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Best Dog Water Bottles for 2021

Taking a fresh supply of water on a walk with your dog is a must, especially if you’re going to be gone for a few hours.

Water supplies such as rivers and lakes can’t always be trusted to be fresh and reliable, which is no good if you are in the middle of nowhere. Dedicated dog water bottles are a fabulous idea, as they often incorporate a bowl without taking up any more space.

This also means you don’t have to take a travel bowl with you, attempt to squirt the water into their mouth or use your palm as a makeshift bowl.

Read on to see which pet travel water bottles we really rate.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    BePetMia Travel Water Bottle
    • Made from food-grade silicone
    • Buckle for easy carrying
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    Upsky Dog Water Bottle
    • Button operation to pour
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    lesotc Dog Water Bottle
    • Can squeeze every drop of water out
    • Wrist strap
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    Top 10 Best Water Bottles For Dogs Reviewed

    BePetMia Travel Water Bottle

    Like many travel water bottles, the BePetMia water bottle has a classic leaf-shaped design that will allow your dog to drink with ease. It’s made from food-grade silicone and non-toxic ABS material to keep your pup safe and is easy to carry, thanks to its hook-like design.

    The bottle also benefits from a fluorescent rope, so if you enjoy night walking, this bottle will give you extra visibility and allows you to find it with ease if you pop it down on the floor.

    You can place it on top of any universally compatible bottle (diameter of 30 mm and 38 mm), and thanks to its twin screw design, it’s leakproof as well.


    • Made from food-grade silicone
    • Buckle for easy carrying


    • Capacity: 20oz
    • Colour: Blue, Orange, Grey, Green

    Upsky Dog Water Bottle

    Slim for easier portability, this water bottle is one of the easiest to use. The one-handed operation will ensure you can keep a safe grip of your dog’s lead while still giving them a constant supply of water.

    It is one-handed as it uses a button operation to help fill the bowl with the water, so there is no squeezing needed. Just release the button to stop the water and close the opening off. Water which isn’t drunk can be tipped back up into the bottle so none is wasted.

    The whole unit is easy to dismantle and thoroughly clean which should stop the growth of bacteria and germs from old water and moisture. A little key slider will turn the button function on or off, so you won’t suffer a wet bag after a few hours of walking.

    A sling rope at the top can make it easier to carry around your wrist. Overall, the capacity is perhaps a little low for larger dogs but it is easy to refill.


    • Button operation to pour


    • Capacity: 14oz
    • Colour: Blue

    VIVAGLORY Leakproof Dog Water Bottle

    Taking a water bottle on a walk with your dog is a good idea, but do you ever struggle knowing how to carry it? You need your hands free, but you aren’t taking a rucksack or coat, so what is the answer?

    This bottle comes with a dedicated carrier, which snugly fits the bottle inside. The strap is wide for comfort and adjustable, and the material of the bag is neoprene so it stretches. This makes it easier to get the bottle in and out of the bag but keeps it snug and secure at the same time.

    You can get various colours and because it is stainless steel, it will hold water all day.


    • Complete with carrier
    • Food grade stainless steel
    • Hands free walking - great for hikes or runs


    • Capacity: 750ml
    • Colour: Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink

    Nobby Travelling Water Bottle

    A practical companion for any dog who needs a regular refreshing drink but will not entertain the thought of drinking out of a public bowl.

    It is one of the largest options, able to hold over 25oz of water (but there is also a smaller model available). Just flip the bottle over, and you have the large bowl to pour the water into. The bottle can also be fully removed to pour if you prefer.

    Because the bowl and bottle can be separated, it could make for a good travel bowl option for any dogs who like to drink from a bowl on the floor, or perhaps if you are stopping off somewhere to have something to eat for an hour or so.

    Our only gripe is that it has to be squeezed quite forcefully to dispel the water – good for preventing leaks, but not so good for your poor wrists if it is going to be used regularly.


    • Solid bowl
    • Bottle can be removed


    • Capacity: 750ml
    • Colour: Purple

    lesotc Dog Water Bottle

    Now for something a little different. An exclusive patented design, this is a bottle and bowl in one.

    The fold cap acts as a water bowl, just press the bottle and the water will flow into the bowl. Once done, the bowl can collapse back down to act as a lid and ensure that there are no leaks and spills.

    This also prevents the remaining water from becoming polluted. A built-in water pipe will ensure that even the smallest bit of water left in the bottle is still used, which is great for those really hot days when every drop counts.

