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Best Dog Joint Supplements for 2021

As dogs get older, how you care for them has to change. They can become a bit less active, and prone to illnesses, and you really notice a difference compared to how they were as a puppy.

But one thing which you can do to help is starting them on a joint supplement, which will improve their mobility and comfort. After all, a more active dog also results in a happier pooch and one which is less likely to see other issues such as obesity and injury.

Joint supplements aren’t just for older adult dogs over the age of 7, however. They are also brilliant for younger active dogs, such as working or show dogs, as well as breeds with a known underlying possibility of joint and hip issues in later life.

There are dozens of varieties out there, with differences in ingredients, the way they are taken and when to use them. So, we have rounded up some of the best, as well as helping you choose the one for you thanks to our handy buying guide.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement for Dogs
    • Rave reviews
    • Proven to work in six weeks
    • Thoroughly tested
    Check Price
    YuMOVE Young & Active Dog
    • The right balance of ingredients for younger dogs
    • Perfect for agility dogs
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    Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Joint Care Dog Food
    • Easy for dog to take
    • Also controls weight
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    The Top 10 Dog Joint Supplements Reviewed

    Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement for Dogs

    With a huge host of 5* reviews and miracle stories of how these tablets have got older dogs moving again, it is no wonder that they are one of the best selling in the UK. And we rate them, too.

    They are proven to get to work in just six weeks, helping stiff joints and muscle movement. Everything which has gone into them has been well thought out, from the ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel from the crystal clear waters of New Zealand for Omega 3, to the Glucosamine which provides the major building blocks of cartilage.

    The UK’s #1 veterinary joint brand, these tablets had two and a half years of rigorous clinical research carried out by the Royal Veterinary College to name them as the first supplement able to work in six weeks

    They can be given as a treat or added to their food daily.


    • Rave reviews
    • Proven to work in six weeks
    • Thoroughly tested


    • Form: Tablets
    • Contents: 60/120/300 Tablets
    • Suitable For: Ages 7+, All Sizes
    • Key Ingredients: Glucosamine HCl, Green Lipped Mussel, Vitamin C, Manganese, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

    YuMOVE Young & Active Dog

    If you have a working dog, athletic dog or a breed which is prone to muscle issues in later life, you may want to promote joint care from a young age to ensure that they have a long, prosperous life.

    These tablets take the quality of the original YuMove supplements for older dogs and work it to ensure it is best for younger growing bodies. It helps growing dogs and canine athletes stay on top form and can aid recovery after exercise, replenishing joint tissue.

    They contain slightly less glucosamine (as younger dogs are able to naturally produce more than older dogs) but higher levels of antioxidants, manganese and Green Lipped Mussel. You can still give it to pups of all sizes though, from those under 15kg to those over 45kg.


    • The right balance of ingredients for younger dogs
    • Perfect for agility dogs


    • Form: Tablets
    • Contents: 60/240 Tablets
    • Suitable For: Ages 8 Weeks to 7 Years, All Sizes Key
    • Ingredients: Glucosamine HCl, Green Lipped Mussel, Vitamin C, Manganese, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

    Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Joint Care Dog Food

    For those dogs who love their food but will not touch anything else, this food has been specially formulated to ensure that they get all the help they need with every meal.

    The formula has been developed for managing arthritic symptoms and contains high levels of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), for cartilage and joint function. L-carnitine has also been included for its beneficial weight management properties – many pets who suffer from joint pain can then suffer from obesity, given their lack of movement.

    It is clinically proven to help older dogs move around more freely, and ease aching joints. It will also promote healthy cartilage while reducing their calorie intake to fight obesity.

    As with all vet-approved food, you should be recommended this j/d Joint Care Food before buying, and then follow up with regular vet appointments to check how things are going. It is also available in a wet food in case you like to mix or offer some variety.


    • Easy for dog to take
    • Also controls weight


    • Form: Dry Food
    • Contents: Various Sizes Available
    • Suitable For: Ages 7+, All Sizes Key
    • Ingredients: L-carnitine, L-lysine, Vitamins, Taurine, Crustacean Shell Hydrolysate, Pork Cartilage Hydrolysate, Beta-Carotene

    Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement

    Able to specially cater to the size of your dog, as well as their age, these tablets are great for aiding joints and tackling stiffness.

