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Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Trying to pick the purrfect gift for the kitty-lover in your life and haven’t got a clue where to start?

Well, allow us to let the cat out of the bag and reveal a whole host of presents that will have them meowing with delight.

From premium pussycat presents to quirky books and jewellery, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to please cat owners no matter their taste or style.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a birthday gift, stocking filler or just want to please your local crazy cat lady, these clawsome prezzies are sure to have a special someone grinning like a Cheshire cat!

And if you’re lucky, their moggies will love them just as much!

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    The two things they love on one t-shirt. It’s black, which is faultless, and available in XS to XXL. It is made from ring-spun cotton and so will stay soft after washing. And it used DTG printing which is eco-friendly too – just in case the planet is the other love in their life.

    Cat Dads are the often neglected part of the cat family but fear not – you’ve seen how much they adore their kitty and you’re getting a present that shows off their love to everyone else, whether they use it at home or are proud enough to use it in the office.

    Most cat-owners have at some point pondered the idea that their beloved kitty may be secretly plotting their demise.

    So for those whose fearsome feline is better suited to the lap of a Bond villain than their own, this hilarious stocking filler is sure to get sides splitting!

    How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You is chock-full of comics, facts and instructional guides about crazy cat behaviours and their true meaning.

    For example, if your cat starts kneading you – it’s not a sign of affection. It’s just checking your internal organs for weakness.

    This isn’t a gift, it’s a warning.

    Cats are yet to rival the likes of Keats and Wordsworth when it comes to poetry collections, but this assortment of verses from Francesco Marciuliano comes frighteningly close.

    Featuring such seminal classics as “This Is My Chair,” and “Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs,” I Could Pee on This purrfectly captures the inner workings of the kitty psyche with poems told from the singular minds of some wonderfully whimsical moggies.

    With photos of the cat ‘authors’ accompanying each verse, this hilarious tongue-in-cheek poetry book will have kitty-owners peeing themselves laughing!

    Too many families throughout history have ended up fighting like cats and dogs over a ‘friendly’ game of Monopoly.

    But while this Cat-opoly game may temporarily convince your moggy-mad family to give the board game another go, don’t expect your luck to improve much in this copycat edition.

    Swapping properties for cat breeds, Catopoly sees players buying their favourite felines, dodging dog tax and avoiding the most perilous square of all – Fall in Water.

    Tokens include a milk bottle, a mouse, sardines and cat food, so there’ll be no more bickering over who gets the car and top hat pieces.

    Fantastic for a family game night, this copycat monopoly is undoubtedly the cat’s whiskers!

    There’s a general opinion that people who love cats often love plants as well, so why not combine your two passions into one with this adorable cat planter?

    There’s a choice between a small desk planter and a larger hanging planter, and you can choose whether to purchase it with succulents or on its own.

    To make it even more special, you can also choose to add a personalised gift card that is bound to bring an even bigger smile to the cat lover’s face in your life.

    Black cats are lucky, and your cat lover knows this, so think of these earrings as a lucky charm.

    They are available in drops or studs, and it will come in a gift box which is always nice, so you can get it sent straight to them. They’re made from bronze tone metal (studs are copper and drops are zinc alloy) and glass domes, so are safe for most ears.

    It’s funny because it’s true, and something they just have to live with.

    Most cat lovers are firm believers in Moggy’s law, which states that anything that can get covered in cat hair, eventually will.

    What better way to make light of the situation than with this amusing keyring?

    Failing that, it’s merely a fair warning to any cat-averse friends:

    You’re gonna get hairy if you hug me or sit on my sofa. Deal with it.

    If you were on Family Fortunes and were asked “What is the most common Christmas gift?”, you would probably answer socks and get the top answer.

    Well, they may be common, but there is no reason why they can’t be jazzy. These cat socks are fabulous, with three pairs of striped cat designs. They’re great for any occasion, not just Christmas, and you can even get them gift wrapped.