    It has a surprisingly large capacity, and is available in blue and pink.


    • Can squeeze every drop of water out
    • Wrist strap


    • Capacity: 520ml
    • Colour: Blue/Pink

    H2O4K9 Dog Travel Water Bottle

    A leak-proof stainless steel bottle with a water seal in the lid, so it is not only durable but won’t leak water all over your bag either.

    It is still lightweight, and the bowl function is great for any dogs who struggle to drink from other bottle forms. The lids are available in a variety of colours, and simply twist off which makes it easy if you are without help.

    It will fit standard cup car holders, as well as those of bikes and prams, and there are no complex parts which can break or rust. The whole thing is recyclable too, so even though it should last several years, you know that it won’t do the planet any harm when it comes to the end of its life.



    • Separate bowl
    • Colour choice for lid
    • Stainless steel is strong


    • Capacity: 270ml
    • Colour: Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow

    RAC Travel Water Bottle

    RAC has a host of travel-friendly bits and bobs for your pets from crates to leads, and this bottle lives up to their high-quality reputation.

    It is actually one of the cheapest on our list, so great if you don’t want to spend too much and just require something simple. Just flip the bottle over and pour straight into the bowl which usually sits at the side when not in use.

    There is an optional storage clip on the top, so you can fasten it to a bag or even your dogs harness if they love to carry things. It is made from plastic so easy to clean, and lightweight too.


    • Lightweight


    • Capacity: 500ml
    • Colour: Orange

    MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

    Press the water key, and any water which wasn’t drunk by your pooch can simply go back into the bottle rather than being wasted. This is just one of the ways in which this bottle could make your walks much easier.

    It is leak-proof and made from high-quality food-grade material. The compact size means it can easily slot into your bag, and you can use it with one hand which is great if you need to grip on to their lead.


    • Smaller size
    • No water wasted


    • Capacity: 350ml
    • Colour: Blue, Pink

    Buying Guide


    Most bottles will hold enough to last a day or at least one walk which lasts a few hours. But it does all depend on how far you’re going, how hot it is and how much your dog usually drinks. A dog should be drinking 50ml of water per kg of body weight, so a 10kg dog should drink half a litre per day.

    Most bottles will hold around this amount but do remember that with the increase of exercise and body heat, they may well want most of their intake during their walk so larger dogs could need a refill.

    It could be good to take some spare water with you in a rucksack or in the car just in case or ask for it to be filled up to the top if you are near somewhere which can.


    They often come in three forms:

    • A silicone/rubber ‘leaf’ bowl which hugs the bottle and can fold out
    • A plastic bowl which the bottle sits inside and can be set flat on the floor
    • An entirely removable bowl section which is good for messy drinkers or larger dogs

    Your dog may prefer one over the other, so try another design if they don’t seem to be drawn to their current option. Always test the bottle before you set off so they can get used to it and know what to do.

    Carrying Your Bottle

    The majority of dog bottles are the standard bottle shape so can be fit into a car compartment, on a bike bottle ring or in a rucksack bottle pocket.

    You may wish to purchase a model with a clip which can be hooked onto the outside of your bag, onto a belt or even your dog’s harness. This could give easier access, especially if they frequently want a drink or if the inside of your bag is otherwise full.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Are Dog Water Bottles Easy To Clean?

    Usually yes. They will be made from materials such as plastic or steel which wash well, and can often be fully taken apart to get into every crease and crack.

    It is important to do this after every use, as a moisture build-up could mean your bottle becomes mouldy. You should also fully sanitise the bottle every two weeks or so.

    Can I Just Use A Normal Bowl?

    Collapsible bowls are widely available, easy to carry and maybe a better solution for your dog, especially if they are larger.

    Unless you are going away for a long time or even overnight, however, a single 2-in-1 bottle and bowl is much easier than carrying a water bottle and the bowl separately, and will also involve less wasted water if they suddenly decide they’ve drunk quite enough after just begging you to refill the bowl, thank you.

    Does My Dog Really Need A Bowl?

    Some may not if they are used to catching the water as you squirt it out of the bottle like a hose. But for many, having a bowl is easier and will mean they can drink as much as they need at any one time. Having to catch the water could mean they aren’t drinking enough.

    Plus, a bowl is much cleaner than drinking it off the floor, and much nicer for you compared to having them drink out of your hand.