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Best Guinea Pig Hutches for 2021

If you plan on keeping your guinea pigs outside, it’s vital they have a large and sturdy hutch to give them a quality of way life and plenty of protection from the elements.

In general, they need to have plenty of room, offer great security against predators and preferbly provide a safe run area for them to play and explore!

To save you time and help you find the best option for your guinea pigs we’ve searched high and low for guinea pig specific homes which can house large groups of guineas and offer an aesthetically pleasing structure for your backyard.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch
    • Plastic Guinea Pig house with run
    • Houses 2-3 Guinea Pigs
    • Easy to Clean
    • Free hay rack, water bottle, steel bowl and weather shade accessories
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    Pets at Home Bluebell Hideaway Guinea Pig Hutch 5ft
    • Four compartments and two storeys
    • Strong, protective wire mesh doors
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    BUNNY BUSINESS Double Decker Hutch
    • Preserved, pet-friendly wood prevents mould and rotting
    • Quick and uncomplicated assembly
    • Easy clean durable sliding tray
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    The Top 6 Best Guinea Pig Hutches Reviewed

    Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch

    By far the most innovative and unique hutch on the market, the Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch from Omlet is packed full of so many phenomenal features that we may well struggle to list them all in this review!

    Combining a 100% Recyclable and UV Stabilised Polyethylene hutch with a fox-resistant, welded steel run, you can have strict confidence that your guinea pig is going to be provided with the best safety, fitness opportunities and comfort imaginable!

    Suitable for two to three guinea pigs, the home itself is a gloriously cosy hidey-hole for your pipsqueaks to eat, sleep and rest inside and it’s designed to be low maintenance for owners!

    Wipe-clean surfaces and a slide-out bedding tray ensures cleaning is a complete doddle and energy efficient polymer material promises a hygienic and moisture-resistant home!

    Our favourite feature of the Eglu though is its climate adapting structure which will help keep guineas warm in winter and cool in summer without any effort from yourself!

    A unique twin-walled insulation structure works like double glazing to trap pockets of air between the layers of the house in winter, keeping it warm and cosy. Then in summer a draught-free ventilation system ensures fresh air is frequently circulated throughout the home.

    We know… we want to move in too, but unfortunately human sizes are still not available.

    What’s scary is that these features are probably only half of what this near omnipotent igloo has to offer and we can say without any hesitation, that it is undoubtedly the best option out there!


    • Plastic Guinea Pig house with run
    • Houses 2-3 Guinea Pigs
    • Easy to Clean
    • Free hay rack, water bottle, steel bowl and weather shade accessories


    • Weight: 35 Kg
    • Dimensions: 190 x 92 x 80 cm

    Cheeko Combination Hutch & Run

    Though unfortunately not endorsed by the former X-Factor hopeful, Cheeko’s Hutch & Run combination is the perfect way to provide your pets with both a happy home and a spacious playground area in one purchase!

    Crafted from strong, weather-treated wood, Cheeko’s structures are large, high-quality products which promise durability and comfort for your guinea pigs, allowing them to roam freely in complete safety.

    The hutch boasts an asphalt waterproof roof to protect pets from harsh weathers and has been placed on hinges to allow easier access for cleaning and handling of your fluffy miracles!

    There’s also some great innovations in Cheeko’s design too, with a removable pull-out base to speed up bedding replacement ten-fold and a hutch-door which transforms into a handy ramp leading from hutch to run when opened!

    Easy to assemble, you’ll also have it up and working in no time, and don’t worry, you don’t exactly need to be a carpenter to put it together.

    What time is it? It’s Cheeko Time.


    • Weather-proof asphalt roofing
    • Safety-latched doors
    • Hinged roof for easy access


    • Weight: 28.8 Kg
    • Dimensions: 105 x 63 x 71 cm (Hutch), 97 x 102 x 67 cm (Run)

    Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig Hutch Blue & White

    Quite possibly the prettiest guinea pig hutch on our list, this piggy playhouse is the closest thing your pet will ever get to living in American suburbia, and although we can presume that’s not something they’re actually looking for in a home, it sure will look nice in your back garden.

    Pets At Home’s Foxglovehutch is a picturesque getaway home suitable for two pigs and is thankfully more than just a pretty face. Made from water-resistant, solid wood, it features a weather-proof asphalt roof, a raised living area to help inhabitants shelter from the elements and to top it all off, a strong mesh run with a white picket fence that surrounds the hutch.

