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Best Pet Cameras for 2022

When you are out of the house, worrying about your pet is completely natural. Even if they are used to being left alone for a few hours, you can’t help but wonder if they are okay.

Having a suitable camera in place to watch what they’re doing can ensure they are safe. It can also ensure that they aren’t up to no good!

Many modern pet cameras also have advanced improvements. These go way beyond the ability to just spy on your furry friend. You may have the chance to interact with them, either with voice commands and video or maybe even treats. Because what good is being able to see they’re ripping up your new cushion if you can’t do anything about it?!

But if you know your dog is generally well behaved and fine being alone, these features may not be as key. So, a camera that is more like a home security camera could be better. This way, you can check nobody breaks into your home when you’re out. After all, dog theft is on the rise.

You can still usually have two-way communication, too. But with alerts to your phone and the ability to connect to home security systems, it may give you peace of mind.

Once you’ve decided on the aims of your camera, you need to find the one. There are literally hundreds of ‘pet camera’ options out there. However, some just can’t be trusted. A lack of security features was a huge issue when we reviewed some “best sellers”, so opting for big trusted brands will work in your favour.

There are dozens out there but many are not worth the money and lack reliability. Below are our top picks of the best pet monitors to help you keep an eye on our furry friend when you’re away.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Furbo Dog Camera
    • Dispenses treats
    • Clear picture
    Check Price
    Ring Stick Up Cam Battery
    • Anytime live view
    • Video storage
    Check Price
    EZVIZ Security Camera Indoor
    • Available as a larger system
    • Flexible positioning
    • Two way audio
    • Online or SD card storage
    Check Price

    The Top Pet Security Cameras Reviewed

    Furbo Dog Camera

    This was one of the first cameras on the market specifically to keep an eye on your pet and has recently been seen on ‘Paul O’Grady For The Love Of Dogs’, as used at Battersea Rescue Centre.

    It has two-way communication ability which is essential for many pet owners when they are out of the house and need to keep their animal entertained or comforted, as well as a barking alert.

    What makes it so great to use with animals is the treat toss function, which can be done manually from the dedicated app if they have behaved or listened to your command. This can also be set up at intervals through connecting with Amazon Alexa if you want to give them a treat every hour or so. Treats can be up to 1cm large, so their current favourites will likely fit well.

    When you check in with the camera, the light changes from yellow to blue (the two colours dogs can see), which can grab their attention and over time, they will learn what to expect. There’s also an audible signal before the treats go flying out.

    Through the app, you can also take photos or record videos of any particular stand out moments, and then instantly share them with friends and family. The unit can be placed wherever you feel best, and the downward angle of the camera will even capture footage from a height in case you need to place it out of reach of boisterous pooches.

    Despite primarily being a dog camera, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use it with a cat instead, as long as they respond to attention.


    • Dispenses treats
    • Clear picture


    • Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 22.5 cm
    • Power: Mains
    • Image Quality: 1080p Full HD, 60° wide-angle view

    Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

    The Ring cameras are primarily part of the wider Ring security system, which includes video doorbells and floodlights, but their indoor version is perfect for keeping an eye on Fido.

    You can see, hear and speak to the pets, as well as check on them at any time using the Live View function through the app. Motion detection settings can be fine-tuned to alert you when there is movement, so you’ll be able to know when they have woken up or when they are being a bit boisterous. 

    It can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall if you would rather keep it out of reach of paws. This version is battery operated, which will be perfect for any owners who are worried that their precious ball of fluff will chomp through wires or alter them in any way.

    The Ring cam can be linked to other cameras in the collection or to a smart speaker for a bit of extra monitoring and control. There is also the option to store any recorded videos to the cloud, although this comes at an extra price.


    • Anytime live view
    • Video storage


    • Dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 x 9.7cm
    • Power: Battery Pack
    • Image Quality: 1080p HD, 130° diagonal view

    EZVIZ Security Camera Indoor

    Another camera that is not specifically for monitoring pets but does a good job at it while keeping an eye on your entire home. Pop it on a shelf, fix it to the ceiling or attach to a bracket on the wall.

