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Best Hamster Cages for 2022

Hamsters are one of the most popular small pets in the world. But they are also notorious escape artists, so getting a secure cage where they can comfortably spend their time is essential.

A hamster cage is their main habitat, and finding the perfect one won’t only make their life much more pleasant but will also ensure you can clean and look after it properly.

Based on all of the above points, here are some of the best hamster and small animal cages available to buy online.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Savic Hamster Heaven Cage
    • Fun and colourful design
    • Large enough for multiple hamsters
    • Entertaining tunnels, platforms and slides
    • Includes houses, an exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls and drinking bottle
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    Little Friends Plaza Hamster Cage
    • Three-storied home
    • Small house, wheel and platforms with ladder
    • Feeding bowls included
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    Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories
    • 2 platforms
    • Accessories included
    • Simply assembly
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    The Top Hamster and Rodent Cages Reviewed

    Savic Hamster Heaven Cage

    A hamster’s home should always be as entertaining as it is comfortable, but no other cage manages to do this quite as brilliantly as the Hamster Heaven home from Savic.

    If you want to give your hairy angel a little slice of paradise, this humongous hamster house boasts a bizarre, funky design that even owners would want to try out! Although a basic and quick to put together tray and metal frame design, it’s the many accessories which help to make this the best hamster cage on the market.

    Two attachable mezzanines provide the perfect play areas while two delightful little igloos offer great places to hide or take a quick snooze. An exercise wheel and slide mean there’s also plenty of activity and a charming little caged balcony area allows your hamster to safely pop up out of their cage and say hello!

    However, this cage’s best feature is without a doubt is its remarkable transparent tunnel which feeds in and out of the cage, offering owners a great spectacle and hamsters a hilarious new passageway.

    Because a hamster cage should be just as fun for its owner as the hamster!


    • Fun and colourful design
    • Large enough for multiple hamsters
    • Entertaining tunnels, platforms and slides
    • Includes houses, an exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls and drinking bottle


    • Weight: 5.52kg
    • Dimensions: 80 x 50.8 x 50.8 cm

    Little Friends Plaza Hamster Cage

    Little Friends is one of the most reputable brands for pet care, and so there Little Plaza cage unsurprisingly boasts some fantastic features to help your hamster make themselves at home.

    A large and comfortable cage, the habitat is constructed of a large plastic bottom with a secure and solid wire mesh top, which can be easily opened for petting and cleaning access!

    The simple and sleek environment is spread across three platforms/floors with connecting wooden ramps and features a whole host of items to support your hamster’s wellbeing. Feeding bowls ensure your furry friend is never without food, and a super cute resting house and wheel provides plenty of rest and play.

    It’s a certified hamster mansion!


    • Three-storied home
    • Small house, wheel and platforms with ladder
    • Feeding bowls included


    • Weight: 9.88 kg
    • Dimensions: 78cm x 48cm x 80cm

    Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

    The bigger your hamster, the bigger the home you need to buy.

    So for the living-it-large pet in your life, look no further than this dream mansion from Amazon Basics, which is bound to satisfy the ones on the heavier side of life.

    Featuring an iron wire upper frame and a PP plastic base, this cage is made with durability in mind and provides a wide surface area for your little buddy to burrow into and hide!

    Above this area is a balcony that creates an ideal hiding place underneath as well as a handy spot for a food bowl, drinking bottle, hamster house or wheel. This balcony is also ideal for creating a springboard to another level should you wish to insert a hammock etc.

    Since your hamster needs easy access to its food and water, the balcony has an access ramp as well as a non-tip food bowl that fits securely on the balcony floor.

    Other accessories include a non-drip water bottle and a hay guard—both conveniently attach to the outside of the cage to avoid crowding inside and for easy access when cleaning or refilling.


    • 2 platforms
    • Accessories included
    • Simply assembly


    • Weight: 7 kg
    • Dimensions: 107 x 48.7 x 61.5 cm

    Habitrail OVO Hamster Home

    Quite possibly the coolest looking hamster cage on the planet, the OVO Habitrail hamster home looks more like an alien spaceship than a rodent’s house!