    Hair all over the place, hissing angrily at things for no reason, blankly staring at you with no understanding of what you’re saying – Donald Trump is a complex man.

    But who is smarter, Donald Trump… or your cat?

    This book provides the answer to the question that no one is asking, featuring a compendium of Donald’s greatest gaffes as well as a genuine cat IQ test.

    If you know a cat owner who can’t stop praising their special little clever puss, this book could help them prove their mastermind moggy is at a minimum more intelligent than the 45th President of the United States.

    Our money’s already on the cat.

    Never thought you’d find someone who holds on to a bottle of wine tighter than you?

    Well, allow us to introduce you to this metal cat sculpture from Tooarts.

    A stylish and trendy accompaniment to any home, this crafted metal cat sculpture is a fun and quirky wine rack as well as a classy cat ornament.

    It makes the purrfect centrepiece for any cat lover’s dinner party, and will keep your wine safe and sturdy with it’s vice-like kitty claws!

    We just can’t promise you he’ll give it back.

    Is there anything more charming than a cat giving you a good eyeful of its backside?

    The answer is, of course, yes, almost everything, but unfortunately, kitty-lovers everywhere are still all too familiar with the eyesore that is their cat’s bottom.

    This off-colour colouring book from Honey Badger features a whole host of moggies performing a set of bizarre poses, with every single one proudly displaying their rear end.

    It’s a laugh out loud affair for cat lovers who’ve seen it all before and makes a hysterical alternative to the adult colouring books which sweep the nation come Christmas time.

    Just be thankful it’s not a scratch and sniff.

    Everyone loves something that’s unique and made just for them, so why not choose this personalised cat and owner portrait for your special person?

    You can choose the outfit the illustration is wearing as well as the skin colour to ensure it reflects the cat lover in your life perfectly, and then simply send a picture of your recipient’s cat for a like for like drawing. The print is designed to focus on the relationship between a person and their cat, while the quote beneath says – “time spent with *cat’s name* is never wasted.

    With this portrait, you can’t go wrong; we guarantee that your recipient will look like the cat that got the cream when they unwrap it!

    If you know someone who loves cappuccinos as much as they love cats, these ultra-cute coffee mugs are a guaranteed way to make their day, week or even their year!

    Featuring adorable kitty cartoons and the phrase ‘Good Time: we are having a great time’, these mugs are a perfectly weighted, high-quality ceramic, with an elegant matte exterior and superbly glossy interior.

    With a 500ml capacity, they’re also purrfect for tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

    As a little piece de resistance, they also come with lids featuring kitten head handles.

    Need we say anymore?

    If you’re buying for a family of outdoors and cats lovers, this picnic mat is great.

    It is practical for them, able to go on days out and staycations, yet still gives a nod to their favourite animals. You can buy it in various sizes, and it folds up nice and small.

    A subtle but nevertheless stunning piece of jewellery, this sterling silver ring is handcrafted and features a cat design of two ears and paw details at the open ends of the ring.

    Supplied in a jewellery box, it’s a gorgeous, ready-to-receive gift for a special occasion and can be adjusted to as small as a 15mm diameter, meaning almost anyone can make their finger that little bit more fabulous.

    Fit for any finger, it’s a sweet and artful way to express your love for our four-legged friends.

    A personalised cat keyring which allows moggy mad owners to take their loved one with them wherever they go, these quite frankly incredible made to order crochet models are a must-have for cat lovers.

    Each creation is one of a kind and using photographs of your pet, LHC will use yarns and fibres to crochet a suitable likeness of your cat, reflecting their natural colouration and tone, all done completely by hand!

    There are also no set patterns or easy guidelines followed, with LHC purely relying on your descriptions and images to create a gift with love, care and attention only!

    Coming in ready to receive gift packaging, if you’re purchasing for a friend, you can also include gift messages and notes too!

    Forget kittens, because this is a knitten.

    (… we’ll see ourselves out.)