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Best Cat Beds for 2022

A cat sleeps on average sixteen hours per day, so if anybody in your home needs the perfect bed, it is definitely your feline friend. Cat beds can be a great way to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in your home.

It offers them a dedicated space, often nice and compact so they can get cosy and warm and be by themselves if they need to escape a busy home.

But of course, some cats may prefer to stretch out in the open and be able to see everything going on around them. One may like warmth (in which case you should also consider a cat radiator bed). Another prefers to be a bit cooler. Cats can even be fussy about materials and smells.

The best cat bed for your pet will depend on their sleeping habits and personality. So, it could be a case of trial and error. But there are a few things to definitely look out for.

Ensure your chosen bed has no small parts that your cat could chew or choke on. Exposed zips, buttons and decorative items should be avoided. Try to opt for something that can be cleaned as cats like cleanliness and well-groomed comfort. If the cover can be removed and machine washed, it got bonus points from us.

Below, we have included the best open beds, enclosed beds, fun beds and beds suitable for cats who are well and truly spoilt. All have been tested against strict guidance, and what you need the most as the buyer.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    House of Paws Hooded Arctic Cat Bed Cave
    • Washable
    • Faux fur lining
    Check Price
    Petkit Smart Cozy Pet House Bed
    • Temperature monitoring
    • App connectivity
    Check Price
    Fazeley Tepee Cat Tent
    • Thick cushioning
    • Great reviews
    Check Price

    The Top Cat Beds Reviewed

    House of Paws Hooded Arctic Cat Bed Cave

    A nice warm, cosy bed for any cats out there who seem to be attracted to the heat and are fussy about having their own place to rest their head.

    It is really well made, so if you are looking to spend that bit more now and have something which will last, it is ideal. There is still enough room for your kitty to look out and see what is going on despite it being a hooded cave design, and it’s since its both neutral and stylish, it will fit into any home with ease.


    • Washable
    • Faux fur lining


    • Dimensions: 35 x 39 x 37cm
    • Colour: Brown
    • Material: Polyester

    Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed

    When your kitty wants something in which they can hide away, but the idea of a roof over their head is a bit too much for them, an enclosed bed is ideal.

    It is made from thermal sherpa fleece, which is self-warming and will keep them snug in the cold. A removable inner cushion means it is easy to wash, so you can stay on top of this and provide a clean environment.

    Covered with the Danish Design famous paw print pattern, it is also stylish in case you’re concerned about your living room as well as their comfort.


    • Easy clean
    • Nice high sides


    • Dimensions: 42cmø
    • Colour: Light Brown
    • Material: Fleece

    Petkit Smart Cozy Pet House Bed

    You’re thinking “Why on earth would I need a smart cat bed?” aren’t you? Well, hear us out.

    There are infrared sensors so you can monitor when your cat leaves and enters the bed, and therefore gives you a time spent in the bed total.

    This is good for anyone worried that their cat is spending too much time asleep which could be a sign of illness, or indeed not enough time in bed which could be a sign that they’re uncomfortable with its positioning or they’re feeling threatened.

    A sleeping calendar is made, so you can identify how and when your furbaby likes to sleep. Say they always enter their abode at 7.32 pm for a rest – you will know to clear the room and leave them in peace in preparation.

    Then there is the temperature monitoring, which gives you the choice of seven different heats. From warm to cool, you can change the temperature in winter and summer so they are comfortable, or even adjust depending on the breed (Ragdolls will need less heat than a Sphynx, for example).

    All this, without even the slightest noise of a fan or heater. Most other heated beds are self-heating, but you can plan ahead with this one and set it just right, making it by far the best heated cat bed around (even if you have t spend that bit more).


    • Temperature monitoring
    • App connectivity


    • Dimensions: 38 x 43 x 42.3cm
    • Colour: White
    • Material: Plush, Plastic

    Tonka Novelty Cat House

    If you don’t want to compromise between style and your cat’s comfort, then this Tonka Cat House is the best of both worlds with its sleek woven design yet cosy cushioned den. It’s completely adorable with its added cat ears, and since it’s padded and enclosed, your cat will love being in it as well.

    This cat bed is also a complete vibe with an earthy boho style and will add a chic style to your home, especially with a few cat-friendly plants around.


    • Unique design
    • Thick cushion that's machine washable


    • Dimensions: 38 x 42 x 38 cm
    • Colour: Neutral or Black
    • Material: Water hyacinth and polyester

    Legendog Cat Bed

    It isn’t hard to see why a marshmallow bed is called a marshmallow bed, but this fluffy round slumber pad is perfect for any cats who just love luxury.

