium from Little Friends still manages to bring all the class and luxury you’d want for your wee pet’s home.

    To help simulate your gerbil’s natural habitat, it first provides you with a deep, glass bedding structure, allowing for plenty of space for burrowing and hiding! Glass structures such as this are also completely chew proof, so there’s no need to worry about damage or a gerbil conducting an improbable escape!

    A sleek modern design, Little Friend’s model also has plenty going for it in the upper floor wire cage area, which supplies you with all the accessories you’ll need to keep your gerbils healthy and happy.

    Two shelves connected by ladders create a multi-floor system, perfect for helping gerbils explore their living space, while a cute, chic little house provides a practical but aesthetically fun area for nesting behaviours and sleeping.

    It’s easily one of the better-looking cages available and with a wheel and food bowls included, something tells us your gerbils will be hoping to make their stay at the Savoy a little more permanent should you give them a taste of it!


    • Includes house, wheel and bowl accessories
    • Deep, glass base for burrowing
    • Two shelves and two ladders forming a multi floor system


    • Weight:10 Kg
    • Gallons: 23
    • Dimensions: L58.5 x W38 x H47.5 cm
    • Gerbil Capacity: 2

    Rosewood Abode Gerbilarium

    Cleaning up your gerbilarium is one of your biggest responsibilities as an owner and so it’s important to have a small carrier or handy second home to temporarily place them in while you clean up!

    This abode from Rosewood is too small to be their permanent base, but if you need to take your little ones to the vet or need to give their main home a deep clean, it’s ideal!

    Stylish and escape-proof, it’s easy to assemble at a moments notice, as it is merely made up of two parts – the bedding base… and a lid! This also makes it a lot easier to clean once you’re finished with it.

    In terms of accessories, everything your gerbils need is held within the lid, and sit on top of your bedding-filled base.

    These include your essentials such as a drop-in water bottle on the roof and a metal dish for filling with food but there are also some pleasing contemporary design features too.

    Although this home provides a mammoth area for burrowing and exploring, remember, it is only for temporary use.

    Don’t place more than two gerbils in it at any time, and never for long periods.


    • Super easy assembly
    • Best temporary home
    • Great for trips to the vets!


    • Weight: 3.24 Kg
    • Gallons: 22
    • Dimensions: W39 x H55 x L47 cm
    • Gerbil Capacity: 2

    Diversa Guardian Glass Aquarium

    An aquarium… for a gerbil?

    While it might sound strange purchasing large glass terrariums or aquariums for your little diggers, these kind of structures are often the only enclosures big enough to safely and securely accommodate three or more gerbils.

    If you plan on being a gerbil daddy or mummy to a large brood (or want to add a few more furry faces to a well-established pair), you’ll want to think about creating your own DIY gerbilarium, as most purpose-built designs on the market are just unfortunately not big enough!

    This range of Diversa Aquariums is absolutely perfect, as they provide you with extremely large spaces with gallon sizes of 40 – 65! (200-300L).

    Bear in mind this can get expensive though with the particularly large aquariums, which you’ll then to have to construct your own lids for! Make sure any lid you add to an aquarium like this provides plenty of ventilation, as unlike purpose-made gerbilariums, there won’t be any ventilation panels!

    We recommend picking the 200L tank or higher for two or three gerbils, and the biggest 300L size can easily hold up to 5!

    If buying for a pair – please don’t purchase any lower than the 112L tank, as these models are far too small


    • Huge sizes for up to 5 gerbils!
    • Ideal for creating your own gerbilarium


    • Weight: N/A
    • Gallons: 24 (112L), 35 (160L), 40 (200L), 54 (250L), 65 (300L)
    • Dimensions: L120 x W50 x H50 cm (300L)
    • Gerbil Capacity: 2-5

    Falco Innovative Glass Terrarium Pet Cage

    Glass tank gerbilarium’s are undoubtedly one of the best options for your furry friends, as they provide unparalleled safety, comfort and space, while also giving you a great view of your gerbils!

    So for those who have the room to spare, this large Innovative Glass Terrarium from Falco is definitely a fantastic home for your little pets, as it’s humongous 75 x 45 x 62 cm size makes it the largest and most spacious gerbilarium on the market.

    Pleasingly, the majority of this space is taken up by the structure’s deep glass base, which is so large you might have trouble ever spotting your gerbils as they burrow and dig their way to China (presumably)! It’s large height also protects against substrate and bedding potentially being thrown out the gaps of the wire mesh cage topping, something which occurs frequently with shorter models.

    There’s also plenty here to keep your gerbils entertained. Made of birch and plywood, the cage provides you with various accessories, including two levelled platforms and two ramps to give your gerbils an area to climb and explore.

    For nesting purposes, there’s also an adorable red-roofed house for your gerbils to call home, which can be placed on top of the bedding area so they can hide and sleep inside.

    The wire cage topping is also easily detachable thanks to the clip-on chrome handles, meaning you can remove it and replace it without trouble whenever the time for cleaning comes around.

    All in all it’s a fail-safe purchase, because when it comes to gerbilariums, biggest is always best!