    Made from 100% plastic, it is a quick to assemble, three-part abode. A main helmet-style orb forms the main living room, while two side attachments create a wheel-based workout room on one side and a bedroom with a water bottle on the other.

    The helmet’s innovative sliding doors make petting and interacting with your pet a simple process and also allow you to get in and quickly clean the area. But don’t worry about this dynamic being less secure, as the Habitrail’s front and back locks ensure the home is completely escape-proof.

    And best of all, it’s rounded plastic walls prevent your hamster from constantly gnawing on bars like they would on a normal cage!


    • 100%, easy to assemble plastic
    • Space station aesthetic with sliding doors
    • 3 rooms with an exercise wheel and water bottle
    • Air-vented for circulation


    • Weight: 499 g
    • Dimensions: 27.9 x 55.9 x 25.4 cm

    Little Friends Grosvenor Hamster Cage

    Syrian hamsters are larger than life characters, which is probably why they can grow up to an alarming 18cm in size. Unfortunately, this means finding a cage of adequate space can be difficult, as they are often only slightly smaller than a guinea pig.

    However, this Grosvenor Hamster Cage from Little Friends is the perfect solution to the problem, offering you a spacious and quality cage without it taking up your whole house!

    A low-metal frame ceiling over a plastic tray makes it a fantastic space-saving design and it’s easily collapsible structure makes it super storable should you ever need to hide it away.
    But despite its low height, the wide base still offers more than enough room for a Syrian breed hamster, as well as all their accessories.

    With an exercise wheel, a hideaway home and bowl all included, your pet has everything they need to move in straight away!


    • Ideal size for Syrian breeds
    • Collapsible for storage and low roof to save room
    • Wooden platform and ladder
    • Wheel, house and bowl included


    • Weight: 5.16 Kg
    • Dimensions: 77 x 47 x 36 cm

    Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Cage

    Everyone knows that the dwarf breed is the dinkiest and most delightful hamster available, but unfortunately, this can cause unforeseen problems when purchasing a cage.

    A great plus of owning a hamster is that you get to ogle at its adorable behaviour, but that can be hard to do if you accidentally buy a 5cm hamster a 5-tiered mega-mansion filled with bedding.

    So to help create a more suitable dwelling place for our little friends, pet care company Rosewood has fashioned this small but stylish ickle hamster abode, specifically designed for the dwarf breed.

    Featuring a simple but stylish escape-proof roof, this hamster home includes a den for your pal to snooze in as well as two mezzanine areas for them to get up to all sorts of mischief. A drop-in bottle, wheel and dish mean you also have everything you need to make their little house a home.

    It’s also super easy to assemble and takes up next to no room, making it the perfect option for those without the room for a standard cage!


    • Two mezzanines and hamster den
    • Designed specifically for dwarf hamsters!
    • Escape proof roof
    • Drop-in bottle, wheel and dish


    • Weight: 2.45kg
    • Dimensions: 39 x 55 x 26.5 cm

    iMac Fantasy Hamster Cage

    If you’re buying a home for your child’s pet hamster, a boring old metal cage is never going to cut it…

    So please enter the iMac Fantasy hamster home, quite possibly the most creative and colourful cage on the market!

    Brilliant at engaging both children and hamsters, the iMac features a simple clip-on plastic lid, which creates both easy petting access for your kids and a funky conservatory for your hamster to chill out in! This lid also features a small compartment for your wee hammy to set up their personal bedroom as well as plenty of air holes for ventilation. And that’s just the first floor!

    A vibrant pink and green tunnel connects this conservatory to the main living room – a lower tray that you can pile high with the substrate for your hamster to have fun in. It’s also here where the cage’s exercise wheel is stored as well as any other accessories and toys you want to add!

    Because owning a hamster is meant to be this fun!


    • Bright and colourful design for children
    • Stylish plastic roof, easily removed for petting
    • Tunnel, wheel and roof compartment for bedding


    • Weight: 3.68kg
    • Dimensions: 38 x 58 x 38.5 cm

    Ferplast FSC Wooden HAMSTERVILLE Cage

    Sometimes a standard cage is just not enough for your little hairy bundle of joy. So if you’ve got the cash to splash out on a premium hamster habitat, then this Hamsterville home from Ferplast is a fantastic choice.

