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The Best Dog Christmas Presents

It’s not just us humans who love unwrapping presents on Christmas and if your four-legged friend is truly a part of the family, you’ll want to make sure there’s a few goodies under the tree for them too!

From Christmas-themed dog treats to yuletide-style toys, there’s plenty of gifts out there to help liven up your pooch’s Christmas and get them in the seasonal spirit.

So to help you get tails wagging come Christmas morning, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite presents for this year, and have also included a few personalised items and big brand offerings to help satisfy dogs with a taste for luxury!

Because let’s face it, your dog deserves being spoilt at Xmas just as much as everyone else!

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    The Top 20 Christmas Presents For Dogs

    Very much the marmite of the Christmas Dinner scene, Brussel sprouts are one of the festive seasons greatest traditions – love ‘em or hate ‘em.

    Perfect for stimulating a bit of puppy play and exercise, now you faithful hounds can get in on the sprout action with this fun and friendly Christmas Sprout House Forager Toy!

    Made of plush, soft material, this toy allows you to stuff funny faced sprouts into a house cushion structure which your mutt will love gnawing and biting at in order to get his silly sprout friends to come out and play.

    It’s a lovely way to get little tykes involved in a festive-themed activity they will actually enjoy!

    There is nothing better than a huge stack of presents under the tree, put a Christmas stocking above the fireplace crammed with gifts always comes pretty close!

    As far as we’re concerned, the day isn’t complete without one, and so if you’re lucky laddy or lassie still hasn’t got themselves a big ol’ sock stuffed with treats and toys, this Pets At Home set is an easy way to make their day!

    Filled with seasonal joy to make their Xmas morning a special one, this bundle of gifts in a Christmas stocking style packaging features a bag of bone-shaped treats, two candy-cane style rawhide chews, and three Christmas dinner toys in the form of a latex Mrs Sprout and plush Turkey and Carrot!

    If you’re not wearing a festive-themed jumper on the big day, then are you really dressed appropriately?

    And that goes for your mutt too!

    An ideal piece of festive fashion, this ultra-cute Little Pudding Christmas jumper will have your doggy looking pawdorable for when the family comes around and is a cosy pullover style with acrylic material that’s comfy for your canine.

    Oh, and did we mention the pudding is made up of sparkly sequins?

    We all know the famous slogan ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’, but that hasn’t stopped a new, slightly hairier addition to the family being a cornerstone of the holiday season.

    If you’ve got a new puppy on your hands, you’re going to want to make them feel right at home as quickly as possible and the simplest way to do so is by showering them with yuletide joy.

    This New Puppy Gift Set from Not In The Dog House features a range of high-quality dog treats and toys from some of the UK’s most revered brands, and are sure to convince your canine that they’ve come to the right place!

    Inside you’ll find Antler Puppy chews for nutrition and teeth strength, training treats from The Innocent Hound, Pooch & Mutt and Tribal, as well as a Puppy Pouch from Billy & Margot, providing them with a healthy substitute to a Christmas Dinner!

    It also comes with the soft toy Susie the Pheasant, perfectly sized for smaller mouths and guaranteed to become your little tyke’s bestest bud for years to come (apart from you of course!)

    Available in sizes for every kind of mutt, this penguin jumper is a classy and cute affair that will have canines stealing the spotlight at any family occasion over the holidays!

    100% acrylic and machine washable, it features four leg straps to ensure a perfect fit and leaves plenty of room to provide a comfy and snuggly get-up for Winter!

    If you like decorating your house in tinsel and baubles from floor to ceiling every year, you don’t want your pup’s plain old dog bed messing with your Xmas vibes!

    A fantastic seasonal switch up to get your canine into the Crimbo spirit, this Santa Paws Box Bed from popular dog bed brand Scruffs helps set the mood with a two-tone faux fur bed and super-soft plush Christmas combo!

    The mattress and soft-walled bed feature recycled PET fibre for supreme cushioning and insulation, while a soft-knitted red and white Fairisle pattern helps your pup’s abode blend in better with your December decor!

    Christmas dinner is most people’s favourite meal of the year, and while many people save a few pigs in blankets or a slice of turkey for their prized pooch, it’s not exactly nutritious to serve them up their very own portion.

    This Three Bird Feast from Lily’s Kitchen allows them to get a bigger slice of the action though, with a noel-themed doggy dinner packed with all the proteins and natural nutrients they need.

    A mix of turkey, goose and duck, it’s made from optimum lean meat and selected offal, along with some choice veg, fruit and botanical herbs to raise their vitality. This includes the classic cranberry for urinary tract health and a select herb mix to promote organ function.