    EZVIZ is a trusted brand, and cameras for outside (such as basic security monitors and lights) are also available to pick up from hardware and DIY stores such as B&Q if you can’t find them online. This model is ideal for indoor use, and if you want one in every room, just use one app to control them all.

    There is a 360° horizontal field of view with smart tracking, so if Patch hides behind the sofa, it will pick up him moving there. No need to panic that you can’t find him anywhere. The 1080P HD camera quality is crisp, and you can also turn on the audio to check he isn’t barking or whining.

    For footage storage, pop in a 16-256GB microSD card or make use of EZVIZ Cloud for online viewing and storage. Here at Petz, we have EZVIZ cameras outdoors, and the ability to watch live footage as well as any clips which have picked up movement is real peace of mind.

    The app is really easy to use, and it’s simple to setup up. A clincher is that this particular camera has two-way audio too, so if Patch is sneakily jumping onto the sofa, your voice can still tell him ‘No’. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.


    • Available as a larger system
    • Flexible positioning
    • Two way audio
    • Online or SD card storage


    • Dimensions: 21 x 8 x 8 cm
    • Power: Mains
    • Image Quality: 720p HD

    Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

    Another camera not specifically for monitoring pets but does a good job at it while keeping an eye on your entire home. Pop it on a shelf, or attach to a bracket on the wall.

    Up to five cameras can be installed into a system, which is ideal if your pet tends to explore the entire house when you are away. It can detect motion, so you will get a notification when your dog enters the living room or gets up to leave. Any motion triggers a small video to be recorded which you can check on – a push notification gives you an alert and lets you decide how to respond.

    You can also access live streaming at any time, so if you feel you haven’t heard from them in a while, a quick check will let you see why. Unfortunately, the microphone won’t let you talk to them but you can hear any noises from their end.

    The cloud storage service is completely free with Blink up to two hours of footage, so videos will always be there for you to look back at whether you have paid or not.


    • Available as a larger system
    • Flexible positioning


    • Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 11.4 cm
    • Power: 2 x AA Batteries
    • Image Quality: 720p HD

    Hive View

    This Hive camera will automatically start recording when it senses any movement or sound, sending an alert to your phone so you can judge how and if to act.

    Two-way audio is present to grab the attention of your pet if they happen to be scratching the sofa or even having a snooze on your favourite chair, and it also has a one-hour battery life so you can still get some precious footage even if there has been a power cut before you get home.

    You can set the Hive View to only detect humans and ignore your pets, so if you know Snowy and Simon are fine pottering about inside but want to ensure they’re safe from any cat burglars (literally), it can be used for general security.

    As standard, you can view and download video clips straight to your phone to keep forever, whether it be something incriminating or hilarious. Privacy mode can also be scheduled for peace of mind, so it doesn’t have to be running when you are sat on the sofa for three hours in the evening.

    Setting it up is easy as it just connects to your internet via Bluetooth, and is ready in moments. 8x digital zoom also comes in handy if you can’t quite tell if Fido is in their pet bed.


    • Strong zoom quality
    • Can link to other security items in the range


    • Dimensions: 8.8 x 8.8 x 14.5cm
    • Power: Mains/Battery
    • Image Quality: 1080p HD

    Buying Guide

    What To Look For In A Pet Camera

    Two-way communication

    To capture your dog or cat’s attention, the ability to talk to them could be essential. This could either be to tell them off if they are up on the sofa, stop a little fight from breaking out or just reassure them and give them some company.

    It will also allow you to hear them, say if they are barking, as you’re not yet sure if they are okay left alone all day. You could also purchase a camera which has a two-way video display, so the dog or cat can see you as well as hear you, but these are rarer and often don’t provide as much flexibility in terms of placement and 360-degree visibility.

