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The Best Advent Calendars for Dogs

Christmas Advent Calendars have become so much more than just cheap chocolate. But it shouldn’t just be humans who get in on the act. Your dog needs to have a window to open on the lead up to the big day, too.

So, when you’re opening your chocolate, beauty, coffee or cheese advent calendar every morning, remember you also have one or two more windows to open as well.

Below are the best advent calendars for dogs on the market at the moment, whether you’re after something handmade which can be used year after year, or which contains a treat they are going to adore.

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    We all want our dog to have the odd treat, but it is important they’re healthy and nutritious. The Pooch & Mutt Dog Advent Calendar has two tasty treats behind every door, in turkey and cranberry flavour just to add to the festive feeling.

    The added collagen contributes towards a healthy skin and coat and there’s probiotics for healthy digestion. There’s nothing artificial in there, and no grain, cereal, gluten, beef, soy, dairy and non-GM produce. Perfect for dogs who need hypoallergenic foods.

    For each calendar sold, Pooch & Mutt also donate a Christmas dinner to the dogs at Woodgreen Pets Charity! How amazing is that.


    Use code PETZXMAS for 25% off the Christmas Range at Pooch & Mutt

    With natural oven-baked treats for any dogs aged 4 months and over, this calendar is perfect for anyone who is a bit wary of the quality of human advent calendars and wants to be extra careful.

    It features their bedtime biscuits, training treats and Rise and Shines, three of the best selling products in the Lily’s Kitchen range. There is a full breakdown of all of the ingredients involved, and the ingredients are all of the best quality.

    Grain free and full of variety, these are a great choice if your dog gets bored eating the same thing every day but you need something perfect for sensitive stomachs.

    All of the treats have functional benefits, so some are calming, some will help their teeth stay in top condition and others are simply super tasty. Made from quality ingredients, every treat is secured well in the calendar, so you won’t have to rattle and shake the box to find any that have dropped.

    Good Boy is a brand known for their quality on a budget, and this advent calendar is cheap but cheerful.

    Perfect if you want to give your dog a treat but feel that spending any more is a little ridiculous. It is dog-friendly chocolate inside, which is good if they know that it is chocolate in yours too and they will settle for no less than having what you’re having.

    All of these treats are made from carob, packed with vitamins B and B2 and then sprinkled with hearty oats, before being baked with extra crunch for healthy teeth and gums.

    You can personalise it with their name, and the bone shape will ensure that you (and they) know it is theirs. The carob means it is something a bit different to the usual biscuits or training treats included, too.

    This box will only see them through the 12 days of Christmas as opposed to the 24/25 which other advent calendars offer, but with good reason – what you get blows ordinary treats out of the water.

    You get 12 numbered doggy gifts, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. There are treats and a super fun rope dog toy. The treats are a cod wreath, 2x Christmas bites, 2 x Fish fingers and 3 x Mr Fisher’s, which beats tiny bite-sized training treats any day of the week.


    Fussy about the biscuits included in advent calendars, gift boxes and other selection boxes? This wreath includes Bonios, so you can’t go wrong and any dog will love them. Or, why not pick Denta Stix if that is more their cup of tea?

    It is a great advent calendar for anyone who doesn’t want waste cardboard and plastic and looks perfectly festive so you can hang it up on the mantelpiece. It can also be used year after year by just adding your own bones, so is a good investment, and it is personalised with their name.

    24 numbered felt windows and the option to personalise with a name up to 12 characters, this is a great ‘forever’ advent calendar which can be used year after year, just like the stockings for the kids.

    You use your own treats in this one, which is perfect if your dog suffers from a sensitive tummy or you just want to control what they eat. It can be hung up on display, and will look lovely with everything else.

    Your dog can’t be left out when it comes to opening up the daily advent window. This calendar is beautiful enough to have on display, even when all of the treats have gone!

    It can be refilled every year, and all of the numbers are scattered about so you can hunt for today’s bone. The baked biscuits have natural ingredients and are the closest thing to a dog-safe chocolate biscuit, and next year you can then choose to put your own treats in there.

    Personalisation comes in the form of a white ceramic bone which hangs from the calendar, and which can then be used as a Christmas tree decoration.

    These are natural treats, made from 100% pure chicken hearts and duck necks, pure lamb lung and beef liver or pure salmon fillet. The kids definitely won’t want to get theirs mixed up…

    But, it is a recipe dogs will love. They are freeze-dried, retaining all their great flavour and vital nutrients. Great as a reward or daily treat, and perfect for wolf dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Huskies, and Malamutes.