    They contain Dexahan, a unique source of Omega 3, which is commonly used in the management of joints. Dexahan is a concentrated source of krill, a tiny crustacean with an especially big nutritional benefit.

    The Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in krill oil are more easily digested and utilised by the body than those from other sources. They’re also from an environmentally friendly source and do not cause a fishy aftertaste on your dog’s breath.

    You can buy them as capsules or tablets, and there is also a dedicated Puppy Growth variety which can be used until your dog is 12-18 months old.


    • Great choice
    • Easily digestible


    • Form: Capsules/Tablets
    • Contents: Various Available
    • Suitable For: All Dogs (Choice Available)
    • Key Ingredients: Glucosamine HCI, Chondroitin Sulphate, Dexahan, Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Sulphate

    GWF Nutrition Joint Aid For Dogs

    This joint aid is absolutely packed with goodness, so the ingredients list goes on forever. But the highlights include glucosamine, 22 active nutraceuticals, Oatinol™ Delivery System to maintain a high rate of nutrient absorption, and high levels of Omega 3.

    It is a food which can be adjusted in terms of dosage, dependent on the size and breed of your dog. You should not use it alongside other supplements such as tablets, so it is best for any dogs who seem to have a bit of an aversion to taking anything which is not their ordinary meal.

    The Oatinol is a natural high-quality oil-based concept developed by and unique to GWF Nutrition. It maintains gut cell integrity and the lining of the gut, so this food would be ideal for any dogs who seem to have incredibly sensitive stomachs and have not been able to cope with other forms of supplement.


    • Good for digestion too
    • Adjustable depending on dog


    • Form: Dry Food
    • Contents: 250g/500g/2kg
    • Suitable For: Ages 7+, All Sizes
    • Key Ingredients: Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin, Curcumin, Collagen Matrix

    Blooming Pets Devils Claw Liquid

    Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is a herb originating in Africa. It is commonly used for the promotion of normal joint and bone function and encourage joint mobility and will be of specific benefit to older cats and dogs.

    The exact dosage will depend on your dog’s weight, but this one bottle should last anywhere between 25 and 100 days. You should start to see a difference within a few weeks, as your pet’s joints start to heal and they find themselves able to do things they never thought possible again.

    It can be given directly syringed into the mouth but should be given just before or after food so that there is food in the stomach when it is digested. You can disguise it in a treat, too. As it is a tincture, absorption is quick.

    Herbal medicine is great for anybody who doesn’t want to go down the pharmaceutical route, but do always ensure that this is a suitable option for your dog from your vet first, and you shouldn’t really combine herbal and licenced products.


    • Minimal ingredients
    • Natural


    • Form: Liquid
    • Contents: 250ml
    • Suitable For: All Dogs
    • Key Ingredients: Devils Claw

    Maxxidog Maxxiflex+ Dog Joint Supplement

    One of the most popular picks over in the USA, these tablets contain 15 high strength active ingredients for dog joint care.

    The tablets will help with stiff joints, support bone structure, soothe swelling, and lubricate the joints which will all, in turn, improve mobility and comfort in their older age.

    Many joint supplements have derivatives of shellfish in there, whether it be from mussels or similar. But Maxxiflex contains no hint of fish, so it is good for dogs with an aversion. They are chewable and liver flavoured, so will appeal to dogs who are usually rather suspicious of being given medication.

    They are made in the USA, but are imported via DEFRA and are fully compliant to UK and EU manufacturing standards.


    • Good for dogs with allergies
    • Included turmeric for digestion


    • Form: Tablets
    • Contents: 120 Tablets
    • Suitable For: All Dogs
    • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Cetylated Fatty Acids, Devils Claw, Bioactive Whey Protein, Bromelain

    Flexadin Advanced Chews

    These are soft palatable bite-sized chews, great for older canines with Osteoarthritis who simply won’t even consider the thought of taking hard tablets or liquid medicine.

    There are some non-medicinal ingredients in the chews which make them easier to chew and digest, such as chicken liver for an appealing taste and oat flour for something to bind it all which is gluten-free.

    No matter the size of your dog, just one chew per day is the recommended dosage which keeps things fuss-free, especially if you have a few dogs and are worried about looking as though you have a favourite.

    If this sounds strange, it is because the chews are designed to fine-tune the bodies own immune response via lymphoid nodules in the small intestine, reducing inflammation in the joints. A given amount is required to trigger the response, regardless of your dog’s size.