    Best of all, Lily’s Kitchen has created this masterpiece entirely free of grain, soy and corn – with no artificial flavours or additives!

    The PS5 of the dog world, the KONG is undoubtedly the world’s most beloved pup toy, designed to be stuffed with treats and snacks and help break boredom!

    A pear-shaped rubber structure, the KONG bounces and wobbles in unusual ways, making the treats or spread stuffed inside a difficult challenge to get too, This, in turn, helps stimulate your canine’s natural hunting instincts making it great for keeping them occupied when you’re busy, or a good digestion aid for food wolfers!

    Best of all, it’s made from food-safe polymers and is famously robust, meaning unlike other dog toys, you won’t be chucking it away after just a few weeks!

    While every human loves the sight of a beautiful Christmas wreath, pooches everywhere will likely only have eyes for this special dog wreath, which swaps holly and pine cones for scrummy dog biccies!

    A tasty decoration that’s good enough to eat, it’s a refillable wreath that can be used every year once you’ve stocked up on enough biccies, but your first purchase will come fully decorated with 13 carob oat biscuits and 13 large original bone treats!

    Just make sure you hang it well out of reach from mischievous mutts, as they’ll likely spend days cooking up crazy schemes to get at this heavenly halo of cookies!

    As much as a lovely dog bowl or a new lead are great gifts for your pooch, it’s unlikely they’d be high up on their Christmas wish list were they able to write.

    For something they’ll really love, you’re better off shelling out for a set of these personalised dog treat bones, which are guaranteed to get tails wagging and tongues salivating!

    Available in peanut butter, carob or beetroot flavour, each biscuit is hand-stamped with your pup’s name, so everyone knows to keep their hands off and they will stay fresh for up to one month after opening!

    A quirky and unique gift, they’re a Quality Street alternative for the quality canine in your life!

    A good-quality blanket will always be cherished by mutts at bedtime, often to the point where it becomes a symbol of security which they can always return to and cuddle in times of stress!

    Due to this fact, it’s always best to make sure your dog has the cosiest, softest and warmest blanket possible and if that’s not yet a reality, you may want to consider investing in a beautiful quality personalised Snuggle Dog Blanket this Christmas.

    Lightweight with quick-drying action, this blanket is made of anti-pilling fabric to maintain colour and extend its lifetime and it’s available in a variety of colours and styles.

    To make it oh-so-much-more than your average blanket though, it’s also recommended that you personalise the item with your dog’s name, making it an even more gift-worthy present for your beloved pup!

    Almost endlessly customisable, there’s plenty of ways to make the blanket unique to you and your canine too, with font styles, colours and paw graphic embroidery all available!

    With this sumptuous wax dog coat from Barbour, you can make your pup the most envied pooch in the park!

    Coming in olive colours with a waxed cotton outer and boasting Barbour’s infamous tartan lining, the coat will keep canines both dry and stylish, while velcro fastening ensures putting it on before and after walkies is a breeze!

    With lightweight wadding, it’s also not a burden on your boisterous little pup, with a tarter inner keeping them comfy and warm!

    Every dog is unique and special, and so as far as we’re concerned, they always deserve a unique and special gift come Christmas time!

    Rather than just any old plush toy, these personalised squeaky dog bones from Mutts & Hounds add a more thoughtful touch to your dog toy gift, coming with your pup’s name beautifully embroidered onto a quality fabric design.

    With up to 10 characters at your disposal and a range of funky or classic designs at your disposal, you can create a truly wonderful gift that’s a perfect match for your dog’s sparkling personality!

    The tennis ball is still the greatest old-school dog toy, with it’s rubber construction ensuring durability and it’s bouncy nature making it the funnest and simplest fetch toy to grab on your way out the door!

    A perfect gift for a four-legged friend, this set of tennis balls are excellent quality and can be printed with your pup’s name to make them an extra special set of balls to call their very own.

    To make them more appealing to your pup you can also choose from a range of colours to suit their style, including pink, orange, green, purple or traditional white!

    Letting your dog chew over the latest political issues, these hilarious dog toys will be a hoot come Christmas day, allowing you to watch your ferocious little tyke debate with Donald Trump and Boris Johnson the only way they know-how – with a good old chomp on the arse!

    A cheeky, novelty dog toy, your pup can take out all that pent up rage in your hiding by attempting to tear these hard-wearing poly-canvas dolls to shreds, giving you all a good laugh in these uncertain times!

    Incredibly durable, they should last longer than most dog toys and are perfect for a game of tug of war!