    You may have to use any two-way audio function sparingly, as some animal behaviourists believe hearing your voice if you’re not there could confuse your pet or make them excited.

    Motion and noise alerts

    They may spend most of the day sleeping but it is a good idea for you to get an alert if they happen to be up and about in the house. It could also help if there is noise elsewhere in the house.

    Alerts will be sent to your phone, and you can often change how sensitive the detection is. So, crank it up if you have a sleepyhead who barely twitches in the day, or lower it if they potter around but intense movement would be a concern.

    Continuous footage recording

    Being able to see footage just after your dog has barked and ran around the house is no good – you’ll want to see what caused the barking. Getting a camera with continuous recording means that most of the incidents will be caught.

    It is also a really nice way to see what they get up to in the day if you’re curious on your lunch break.

    Food dispensing

    Some dedicated pet cameras can dispense a treat at your command. This could be a great way to help train your dog or cat when you aren’t there.

    If they bark at the postman, and your voice command makes them stop, dispensing a treat is a good way to keep up the training. It can also just be a good way to keep them entertained as well.

    General security

    Many of the cameras we have featured can also be used as part of a wider home security system, and it is worth considering whether you want this before you buy.

    When your pet is alone, it isn’t just them that you have to worry about, but also their safety in the house if your home was to be broken into. Cameras can also be expensive items, so purchasing one which can do both jobs could save money in the long run.

    Some cameras will require a hub for the control, and others can be standalone. Hubs usually mean that you can connect more cameras to the system, or hook it all up to a carbon monoxide alarm, smoke alarm, window and door sensors or burglar alarms to ensure your pet (and home) are safe from all eventualities.

    Smart speaker connection

    Many of those above can also be connected to a smart speaker, such as Amazon’s Alexa, which could allow you to schedule treat-dispensing every hour, or work the camera with other cameras around the home such as video doorbells or outdoor cameras for a full 360-degree security check.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Where should I place my pet camera?

    Place it somewhere you know your dog or cat is going to be, such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom. You could ensure they remain in this room by closing the door or popping a gate on the door, or if you want to cover the entire downstairs, strategically placing it in the hallway could work.

    Should they have free reign of the house when you’re out, buying multiple cameras and connecting them into a system via a hub or smart speaker could be beneficial for a full monitor. Remember that while you may wish to restrict them to a certain area of the house, such as the kitchen, you should never cause them stress.

    Which camera resolution do I need?

    Most cameras will feature 1080p resolution. This means the resulting footage is clear and in high definition. You will be able to see how much food has been eaten out of a dish and if you zoom in, the screen won’t go blurry.

    The minimum you should go for is 720p, which still gives clear footage, but you may want to boost this if you will be keeping the videos as memories or sharing photos with friends.

    Also, check for things such as night vision which could help if you often have to work late or like to go for a drink after work.

    What viewing angle do I need?

    Trying to get as close to 180° as possible, or over, is a great idea. This gives you a complete surrounding view of the room and covers all corners.

    But this can depend on where the camera will be placed, too. For instance, in a corner, it won’t need to see when is going on at each side, but on a flat wall, this could be important.

    Do I need memory storage?

    This varies wildly between cameras. Some have SD cards which will store a certain amount of footage before you have to review it and delete some, or it automatically gets overwritten. This is often free forever, but you may not be able to expand the space available at a later date if the SD card is built-in.

    Opt for one which doesn’t come with an SD card and purchase one separately. Check for the maximum storage it accepts.

    Others use a cloud storage system, which is secured online footage. You may get this for free but commonly have to pay a monthly subscription. Most offer a few hours of footage reviewing before it is automatically deleted if you haven’t downloaded it.

    How much you need all depends on your lifestyle. If you will be looking at the footage taken pretty much automatically then long storage may not be needed, but if you like to review it all at the weekend then you’ll need something longer.

    Cloud options often involve a number of different plans, so you can opt to have ten hours of footage for free or a low price, and then can choose to extend to 100 hours for a higher subscription charge.

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