    You should see a difference within a month, and they should work to slow deterioration down long-term too.


    • Good taste
    • Made to high US standards


    • Form: Chews
    • Contents: 30/60 Chews
    • Suitable For: All Dogs
    • Key Ingredients: Unhydrolyzed Collagen Type II, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (flaxseed oil and fish oil), Vitamin E

    Dorwest Cod Liver Oil Capsules

    Cod liver oil is synonymous with the benefits of Omega 3, known to help joint movement and keep old dogs young.

    These capsules are slow release, ensuring your pet gets the benefits of Omega 3 overtime without any unpleasant taste. One tablet should be given per 10kg of body weight, and they are especially handy in the winter when temperatures are colder and joints can stiffen further.

    They should be able to be given alongside other medications, given that they are natural, but do consult a medical professional first. Just ensure this doesn’t contain Wheatgerm Oil as the benefits of both oils may be reduced.

    As a bonus, this natural Omega 3 contains Vitamin D for strong bones and the absorption of calcium and Vitamin A which is also important for skin and hair quality. Not only will your pooch be able to run around like a pup again, but you should see a noticeable difference in the way they look on the outside, too.


    • Natural ingredients
    • Also improves coat quality


    • Form: Capsules
    • Contents: 100/200/500 Capsules
    • Suitable For: Ages 8+ Weeks, All Sizes
    • Key Ingredients: Cod Liver Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin

    Denes Greenlipped Mussel for Dogs & Cats

    A daily supplement with very high Omega 3 content and anti-inflammatory properties, this is one of the most sought after ingredients for dog joint supplements, and this powder has it as its main star of the show.

    The powder form is great for anyone who struggles to give their pets tablets or liquid and needs something which can be mixed into food and goes relatively undetectable. Reviewers have said that they have seen a notable difference in their dog’s behaviour and movement after just a few weeks.

    As it is natural, there is a very strong fishy smell which is great for any pets who love this flavour. It can also be given to cats, just in case anybody has a multi-pet home.


    • Few ingredients
    • Good appealing fish flavour


    • Form: Powder
    • Contents: 50g
    • Suitable For: All Dogs
    • Key Ingredients: Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Glucosamine Sulphate

    Buying Guide

    Ingredients To Look Out For

    • Green Lipped Mussel – This is a nutritional supplement with incredibly high contents of Omega 3, which has anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting properties. It can help joint cell structure and function, with the chondroitin forming healthy cartilage
    • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – Relieves joint pain
    • Devil’s Claw – A natural herb which can relieve joint pain
    • Ascorbic Acid – Promotes production of collagen to reinforce cartilage
    • Hyaluronic Acid – Reduces joint pain and stiffness
    • Turmeric – This Indian spice works as an anti-inflammatory, skin protective and anti-arthritic preparation thanks to the active ingredient curcumin

    Types Of Supplement

    The most common will be tablets, which are chewable so can be mixed in with food or given as a treat (they are often tastier than they would seem). Non-coated tablets can be crushed or broken into smaller pieces if this is easier, or you can buy capsules so the powder inside can be removed and mixed into food if your dog does not take to tablets.

    Liquids are designed to be swallowed quickly, which is great for dogs who are fussy and know that they are being given something which is not food. Some of these will need to be given via syringe, however, which can cause issues with fussy or fidgety dogs.

    You can also buy soft chews. These are like chewable vitamins for humans, so they often contain extra sugars to make them taste nice, and will take longer to be digested. Granules are also available, which can be mixed into food or dissolved into water. They are the least detectable form, but this again means that they usually have added flavours to appeal.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How do I know which type of supplement my dog will take?

    The majority will take tablets, as they will think they are a treat. They are easy to disguise in treats, such as a roll of ham or if you spread some tuna or dog food over them. They can be broken up and crushed throughout their food, or given in smaller pieces if your dog doesn’t take to them.

    Liquids or granules may be best for any dogs who don’t really get many treats, such as if they are on a special diet, so it can be mixed into their food.

    What are the other benefits of joint supplements?

    If your dog has been suffering from sore limbs and joints, you will have probably noticed they are a little lethargic, moody and possibly even ill-behaved if they haven’t been able to be both mentally and physically active.

    So, an improvement in their joints will not only mean a boost in activity but also their mood, behaviour and training. Your relationship with them should also improve.