    I mean, how can you ignore a cage called Hamsterville!

    A delightful town of a hamster cage constructed of FSC quality wood only, this is the most eco-friendly cage on the market and features a wide construction to give hamsters plenty of roaming room. Featuring a funky multi-level structure, it manages to fit a fantastic trio of platforms for hammy’s to explore, all linked by wooden ramps.

    Each platform is a liquid resistant wood to make them easy to maintain and the base of the cage is a standard plastic base, for fast litter changes!

    And it wouldn’t be Hamsterville without a house would it?

    Well, thankfully, this cage features a wooden house, wheel for exercise, water bottle and feeding bowl!


    • Intricate trio of platforms
    • Wooden house, wheel & feeding implements included!
    • FSC eco-friendly wood


    • Weight: 2.85kg
    • Dimensions: 60 x 34 x 49 cm

    Ferplast Favola Small Rodents and Hamsters Cage

    The Ferplast Favola is all about wide space living, offering a unique double floor structure that allows hamsters to thrive in all their main everyday activities.

    The upper floor is their main living area and is ideal for placing sleeping and eating implements. Then, via a useful ladder, they can then enter their lower floor fun room, with a built-in exercise wheel! This plastic base is also ideal for stuffing with burrowing and nesting materials, meaning they’ll love diving into their pool of substrate.

    The transparent base provides great visuals while the upper mesh structure is sturdy and secure, with narrow bars which are great for climbing up!

    Best of all though, the Favola is a modular home, meaning it is designed for other Ferplast hamster habitats to be attached.

    In theory, this home can become as large and intricate as you want, so if you have blueprints for a hamster theme park – this is the cage for you!


    • Plastic base & wire upper floor cage
    • Provides great ventilation & burrowing
    • Tons of accessories included!


    • Weight: 2.85kg
    • Dimensions: 60 x 36.5 x 30

    Savic Gerbilarium Gerbil and Syrian Hamster Cage

    While it may be suitable for gerbils as well, the Savic Gernilarium also makes for the perfect Syrian hamster home thanks to its deep base for burrowing – a hamsters favourite pass time. It’s made from durable plastic and features a dual wire roof to ensure your little buddy stays safe.

    The cage features multiple levels, ladders, and even a play tunnel for an added sense of adventure to stimulate their curiosity.


    • Great reviews
    • Includes feeding bowl and water-bottle


    • Weight: 5.8 kg
    • Dimensions: 70 x 37 x 56 cm

    Buying Guide

    Types of Hamster Cage


    The most standard type of hamster cage, these often come in the form of a plastic tray base to place bedding and items which can then be secured with a clip-on metal cage frame. Due to how easy they are to take apart, they are by far the easiest to clean and provide the best ventilation. The negative points to a wire-topped cage are that hamsters have a tendency to gnaw on the bars and the spaces between offer plenty of opportunities for bedding and mess to be pushed out of the cage.


    Plastic tanks are great fun and often provide the most entertainment in terms of design and accessories. Thanks to their solid plastic material, you can fill them to your heart’s content with bedding, offering a luscious burrow for your pet and the lack of a wire top ensures no more gnawing. However, air-circulation is naturally not as great in plastic tanks and so it’s best to purchase one which advertises plenty of holes and points of ventilation. And while design-wise their intricate tunnels may be a lot of fun, they also make the cage a lot tougher to clean.

    Glass terrarium

    Glass tanks are probably the most secure home for your hamster as they are incredibly deep and often only have one point of entrance from the roof. They offer great visibility for your pet and it makes owning a hamster far more of an exciting spectacle for yourself and guests. However, they are often very large and heavy, making them not very portable, and easy for smaller hamsters to hide in!

    Choosing a Hamster Cage

    Although hamster cages might all seem the same, subtle differences can have a huge impact on your pet’s experience, so you need to keep your eye on several features before making a purchase.

    Hamster Size & Cage Size

    When shopping for hamster cages, you’ll notice that they come in many different sizes so it’s critical that you pick one that provides adequate room for your hamster. If it’s a larger breed this is especially important, as they’ll need sufficient living space to live a healthy, happy life.