    Available in several colours, including pink – just in case you or they have a preference – it is great for keeping them warm and comfortable. The material is skin and fur-friendly, so won’t irritate them.

    With an anti-slip mat at the base, it won’t move around on the floor, which is especially important if you have hard flooring. The only downside is that it has to be hand spot washed due to the delicacy, but cats are pretty clean creatures anyway.


    • Very fluffy
    • Comes flat packed
    • Non-slip base
    • Choice of colours


    • Dimensions: 50 x 20cm
    • Colour: Pink, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey
    • Material: PP Cotton

    Fazeley Tepee Cat Tent

    A lot of cats love to hide, which makes a teepee perfect. The nordic-style tent from Terri Pet is easy to assemble, and on the inside, there’s a reversible sherpa cushion, while the outside is crafted from felt and pine. It’s a cute, fun design while still providing a cosy retreat for your kitty.


    • Thick cushioning
    • Great reviews


    • Dimensions: 57 x 65 x 90 cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Felt and Pine

    Memory Foam Bolster Cat Bed

    There is nothing better than memory foam to sleep on – it moulds to shapes, is soft and you melt into it.

    So, it is bound to be something your cat appreciates. It will support them so they can get a deep, replenishing sleep ready for their next runaround.

    The cover is removable, so can be placed into the washing machine and means there is no need to dampen it down with a sponge or worry about stains. Available in grey, green or pink, it comes in various sizes and you can also buy it as a sofa for any Kings and Queens.


    • Choice of sizes and colours
    • Can come as a higher bed
    • Very soft


    • Dimensions: Small 66.5 x 51 x 17/Medium: 87.5 x 55.5 x 21cm
    • Colour: Grey/Green/Pink
    • Material: Memory Foam

    Banbury & Co Luxury Cosy Cat Bed Cave

    A lovely igloo bed, but with a more spacious opening which is ideal for cats who like to have their own private space but occasionally peek their head out to be nosy or spoilt.

    The inner cushion can be removed, for an easier wash. Covered in faux sheep shearling, it is soft and comfortable to keep them relaxed.

    There is a fun teaser toy hanging from the roof, which could provide an incentive for them to enter the bed as well as ensuring you will well and truly know when they have woken up and are ready to tear through the house again.


    • Washable
    • Playtoy
    • Gets warm quickly


    • Dimensions: 47cm x 37cm x 19cm
    • Colour: Cream, Grey
    • Material: Polyester, Nylon

    Navaris Small Cat Bed Basket

    Your cat will sleep in anything which adapts to their shape for the ultimate comfort. This basket can do just that, with a really plush base pillow and high woven edge for maximum security.

    The woven rope surface also gives a good material for your cat to knead on, without causing any damage to the surface or their claws. Carry handles make it easy to move around the home without messing everything up too much, such as when you’re off to bed and the cat sleeps upstairs. Why not carry them around when they’re already in it?

    To finish it off, the grey colour and style actually make it a really nice addition to any home, so it’s ideal if you want the comfiest bed possible for your kitty but don’t want to damage your decor too much.


    • Stylish design
    • Conforms to shape


    • Dimensions: 34 x 18cm
    • Colour: Grey
    • Material: Cotton, Polyester

    PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

    If you were to describe your ideal bed, what would you say? A plush, soft luxurious mattress or a large nail file?

    Well, for some cats, a nail file is the one (yes, really). They wake up, they go for a manicure without even having to move, and then they jump up ready to start their day.

    This jumbo lounger is completely made from recycled cardboard, so it isn’t too harsh on their comfort but gives them the ideal place to rest and sort their claws out.

    Two-tiered and long, it is great if you have two or more cats as they can also play and interact on the bed. Plus, it means two layers so multiple cats can sleep in the same place.


    • Two levels
    • Soft cardboard yet great for claws
    • Includes USA organic catnip leaf for attraction


    • Dimensions: 99 x 28 x 36cm
    • Colour: Light Brown
    • Material: Cardboard

    Buying Guide

    What we considered when choosing the best cat beds

    Choosing the best cat bed should centre around your cat’s behaviour and sleeping patterns, so just as you would think about your comfort when buying your own new bed or mattress, there are certain key factors to consider.

    Do they sleep curled up in a ball, with their tail around their body and head tucked under paw, or sprawled out on their side with legs out? If the former, they are probably preserving heat and protecting themselves while they rest as they would in the wild.

    A smaller, thickly padded bed and perhaps one with a roof on could be the answer. But if the latter, a large mat-type bed with little cushioning, in the open, would suit them best. We’ve picked a selection of all types of cat beds.

