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Best Dog Insect Food for 2021

You are concerned about the planet, but feeding your dog on a vegetarian or vegan diet just doesn’t sit right with you. Or, maybe they have an aversion to most of the common meat-based foods such as beef or chicken so you’re running out of things to be able to give them?

Insect pet food is a new trend that allows owners to be more sustainable while leaving out a lot of the common allergens found in most mass-produced foods. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is just one of the groups urging people to get behind the trend, saying it provides a great alternative source of protein.

While there isn’t currently a lot of choices out there, there are still some which are best avoided, so we have reviewed the best insect dog foods around to bring you the top choices.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Greenwoods Insects with Potatoes, Peas & Fava Beans
    • 20% insect protein
    • Packed full of other healthy ingredients
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    Green Petfood InsectDog
    • Packed with nutrients
    • Trusted brand
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    The Top 4 Insect Dog Foods Reviewed

    Greenwoods Insects with Potatoes, Peas & Fava Beans

    By using grubs, your dog still gets all of the nutritional value of meat, but without the impact of meat on the planet, and Greenwoods has incorporated the black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) into their mix as it’s the number one ingredient for premium nutrition.

    If insects don’t sound very filling, fear not for the dog food also includes potatoes, peas and fava beans, creating a meal full of protein and vital fats while being easy to stomach for dogs with sensitivities.

    The recipe is grain-free, and there are also rave reviews from other owners saying just how much their pooch loves it, so not only is it good for pup and planet, but it is tasty too.


    • 20% insect protein
    • Packed full of other healthy ingredients


    • Type: Dry
    • Contents: 1.5kg
    • Ingredients: 20.0% insect protein (dried)*, 19.4% potato flakes, 16.0% potato starch, 11.8% peas, 7.2% fava beans, 7.1% rapeseed oil, 4.2% minerals, 4.0% brewer’s yeast, 3.5% potato protein, 3.3% vitamin and trace element pre-mix, 2.5% linseed, 1.0% dried beet pulp

    Green Petfood InsectDog

    Great if you need something which is hypoallergenic as well as being good for the planet.

    It contains 100% insect protein, which is a good source of mono-protein, without a hint of fish or other meats which can commonly cause allergies as well as difficult digestive systems. This keeps ingredients to a minimum too, in case you are wary of the usual long lists and mixes of protein sources.

    As well as the insects, there are added vegetables, valuable sunflower oil and a balanced mix of vital nutrients, to give something completely balanced and as natural as possible. It is also free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, as well as being environmentally sound.

    There is only around 10% insect content in the food, but this is good for anyone who ideally would feed their dog on a vegetarian diet and wants to keep meat content to a minimum without meaning that they miss out.


    • Packed with nutrients
    • Trusted brand


    • Type: Dry
    • Contents: 2.7kg
    • Ingredients: Potato, Pea Meal, Insects, Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Beet Fibre, Carob Meal

    MjAMjAM Natural Wet Dog Food

    Does your dog usually eat wet food, or a mixture, so you’re struggling to find pure insect food? Well, this wet variety could be an option.

    It isn’t entirely insect-based, as there is chicken in there, so it is really for any owners who want their dog to reduce their meat intake as opposed to leaving farmed meat out altogether.

    But it is grain-free and keeps ingredients to a minimum, with 99% meat content. It also uses the parts of the chicken which would usually go to waste in the meat production line, so you could argue it is ethical and sustainable in its own way.

    Free from cereals, gluten, sugar, synthetic preservatives, and lactose, it is also a great food for anyone who wants to limit what their cat is eating because of allergens.


    • Ingredients can be sourced
    • Chicken protein, too - good for only reducing meat intake


    • Type: Wet
    • Contents: 6 x 200g
    • Ingredients: Chicken, Insect, Mineral Nutrients, Dried Eggshells

    TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD

    This is a huge bag of food, which will be great if you have a whole host of canines or just want to stock up.

    It has been created with dogs with food hypersensitivity in mind, as it contains only insect and potato. This is one protein source, and one carbohydrate source, so your dog is still getting their recommended daily allowance.

    Trovet uses the larvae of the black soldier fly, already used in food production for other animals and the chance of your dog being allergic to this insect is very small.

    After a few weeks of feeding on this, other reactions such as itchiness and poor bowel movement should be eliminated. There are all of the other essential nutrients in there too, so you don’t have to worry about finding complementary foods.


    • Only two ingredients
    • Large bag - will keep you going


    • Type: Dry
    • Contents: 10kg
    • Ingredients: Potato, Hermetia illucens

    Buying Guide

    Insect Variations

    Most insect dog foods will use the Hermetia illucens, or black soldier fly, as this is seen as one of the easiest and least damaging insects to produce on this scale.

    But you may also see mealworms, crickets and cockroaches, which are actually eaten by humans in parts of the world too. They all taste differently and have different palatability, so will usually be ground and then used as a powder called insect meal.

    So don’t worry – you won’t have to rescue mealworms from under the washing machine every time you go to feed your dog.

    Other Ingredients

    Most insect foods will keep additional ingredients to a minimum, understanding that insect food is commonly used for dogs who have allergens or who need high meat protein content.

    But you may find vegetables and carbohydrates in there so they can have a balanced diet and extras which can help with digestion or skin condition.

    If your dog does have allergens or sensitivities, look through ingredients lists. You will actually find it easy to pick an insect food with only 2-3 ingredients, and 99% meat content.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Why should my dog eat insect food?

    As you will read below, insect food has been crafted with a sustainable planet in mind. It is much easier to farm insects on a large scale than it is cows, chickens or other animals, and it does less damage to the planet too.

    But there are other benefits too. Hypersensitivity is a big issue when it comes to dog food. Dogs can suffer from allergies, which are reactions caused by animal protein. Once developed, the allergy is usually permanent. This can develop at any time, so a dog who previously ate only beef can still become allergic.

    They can also suffer from intolerances, which causes issues with the immune system.

    These sensitivities can cause rashes, itchiness and illness, and are often diagnosed with food elimination diets. So, if you have found that it is particular meat which your dog is allergic to, or you need to keep ingredients to a minimum, insect food is a great alternative yet they are still getting animal protein.

    We have written a complete guide on insect food, below.

    Why is sustainability important when it comes to pet food?

    Pets are estimated to consume 20% of the world’s meat and fish. But insects can be developed for food on a smaller scale and without as much damage to the planet and environment. It is thought that insect-based foods use 2% of the land and 4% of the water per kg of protein.

    Farmed insects are often raised on human waste, so this tackles this issue as well. Many also argue that with the growing demand for food, animals are best raised on insects while the meat is left for humans.

    Are insects safe for dogs to eat?

    Insect pet food is the only alternative to traditional meat and fish sources that are fully suited to your pet’s digestive system at the moment.

    While it may not seem natural, especially if you’ve had to stop your dog being all inquisitive over a fly or insect in the garden, all of the above foods have actually been specially created and tested to ensure that they are safe to consume for pets.

    Humans currently eat 2000 species of insects on a daily basis, and wild cats and dogs will often have insects as a food source, so it really isn’t that odd at all!

    Do be aware that foods using black soldier fly larvae can be high unsaturated fats however, so may not be suitable for all dogs. Check with your vet first if you have any concerns.