    Hamsters are a highly active animal and they need ample space to climb and play, as well as toys and accessories to keep them entertained, which obviously requires a fair bit of room!

    As the largest breed of hamster, it’s recommended that Syrians are offered a cage with a minimum base of 960 square cm and a 44cm vertical height. Conversely, smaller breeds such as the dwarf require just a 770 square cm base with a 17cm height.


    The most popular materials for hamster cages are plastic tanks or wire-tops. If purchasing a wire-top, make sure this is merely a metal frame with a plastic bottom, as a fully metal cage is considered harmful to a rodents feet.

    You should also examine the width between the bars as any bigger than half a centimetre, and flexible hamsters may be able to squeeze their way through. Plastic and glass homes provide more security but are often harder to clean and require more accessories.


    Hamster’s love to burrow and use substrate to create nests. Therefore it’s vital that you buy a cage which can provide plenty of depth for them to hide and bury themselves in. At a minimum try, and ensure you have filled the base of the cage up with at least 2 inches of bedding. Remember that bedding can easily be pushed through wire-tops, so if choosing a metal frame, make sure it has a deep dish base!


    Naturally, one of the most important things when picking a hamster cage is making sure it’s safe and secure. The whole point of a cage is to stop your pet escaping and finding itself lost in the house with no food or water. Hamsters are surprisingly flexible and brilliant chewers so sometimes a plastic tank or glass structure are best for ensuring they don’t conduct a great escape.


    Just like any animal, hamsters need good access to air and oxygen to survive! Wire meshes obviously offer the best air circulation, but be careful if you choose a plastic or glass habitat. Make sure that glass or plastic structures contain ventilation features such as small air holes or panels before you purchase. However, even these features may not provide truly efficient airflow.

    Features and Accessories

    Buying a hamster cage is expensive, so the worst thing you can do is purchase a cage that contains absolutely no accessories – because then you’ll just have to spend more!
    Hamsters require a lot of exercise, so an included hamster wheel is often a good thing to look out for. Closed off bedding areas and platforms to climb and explore are also good attributes as well as basic equipment like a water bottle or food dish.


    The bit that no one considers when buying a pet is how much cleaning they’re going to have to do. If you have a fantastically fun cage full of tunnels, platforms and accessories, it’s going to be an absolute nightmare to clean up. Therefore you have to choose what you’re willing to sacrifice.

    Do you want a boring habitat with minimal fuss or a funhouse that needs a lot of careful care and attention?

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much are hamster cages?

    A hamster cage itself could cost you anywhere between £10 and £200, so it really is up to you how much you spend.

    However, you then need to consider the fundamental extras you must purchase to promote the wellbeing of your furry friend. If your hamster cage does not feature any of these items within it, you’ll need to buy a water bottle, a wheel and a food bowl which should cost you a minimum of £10 for all three. But if you want high-quality pieces, expect to pay much more.

    If you’re looking to save a few pounds, consider creating your own DIY hamster cage! Spare, large plastic containers around your house can make fantastic hamster cages once given some ventilation and filled with bedding and accessories!

    How to set up a hamster cage?

    In their cage, a hamster must have:

    • Bedding material – for sleeping in
    • Even more bedding material/ substrate! – Hamster love to burrow, and so to encourage this behaviour you need at least a 2-inch deep layer of substrate
    • A wheel – Hamsters run up to 6 miles a night in the wild, so ensuring they have an accessory to burn off steam and fulfil their biological needs is important
    • Food and Drink – Naturally, hamsters need food and drink to survive, so setting up a water bottle and regularly filling up a food bowl is vital!

    Which cage is best for Syrian?

    Syrian hamsters need slightly larger cages that can provide them with the sufficient room they need to thrive. We have picked out the best for yours above.

    Should I cover my hamster cage at night?

    It’s a common myth that putting a blanket over your hamster cage in the evening will make them go to sleep. Hamsters are nocturnal and so darkness does not encourage them to go to bed! You may also wake up with several holes in your blanket if your hamster is able to get its teeth at it through the bars!