    Or if you’re raising a Tory tyke or MAGA mutt, they may just end up being a brand new nighttime snuggle buddy for their dog bed!

    If your dog could choose between you or a sausage, they’d choose a nice salty chipolata every time and there’s no use trying to deny it.

    Once you’ve admitted defeat, you might as well give in to their cravings and start feeding their addiction, with this Season’s Meating’s Festive Sausage Selection being a great start.

    Essentially a porky equivalent to the classic kid’s chocolate boxes, this selection includes a whole host of your pup’s favourite meats, including chicken, lamb, duck, venison and even some fish!? (I bet even you want to see what the heck a fish sausage would look like)

    All grain-free with 4 sausages of each flavour, it comes in a lovely festive box and has a long shelf life of 12 months to ensure they can be kept as tasty one-off treats for throughout the year!

    An adorable Cath Kidston harness for dog’s of any size, this item is fantastic for reducing pressure on a pet’s neck during walks and provides helpful control for those still training their pups!

    Designed with a soft jersey lining and breathable outer mesh, it’s a super comfy coat-like vest that’s kind to skin and machine washable.
    Let’s not beat around the bush though, the biggest draw for this harness is it’s irresistible Cath Kidston pattern, a provence rose style that allows your mutt to strut their stuff with confidence!

    A combination of fish and fun might not sound like an enjoyable Christmas treat, but for your pooch, there’s no better gift box to help them see out the year!

    Featuring a bag of Mrs Cook’s Fish Cake crackers, a 100% natural knot pulley toy and some training treats, this little Christmas bundle of joy from GoodChaps has everything you need to make the big day a memorable one.

    They’re also a healthier option than most festive indulgences, as the treats are both low in fat, hypoallergenic and wheat & gluten-free!

    For mutts who can’t get enough of Pedigree dog food products, this cute Christmas stocking bundle of all their favourite snacks and treats is guaranteed to be a winner on Xmas morning!

    Inside you’ll find some of Pedigree’s most celebrated products, including Rodeo Chicken Twists, Dentastix, Tasty Bites and a Jumbone!

    It also comes in an attractive pedigree-themed Christmas stocking so it’s all ready to be received and gift wrapped!

    If you want to dress up your dog for the big occasion but don’t want them to wear anything that’s uncomfortable, overheating or constricting, the smartest choice is to always go with a decorative collar.

    This bowtie from Lionet Paws goes around your dog’s neck like any standard dog collar and is made from a supremely soft cotton fabric for comfort and d-rings for strength and durability.

    With several fancy colour patterns to choose from, you can pick a tie that best suits your pup’s personality and ensures they will look undeniably dapper for Christmas dinner!

    Before You Buy…

    What Makes A Good Dog Christmas Present

    While it might be tempting to buy a fashionably designed pet bowl or funky new lead for your dog this Christmas, we would always suggest getting them something that they would actually want rather than something which makes them more fashionable or looks nicer in your house – as aesthetics aren’t exactly a top priority for most pooches!

    Therefore we suggest mainly looking at edible gifts (treats, snacks, dog food), toys or comfort items such as dog beds and blankets, as these will either enhance their lives or generally just make them more excited and happy on Christmas day!

    Things To Consider Before Buying A Dog Christmas Present


    For anything food-related you might give your pup fat Christmas, it’s wise to check the ingredients of any treats or snacks, as it’s far too easy for companies to get away with selling mediocre grub when it’s got a red ribbon round it!

    Always try and choose something which promises good amounts of protein and high nutritional value and if you’re particularly picky about what you feed your canine, you may want to watch out for hypoallergenic tags or grain-free properties.

    For larger edibles such as rawhide or bone, make sure you supervise your dogs, as if they manage to break off a large chunk, it could cause them some damage!

    Clothes, Collars and Harnesses

    For any clothing/collar items, you obviously want to make sure you check sizings to ensure a great fit for your pup and it’s also important to ensure the material will be comfortable and kind to your dog’s skin.

    With clothing like jumpers, it’s even more vital to remember that dogs can overheat when wearing such things, so it’s advisable you only put your dog in a jumper when outside in cold weather!


    For toys, you again want to check the materials, as these will tell you a lot about the durability and longevity of the item. Plush and soft toys tend to last no longer than a few months, as most dogs will end up chewing them to pieces, with rubber materials being the most durable.

    Avoid plastic materials that may harm teeth or gums and be sure to supervise when dogs are playing with easily destroyed plush toys, as you don’t want them to accidentally ingest cotton, squeakers or anything else!