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Best Chinchilla Cages for 2021

Chinchillas are a wonderfully active and inquisitive pet, and so they need a large, spacious cage to help house those mischievous personalities!

But it’s not just space you have to worry about when finding them the perfect home, and you’ll also need to consider things like safety features, accessibility and even ease of cleaning if you don’t want your life to become a chore!

So to help you find the best option for your furry friend, we’ve reviewed the very best chinchilla cages on the market to ensure you choose a secure, roomy and satisfying environment for your pet!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand
    • Two storey cage with full width double doors
    • Wide expanse shelves and solid pan floors
    • ‘Happy Feet’ ramp covers to prevent injury
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    COZY PET Rodent Cage
    • Double doors for easy access
    • Wheeled stand for easy movement
    • Multiple platforms for exploring
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    Yaheetech 3 Tier Animal Cage
    • Extra large bird cage makes a great chinchilla home!
    • Metallic durable frame
    • Huge internal space!
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    The Top 5 Best Chinchilla Cages Reviewed

    Little Friends Triple Metal Chinchilla Cage With Stand

    Providing three storeys of adventure for your little climbers, this secure metal chinchilla cage is one of the roomiest on the market, with ample space for chinchillas to get up to all kinds of mischief!

    The wiring of the cage itself is chew proof, allowing plenty of teeth-sharpening action and the cage comes with a large wheeled stand allowing you to easily transport your chinnies around the house should you need too. The stand’s trolley structure also offers up a convenient place to store food and accessories!

    Three secure catch doors ensure there’s no fear of your chinchilla’s breaking out and hurting themselves, and an easy pull out base tray makes cleaning a much less stressful experience.

    For ease of maintenance, the cage also offers up four swivelled feeding stations which makes refilling and cleaning food bowls easier than ever, without having to fiddle with the main doors and prevent a mass chinchilla escape!

    One downside is that the top two levels and the ladders have wire rung bases which can become sore for a chinnies feet over long periods, but this in turn allows for droppings to easily pass through the upper levels to the base tray for ease of cleaning.

    However, we would still suggest covering these floors with a lining of fabric or removing them entirely to install ledges of your own to make it more comfy!


    • Three floors of exploration!
    • Four swivelled feeding stations!
    • Stand with wheels for easy maneuvering


    • Weight: 998 g
    • Dimensions: 82 x 54 x 158cm

    MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand

    Unlike other cage companies, MidWest Homes for Pets know exactly what a rodent needs to be truly happy in their habitat, and so they have made sure that every potential issue has been catered for in this Critter Nation cage!

    Perfect for Chinchillas, the enclosure boasts a whopping two storeys made up of two easily removed solid base pans, which not only means quick and efficient cleaning, but also ensures smooth, non-wire flooring for the safety of your pet.

    Along with these two floors are also additional platforms for climbing up linked by the great innovation of ’happy feet’ ramps. Unlike standard ladder connections, these ramps prevent slip injuries and offer much more comfort for your little chinnies feet!

    Convenient full width double doors with critter-proof dual locking door latches provide complete accessibility to your chinchillas while also ensuring their security, and a wheeled stand means there is ease of movement when it comes to re-rooming your pets.

    Best of all, you’ll even find plenty of attachment points throughout the enclosure, meaning customising your pet’s crib with tunnels, tubes and toys is easier than ever!

    Undoubtedly the safest cage environment you’ll find, this MidWest home puts a pet’s health and happiness ahead of everything!


    • Two storey cage with full width double doors
    • Wide expanse shelves and solid pan floors
    • ‘Happy Feet’ ramp covers to prevent injury


    • Weight: 49.4 Kg
    • Dimensions: 91.4 x 61 x 160 cm

    COZY PET Rodent Cage

    From the trusted brand Cosy Pet, this high-quality cage will provide everything you need for your little chinchilla!

    It provides ample space for them to leap and run and features removal chew-proof trays for easy cleaning as well as pet-safe powder-coated metal ladders.

    And for extra convenience, you can also move the cage around thanks to the caster wheels.


    • Double doors for easy access
    • Wheeled stand for easy movement
    • Multiple platforms for exploring


    • Weight: 22 Kg
    • Dimensions: ‎52 x 80 x 127.5 cm

    Yaheetech 3 Tier Animal Cage

    A bird cage? For a chinchilla?!

    Well, believe it or not, thanks to their enormous size and height, bird cages are often actually better chinchilla enclosures than they are aviaries, if you can ensure they are suitably safe and appropriate!

    This three tiered monster cage from Yaheetech is certainly that, with a whopping 175 cm of height making it by far the tallest enclosure on the market, and so simply irresistible to chinchillas who dream of climbing mountains all day.

    A durable, ultra-strong frame made of premium metal is coated with non-toxic paint for a pet’s safety and two large front doors are secured with crescent locks, preventing cunning animals from smarting their way out of their enclosure!

    As for the inside, the cage provides one large base floor with two higher platforms connected by ladders for climbing, perfect for chinnies.


    • Extra large bird cage makes a great chinchilla home!
    • Metallic durable frame
    • Huge internal space!


    • Weight: 24.4 Kg
    • Dimensions: 175.5 x 81 x 46.5 cm

    Little Friends Large Chewproof Tall Chinchilla Metal Cage

    Featuring an astonishing 152cm of height, this slender, towering cage form Little Friends is specifically built to provide an area that allows climbing-obsessed chinchillas with a fun, explorable space.