    • Large glass terrarium style base
    • Two levels, two ramps, and mini-house included
    • Mesh-sided cage topping


    • Weight: 19.2 Kg
    • Gallons: 46
    • Dimensions: L75 x W45 x H62 cm
    • Gerbil Capacity: 3-4

    Buying Guide

    How we chose the best gerbilariums

    As this gerbil cage will be where your gerbil spends their days (they live for 3-4 years), it needs to be of a luxurious size that does not feel claustrophobic or cramped, giving them room to explore and opportunities to engage. They may be small creatures, but they are active.

    Gerbils should live with other gerbils, at least in a pair. But, if a tank is too small, they could actually try to kill each other. Therefore, if you have a pair, you should look for a tank which is around 20-30 gallons (although many owners prefer to look for something up to 40 gallons as the best option).

    Gallons in the form of dimensions can differ, but seeing you need something tall, look for this as the main factor. We picked ones at least 50cm tall. However, just as with any other animal which lives in a tank or cage, you should get the absolutely largest size gerbilarium you can afford, ensuring they have more than enough room to get up to plenty of hijinx!

    These dimensions do not include the cage topper, which is an optional extra but recommended.

    The enclosure needs to be deep to allow lots of space for bedding – ideally, you want to fill up the base of your enclosure with five to six inches of bedding! So, don’t think that a larger tank in width and depth which then limits height is better.


    Gerbils need to be able to breathe. Wire cage toppings should provide plenty of ventilation, but if your enclosure doesn’t have one, ensure there are sufficient breathing holes which will let in plenty of fresh air yet not allow your pet to escape or gnaw to make the holes larger.

    Don’t give too much ventilation, however – they don’t like it if it is too draughty.


    It’s going to be much easier for you if you buy a cage which already has items such as a wheel, platforms, ladders and more crucially a water bottle and food bowls included! However, all of these are available to buy separately too.

    In fact, check that anything which comes with your cage is of the best quality – you may want to invest in more substantial items once your gerbil has settled in.

    Cage Structure With Large Base

    When shopping for a gerbil cage, you’re likely to come across many hamster and rat cages that are also advertised as being for gerbils. However, gerbils need a very specific type of environment, with a cage base that can be filled with bedding up to six inches in height!

    Most hamster cages can’t provide anything even remotely near that and are just too small in general.

    Therefore, you need to prioritise your search for large glass basin structures with an optional cage topping, as opposed to wire cages with attachable plastic tray bottoms!


    Naturally, an incredibly important but often overlooked feature of gerbilariums is what safety features they have. They should have a secure lock, which will prevent your gerbil from escaping. If you have a secure lock, it won’t only prevent escapes, but should also give you a bit of leeway just in case it hasn’t fastened properly.

    You also want to make sure that any cage stopping can be fixed securely to the basin, and that it is not small enough to fall inside of the basin, where it could harm your pets.

    Strong Material

    As previously mentioned, glass is perfect because it is stronger than plastic which they could gnaw through. Wood is possible even though this can be chewed, but buying a dedicated small animal tank should be enough to safeguard that the wood will be safe for this potential activity.

    It should be strong wood, which will not splinter if chewed. At the end of the day, they can’t be prevented from having a little nibble if they wish! Wire cage toppers are common, but ensure that the wires are safe and your gerbil couldn’t get their legs trapped if they decide to use it as a ladder.

    Always check the tank daily for wear or chew holes. If you are concerned, a new tank will put your mind at rest.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Although gerbils aren’t too messy compared to other rodents, they still can’t clean up after themselves and so ideally you want a cage that makes things easy for you to clean. Removing the base should be an easy short-step procedure, and the cage itself should also have quick access doors so you can remove your gerbil or any accessories you want to clean without much hassle.

    Nesting Area

    Just like us, gerbils need their own room to retire too after a long hard day! Nesting areas provide them with somewhere to rest, sleep and also hide in whenever they feel threatened or scared.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How big should my gerbil cage be?

    For a pair of gerbils, at a minimum, you should be providing a 70cm long x 35cm wide. Gerbilarums should also be at least 50cm tall

    This, therefore, means you always need to check the dimensions of a cage before you purchase to ensure there is sufficient room required for them to be healthy and happy.

    If you plan on having more than two gerbils, the rule of thumb is that you need an extra 10 gallons of space for each gerbil (although again, the biggest possible is best).

    Can gerbils live in a cage for hamsters, rats etc?

    The answer to this question can sometimes be yes, but only if the cage in question provides a gerbil with the kind of habitat and size it needs to thrive.

    As gerbils need space and height in their cages to provide digging opportunities, they tend to have large base trays attached to their homes. Hamsters and rats require much less extensive burrowing room, as they do not dig and create tunnels in the wild like gerbils.

    More often than not, a hamster or rat cage provides only a very small tray which can only be filled with a small amount of bedding or litter.

    So, most will be too small. Don’t look at the animal that the tank is advertised as being safe for – always look at the dimensions.

    How much should a gerbilarium cost?

    As gerbilariums need to be strong, large and secure, they can get expensive. However, it is where your gerbils will spend their time so has to be a cost factored in before you adopt a gerbil.

    In general, they range between £50 and £100, with anything over that probably giving you larger sizes and better quality accessories. Paying up to £150 is normal for anyone who wants to give their gerbil the absolute best life.