    The size you look for can depend on your cats sleeping habits, but at the same time, just because your huge Persian curls up very small to sleep doesn’t mean they don’t need a bit of extra room at other times, such as when they just need a bit of time out. Also, don’t mistake getting something cosy for buying something that is too small.

    Again, think about their habits when choosing a material. If they seem to like the warmth or soft surfaces, then go for cotton, fleece or wool outer with plenty of padding inside. But colder or hard surfaces could mean a hardwood bed and a blanket could be the answer.

    Also, think about cleanliness. A lot of cats are fussy about keeping clean, so to make your life easier, we opted for beds that can be machine washed, wiped clean and still keep their shape and softness.

    Types Of Cat Bed


    Also known as Donut beds. Often with a thick padded base and soft walls which hide the cat when they are sleeping. Good if your cat likes cosier spaces but still likes to be out in the open


    Also referred to as ‘cave’ beds, or indoor cat houses. These have a full roof, like a little mini house, and are usually soft. Perfect for cats who like to hide away for ‘me time’. They can be based on the ground or on legs for a bit of height


    A soft pillow, pad or mat with no sides, which is good if your kitty likes to stretch out or be nosy and see the world in between naps


    Usually with a self-heating material on the base, such as foil or faux fur. Good for older cats or colder environments. Can also come where you control the heat, setting it just right for their breed or preferences. Is often controlled by an app

    Radiator Beds

    These hang on an appropriate radiator. This can give them a heat source, but also means they are off the ground which is good for any cats who like to be up high to escape from the rat race

    Hammock Beds

    Can be attached to a wall or between two areas, for cats who like height and personalising their own sleeping area

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What type of bed do cats like best?

    As above, this depends on their sleeping habits. Those who love to snuggle up and stay warm may like a fluffy, round bed which they can sink into, with high sides. Any that prefer stretching out may prefer a pad which gives them ample room and is a bit cooler.

    If you’re buying your cat’s first-ever bed, bear in mind you may not get it right the first time. If you buy them a cosy hooded bed but they prefer to sleep on the floor or sofa, you may have to change it to a sleeping pad instead. You can always sell unused beds on secondhand sites, or donate them to a local rescue.

    Does my cat actually really need a bed?

    “They sleep on the sofa/human bed/kitchen counter, they don’t need a bed!”

    A good point. However, cats sleep twice as much as humans. They need to be undisturbed, comfortable and feel safe, so while your bedroom windowsill may attract them, it is not necessarily the absolute best forever-bed they could have.

    Disrupted sleep or a lack of sleep is detrimental to a cat’s health, so to ensure they always get their kip, a dedicated bed is a perfect place for them to go. It is also ‘theirs’, where they can go if they just want a bit of peace and quiet.

    Where should I put a cat bed?

    You may want to look at where your cat seems to be most comfortable. Do they like to be in the living room with everyone around? Maybe they prefer the kid’s bedroom, or the laundry room as you are rarely in there and it is nice and quiet?

    Place a cat bed somewhere they have already designated as a favourite napping place. This may even be on a favourite piece of furniture already, such as a chest of drawers or a bookcase. It should be quiet, and you may even find that elevation is ideal. Warmth may also be a nice factor to think about, such as near a radiator and away from windows.

    My cat scratches/chews – which cat bed is best?

    A bed made from a solid material may be best, such as plastic or wood. You can personalise this with blankets or cushions if they need something softer.

    Don’t completely disregard beds made from materials if you do want a soft bed, though. Some are made from suede, denim or heavy wool which could be more rigid, with piping as opposed to stitching which is less likely to be broken apart.

    Try to avoid beds with any outer attachments, such as zip linings, buttons for decoration or decorative stitching.

    Will my cat bed be easy to clean?

    Most are – either the whole thing will be machine washable, or the most important base/cushion section will be. The rest is often hand-washable, so will need a wipe when required.

    If your cat sheds a lot, it could be worth buying a pet vacuum cleaner that gets rid of the hair without the need to wash the bed so much. This could save some stress washing and drying the bed, as well as ensuring the bed largely keeps your cat’s scent which is important if it is a real comfort item for them.

    How much do I need to spend on a cat bed?

    The price of a cat bed can vary anywhere from around £10 to closer to £100.

    This price can vary with style. Ones with a roof or removable sections may cost a bit more, and material can make a difference too. But do remember that if your cat does use the bed, it will hopefully be their lifelong sleeping place, so a good investment now could see you spending less long-term.

    Can a kitten use a cat bed?

    Yes! But ensure they can get into it, by assessing the height and maybe don’t go for anything too fluffy for their first bed to ensure they don’t sink too far into it. A flat and rigid yet soft bed may be best.