    The inside of the hutch provides deep compartments to be piled high with cosy, warm bedding, as well as a private, covered sleeping area for guinea pigs to get some proper rest in. With two storeys to explore, it also has a ladder for guinea pigs to move between areas safely.

    Bolted doors and hatches ensure your guineas will remain secure when unsupervised, and of course, the additional run offers guinea pigs the chance to run around, play and graze at will.

    So what are you waiting for? Give your guineas the slice of suburbia they’ve been missing!


    • Pretty design
    • Water-resistant, solid wood material
    • Bolted doors for safety


    • Weight: 29.1 Kg
    • Dimensions: H118 x W162 x D71.5cm

    Pets at Home Bluebell Hideaway Guinea Pig Hutch 5ft

    For those of you planning on raising yourself a cute quartet of hairy munchkins, this guinea pig hutch from Pets at Home may be the best choice for you as it provides four spacious and luxurious compartments in one home!

    One of the largest models available, it offers more than enough living space for your furry friends, boasting two storeys to explore and standing at an impressive five feet tall.

    That’s right. This hutch is bigger than Danny DeVito!

    But as well as being able to offer your guineas a relaxed and roomy lifestyle, it doesn’t slack on other key features either!

    Each compartment has its own door, meaning gaining access to your animals or beginning a bit of cleaning is a simple, stress free experience that requires no bending over and no squeezing into nooks and crannies! It’s perfectly secure too, with a strong wire mesh over the days protecting your pets from outside dangers while also allowing light and air to easily flow in and out.

    Although it doesn’t come with a run like some of the other models, with all that space, there’s no denying that this guinea pig home is the most comfortable you’ll find!


    • Four compartments and two storeys
    • Strong, protective wire mesh doors


    • Weight: 30 Kg
    • Dimensions: 112.50 x 152 x 61 cm

    BUNNY BUSINESS Double Decker Hutch

    Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic hutch, and this traditional double decker model from Bunny Business boasts quite possibly the most durable option on the market, guaranteed to last your guinea pig’s a lifetime.

    Made from high quality Fir trees, the wood for this hutch  has been specifically chosen to avoid issues of rough edges and splintering, providing a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish. This is then pre-treated with a water based pet-friendly preservative and stained to protect it from common issues such as mould, insects and rotting, ensuring your hutch has a much longer life.

    It’s also one of the more secure options out there too, as it has chosen to feature locking barrel bolts as it’s door latches as opposed to more standard spinning heart locks. These types of latch are commonly opened by pets or accidentally left unlatched by children and so barrel bolts are a much simpler way of protecting a guinea pig from any unwanted escapes.

    An inclined roof with overhang helps drain off rainwater and the roof itself is also openable to allow good access for cleaning. The inner structures of the hutch are simply put together with a tongue and groove system, which makes taking it apart come clean up time a breeze! And a slide-out bedding tray will only lessen that already lighter than air load!

    For those who don’t like DIY though, be warned you will have to assemble this yourself, although thankfully, all it takes is a screwdriver and 10 minutes!


    • Preserved, pet-friendly wood prevents mould and rotting
    • Quick and uncomplicated assembly
    • Easy clean durable sliding tray


    • Weight: 15.1 Kg
    • Dimensions: 91.5 x 45 x 80 cm

    PawHut 2-Tier Solid Wood Guinea Pig Hutch

    A pretty little abode for a couple of piggies, this fantastic hutch and run combo is constructed of anti-fungal stained Firwood to offer a warm and healthy home that’s durable and weatherproof!

    A really spacious model, it offers pipsqueaks a phenomenal 100H x 144L x 64.5W cm of room, made up of a ground floor run area, with a climbing ladder leading up to their penthouse hutch suite!

    Lockable metal grilles on the outside of 3 barn doors help keep guineas safe and secure inside and a waterproof roof means they’ll always be kept under shelter whatever the weather!


    • Weatherproof glaze wood
    • Easy Assembly
    • Brass fittings for extra security


    • Weight: 15kg
    • Dimensions: 100 x 144 x 64.5cm

    Buying Guide

    Features to Look Out For

    Hutch Size

    Naturally, the most important thing when purchasing a guinea pig hutch is to ensure that it can properly accommodate the amount of pets you have.

