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Best Dog Grooming Tables for 2022

A great dog grooming table can make your life easier, whether you’re an at-home hobbyist, mobile grooming business owner, or you regularly attend dog shows. Choosing the right one means deciding between a professional or portable table, so you’ll need to consider which features are important to you because the price of a new table can range from sub-£100 to well over £1,000.

Looking for a heavy duty trolley-table? View the best trolley grooming tables here.

When mobile-grooming or putting the finishing touches on a dog prior to a show, you’ll need a table which is collapsible and portable, but still strong enough to hold the pets and any extra clamps, arms or equipment. This is particularly important if you go to a few different places every year.

You may also want something which you can put up at home for home grooming, and to prepare your dog for getting used to the table so they stay calm.

Below are the best professional dog grooming tables and portable grooming tables online.

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    The Fellie Dog Grooming Table Adjustable Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pets Grooming Table
    • Grooming parlour standard
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Max weight of 120kg
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    Crysta Electric Grooming able
    • Great reviews
    • 140Kg capacity
    • Wheels for easy portability
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    Groom Force Portable Table
    • Small size available (M,L also)
    • Sturdy with feet for uneven floors
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    The Top Dog Grooming Tables Reviewed

    The Fellie Dog Grooming Table Adjustable Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pets Grooming Table

    Designed for professionals to use in grooming salons, this table is really well-built and can be raised or lowered to suit your canine customer.

    It boasts a sturdy adjustable grooming arm and noose and is suitable for just about every dog breed thanks to its heavy-duty construction, meaning it can even take the weight of chunkier pups of 120Kg!

    The height can be adjusted between 57cm – 101cm, and the top is covered in a non-slip rubber mat with a durable rust-resistant stainless steel frame.

    The table also comes with a manual, and customer service is on hand to help with any questions.



    • Grooming parlour standard
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Max weight of 120kg


    • Dimensions: 110 x 61 x 57-101cm
    • Weight load: 120 kg

    Crysta Electric Grooming able

    When it comes to dog grooming, ease and accessibility is everything which is why a surface-lit table is ideal. With the Crysta Electric Table, long-length bulbs are built into the tabletop to ensure you can see what you’re doing without any restriction.

    The table also features an electric chassis with a low access point for animals to walk on and off the table and reaches up to 98cm, so you can choose the height at which you work and prevent back pain.

    The feet are adjustable in order to overcome uneven floors, and the table also has wheels for easier handling that won’t damage your back.

    The table benefits from a fully height-adjustable stainless steel H-bar and two grooming nooses for the grooming itself.


    • Great reviews
    • 140Kg capacity
    • Wheels for easy portability


    • Dimensions: 110 (L) x 60cm (W)
    • Weight: 11kg

    Groom Force Portable Table

    Whether you have a small salon or only groom small dogs, this little table is a bit less imposing in all areas.

    Not only will it be less intimidating for the dog, but it is great for home salons or if you need to fit a few tables in a room and have a few different sizes. Lightweight at 13Kg, it’s not a stress to move around and offers a large storage rack, grooming arm and noose and boasts up to an 80Kg capacity.

    Great for professionals and best in show competitions, the grooming table can be packed away quickly and effectively by removing storage rack, unscrewing the H-bar and folding the legs up for simple transport.

    The tabletop is also covered in non-slip rubber, as are the feet of the table to provide you with optimum support!

    With a smaller 81cm diameter, it’s perfect for toy breeds!


    • Small size available (M,L also)
    • Sturdy with feet for uneven floors


    • Dimensions: 81 x 53.5 x 79cm (S)
    • Weight: 13kg (S)

    BTM Adjustable Portable Mobile Folding Dog Table

    Available in Small, Medium and Large, this table can hold up to 50, 100 or 150kg.

    The adjustable grooming arm features a 50cm lasso to stabilise your pet, and the board is non-slip and static-free so your canine’s fur can look just right and they are safe.

    It folds down with ease for storage or carrying in the car. With the larger sizes, you get a handy storage tray underneath for keeping all of your equipment safe, which could be worth it if you are a semi-professional with something for every job and need.


    • Scratch-resistant top
    • Generously sized dog strap


    • Dimensions: 76 x 46 x 76cm
    • Weight: 10kg (Small)

    The Fellie Dog Grooming Table

    With an adjustable height grooming arm, secure brackets to keep the table in position, and three loops to hold the dogs (or cats) in place, this is a really great grooming table which means you don’t have to spend over the odds.

    The top is rubber to prevent slips, and also ensure any accidents are easy to mop up. The grooming arm is able to completely dismantle if you just need the table, and it will range in height between 77-160cm so is good for medium and larger dogs.

    Thanks to the stainless steel frame, it is really strong and rust-resistant, so we fully expect it to last the users for years to come – great to avoid any disruption, days out of work or further investment down the line. It’ll hold 120kg with ease, so no dog is too large.

    It is nearer the lower end of the general price scale, which is good news if you want something affordable until your business takes off.


    • Three nooses
    • Easy to wipe clean


    • Dimensions: 110 x 61 x 57cm
    • Weight: 57kg

    Master Equipment Bone Shaped Folding Table

    Suitable for any mobile groomers or show owners, this foldable table is able to hold your pooch still as you groom.

    It is bone-shaped, but this isn’t just to ensure you stand out from the crowd. The tapered design lets you get closer to your dog as you groom, so you can get everything precise.

    When it is up, it is surprisingly sturdy and there is no wobbling or unease, which is good for both you and your canine.


    • Comes with a grooming arm
    • Good shape so you can get close


    • Dimensions: 84.6 x 56.6 x 17.3 cm
    • Weight: 12.5kg

    vidaXL Portable Dog Grooming Table

    This is a table with castors, which makes it perfect for anyone to drag who can’t really lift and carry heavyweights.

    It can reach an overall height of 76cm, so should be fine for the majority of people to be able to comfortably work around with their dog. It’ll also hold up to 50kg, so is fine for the majority of small and medium doggies.

    The grooming arm is easy to dismount if not needed, and the grooming noose is also adjustable. The wheel castors aren’t as strong as you would get on a show trolley, but they are good for taking across the arena floor.


    • Wheels for easier movement
    • MDF table is strong


    • Dimensions: 91.5 x 61.5 x 156 cm
    • Weight: 18kg

    Anself Adjustable Bath Grooming Table

    A non-slip tabletop and iron frame make this table safe, secure and steady.

    It comes with a grooming arm, and it is easy to dismount and refit as and when required. The maximum load weight is 60kg, so it is fine even for large dogs, and a grooming loop will hold them steady as you get to work.

    As it is foldable, it can also be stored away when not needed in between shows.


    • Good price
    • Sturdy tabletop


    • Dimensions: 97 x 61 x 154.5 cm
    • Weight: 7kg

    Buying Guide

    Table Size

    If you are a professional dog groomer, you will need something which can accommodate a Great Dane just as easily as a Chihuahua. They need to be able to stand comfortably on it and turn around, and you also need to be able to go around the table and care for all sides.

    Grooming Arms

    If you are buying a grooming table, there is a good chance that you may also need a grooming arm. This is the frame which holds the straps/nooses that keep your dog still so they can’t jump off or move around when you are busy with the shears or scissors.

    They come in either arm of H-Bar styles. For collapsible show tables and grooming stations, they should be removable so the whole unit folds down easily.

    This is often done by a clamp. You may also want one which is height adjustable. If your dog is usually fine without restraint or you need a particular arm, you may wish to forego one to save space.


    Most of the tables will be around 8kg to 30kg. Those at the higher end will likely be permanent, sturdier when erect and able to hold bigger weights and dogs but do think about whether it needs to be moved at all – even pushing a table on wheels can be hard if it is really heavy.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What should I look for in a grooming table?

    Table Surface

    You want something which the dog doesn’t slip on, and which can be cleaned down and wiped, especially if using several dogs. Rubber is the most common covering


    Most are made out of metals, which gives the strongest results and stability and holds the most weight, and also makes it easier to clean and disinfect. Avoid anything which is largely wood, plastic or any other material

    How much is a grooming table?

    It depends on which type you are buying. For a collapsible dog show table, expect to pay a price between £50 and £150. Those at the higher end will often be a bit stronger and better quality, but the cheaper options can be surprisingly efficient.

    For a permanent table which goes up and down in professional settings, they can start at £400 and go into the thousands. If you are just starting out in your business, opt for one above which is decent but won’t cost the earth. You can always buy one which is more expensive later down the line

    Are there any alternatives?

    Not if you are a professional – a grooming table is vital not only in terms of the look of your studio and opinion of customers (both those with tails and those without) but it also means safety. Any accidents in your salon could be dangerous and costly to rectify. But if you’re using at home or at dog shows, you may be wondering what the other options are.

    Can I use that fold-up table that is dragged out at Christmas when we have guests? What about the old wallpapering table in the garage? Maybe that ping pong table the other half wanted for their birthday 12 years ago and hasn’t touched since?

    Well – no. A dedicated dog grooming show table will be strong enough to hold your dog, the right height for you to use it, and will collapse down into a good transportable method. Dining tables are just not up to the job. If you wouldn’t stand on it, don’t make your dog!