    Guinea pigs need to be able to have their own space from others every now and then, and cramped conditions would be detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

    As a general rule you’ll need a hutch that is at least 120cm x 60cm for two guinea pigs.

    However this is really just a minimum size, and so really, you should just be aiming to purchase the largest hutch that will fit in your garden!


    Hutches are available in single-storey and double-storey models.

    With single options, it is usually a simple box-like area for them to sleep and eat. You will need a separate attached run, and they are often only big enough for one guinea pig.

    Double-storey hutches can either have two living floors, which is good for more than one pig, or one top living storey and an open grassy section at the base.

    Hutches with runs are also available. These are often double-storey, but rather than a small grassy section, it usually extends out to be twice as deep.

    We would always suggest choosing a double-storey hutch over a single one, as it simply provides guinea pigs with more space!

    Sleeping Area

    While from pictures you might be able to see that many hutches have compartments with wire mesh windows or doors to let in air and sunlight, the hutch also needs to have a private, well-covered and dark room within the cage where they can sleep, rest or hide in.

    Raised Hutch

    You may notice that some guinea pig hutches have slightly raised structure, keeping them several centimetres off the ground. While this might seem a little strange, it is actually an incredibly important feature as it protects the hutch from becoming damp or damaged by weather. If you want a long-lasting hutch make sure it’s raised at least 10mm from the ground!

    Easy to clean

    Nobody likes cleaning out their pet’s cages and hutches and so finding one with features that make your job a little bit easier may prove a life saver in the long run!

    Hutches are easier to clean if they feature expansive large opening doors so you can get to every nook and cranny, and it can also help to have a removable or hinged roof.

    Some hutches also boast the incredibly handy feature of a removable base or pull-out tray which makes removing and replacing soiled bedding a far simpler process!


    Although you probably don’t want to think about it, your guinea pig can sometimes be under threat from foxes, especially if you are known to have them in your neighborhood.

    Even if you think it’s unlikely, it’s vital that your hutch is fox-proof through use of a galvanised wire mesh that can protect your pet from attacks.

    You’ll also need to have trustworthy bolts or latches on the doors that can not be easily outwitted by a fox! If you’re unsure of the ones your hutch provides, do not hesitate to buy extra padlocks!

    Material/ Wood Treatment

    Although the majority of models are made from wood, there are now some hutches being made from plastic, as in some cases it can be more durable!

    If you are choosing a wood option, it’s best to pick one which has been pre-treated with a preservative. This will help make the wood more weather-proof and protect against common issues that can occur over time such as rotting.

    This saves you having to treat the hutch yourself, which we would heartily recommend doing if you buy an untreated hutch, as otherwise it won’t last nearly as long!

    Easy Assembly

    Unfortunately, the majority of hutches come as flatpack items, complete with instructions on how to put them together.

    This can be daunting if you’re a DIY phobic, and so choosing an option that promises a quick assembly of twenty minutes or less is likely to save you sore fingers and a couple of coins in the swear jar.

    Just make sure that you follow instructions carefully and strictly to ensure your structure is strong and stable!


    Guinea Pigs need an area outside of their hutch to be able to stretch their legs, exercise and play, as otherwise they will get depressed.

    Some people might simply let them run around the garden, however this makes them harder to supervise and in danger of nibbling on toxic plants or coming into contact with other pets you may have.

    That’s why most guinea pig owners would recommend getting a run instead to attach to your hutch, as it keeps your pets safe while still providing them with a large area to have fun in.

    A lot of hutches are sold with a run included, and we’d advise doing this to save you both money and shopping time!

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much should a guinea pig hutch cost?

    You will undoubtedly have to shell out more cash for bigger hutches with more space, however space is the most important feature of any hutch and so you should never sacrifice your pet’s room and comfort to get an inferior and cramped cheap option.

    You also will likely get better materials, accessories, security and easier cleaning if you pay that bit more. A hutch can start at around £80 for something basic and small which will need jazzing up with runs and extra space and can go towards £200 and over for larger options with runs included.

    How large should my guinea pig hutch be?

    According to the RSPCA, if you own two guinea pigs, you need to provide them with a living space of 120cm x 60cm x 45cm.

    You should also note that this is the minimum recommended hutch size for two guinea pigs and so the general rule of thumb is to always just purchase the largest possible enclosure you can fit in or outside your home.