    Made of an entirely powder-coated metal exterior and base, it’s 100% chewproof, meaning even the nastiest of chinchilla gnashers won’t be able to munch their way out of this secure marvel.

    Inside, your chinchillas will be pleased to find three metal shelves and ladders that take them to the top of the cage and owners will be pleased to discover an easy clean pull-out litter tray too!



    • Strong powder-coated metal construction
    • Three shelves with connecting ladders
    • Massive 152cm height


    • Dimensions: 152 x 60 x 51 cm
    • Weight: 25Kg

    Buying Guide

    Choosing a Chinchilla Cage


    As it is considered cruel to keep a chinchilla on their own, you’re going to need a cage which can sufficiently house two fairly large rodents with extra room for exploring and jumping around!

    Standard cage requirements for chinchillas tend to be listed as 91 x 61 x 61 cm and at a minimum, the cage should provide 6 cubic square feet of space for every chinchilla, so if you’re looking to house more, you need a bigger cage!

    Remember that you also want there to be plenty of room for toys, wheels and other exercising implements to keep your chinnies healthy and entertained.

    Generally, a chinchilla cage will also be far taller than it is wide, with plenty of platforms for jumping and climbing. This is an activity that chinnies love to partake in, so if the cage you’re perusing isn’t multi-levelled, it’s probably not a suitable chinchilla cage!

    Non-Chinchilla Cages

    Browsing for chinchilla cages is often confusing, as you’ll see things like bird cages or ferret cages often being advertised as also being suitable for chinchillas.

    To determine whether the cage would really be suitable for your chubby chin, we’d suggest first looking at the size of the cage – could it comfortably hold two chinchillas?

    Then it’s important to look at the style or shape of the cage. Are there multi-levelled platforms for them to climb up? If yes, it will probably make a suitable home, whereas a low ceilinged hamster like enclosure is definitely not suitable.

    Be most careful when buying bird cages, as although similar in shape and structure, you need to be able to judge whether a chinchilla could feasibly move from platform to platform in a bird cage, because without wings they might struggle!


    As previously mentioned, despite their cute, cuddly appearance and large size, chinchillas fancy themselves as acrobats, and love nothing more than performing death-defying stunts off the top platform.

    It’s therefore crucial that your cage can offer heavy-duty support to withstand their weight and movement when performing such feats.

    Wire/metal materials obviously tend to be the most efficient as they are stronger than plastic models, and you’ll also want to make sure your choice provides good airflow. This is because chinchilla’s fur makes them susceptible to overheating and so they need an airy space to prevent heat stroke or fungal infection from humid conditions.

    Any wire cage you do go for should have a solid base to avoid slip injuries or irritations on your pet’s feet. If any plastic accessories come with your cage, you also need to remove them, as chinnies are sensational chewers to their detriment and will probably end up chewing on harmful shards of plastic.

    The final safe-guarding feature to consider is whether the cage has been given a special coating of galvanised or lead paint which will be harmful to your chinnie if chewed and ingested. A safer option is a powder-coated cage.


    Chinchillas are sneakier than you think and despite their stocky body, they’re more than capable of squeezing their way through some bars. It’s therefore recommended that you don’t pick a cage with bar spacing of anything over 1.27 cm!


    Naturally you’ll want to be able to interact with your pets from time to time, as otherwise, what’s the point in owning them?

    To do this you’ll need easily workable and accessible doors that lock and unlock quickly but securely. The larger the door is the easier it will be to get in and feed your pet or change bedding etc.


    Something that current pet owners never like to admit to is all the cleaning that goes into looking after a pet and unfortunately for would-be chinchilla owners it’s no different!

    But by choosing a larger cage, you make cleaning easier for yourself from the off as this will decrease the likelihood of you chinchillas constantly coming into contact with soiled bedding or dirty faeces

    Other Buyers Ask...

    How much should a chinchilla cage cost?

    We won’t beat around the bush – a chinchilla cage is a seriously expensive bit of equipment.

    But what you have to think is that it is going to be your pet’s home for potentially over a decade, and so it needs to be a fantastic quality cage, which will naturally come with a hefty price tag.

    An average price for a top of the range chinchilla cage tends to be around the £120 mark, however we have included cages on this list which are cheaper and still of great quality.

    Due to their size and structure, you’ll likely never get a brand new age for anything less than £60 and for a real top of the range model you could end up shelling out hundreds of pounds!

    Can I use a bird cage for my chinchilla?

    We would always recommend going for a cage purposely built for chinchillas, but these days many companies look to save money by creating cages that can serve a purpose for several types of rodents or even different animals like birds.

    But if you are purchasing a cage originally designed for another animal, then you need to take extra care in identifying whether it is suitable.

    A good way to think of it is to ask yourself whether a cage provides a chinchilla with the three S’s: Space, Size and Security.

    Space – The base of the cage is roomy enough for two chinchillas to have 6 cubic feet of space to themselves

    Size – It is a tall, multi-levelled cage with platforms which can accommodate climbing and jumping.

    Security – The material is safe and secure for chinchillas with not too large spacing between the bars and a solid based floor.

    You need to be particularly careful of bird cages which have grate coverings over their base litter tray, as these obviously won’t be comfy for your chinnie to walk on!

    Again, we will reiterate that the easiest thing to do is to just buy a cage purpose-built for large rodents, but we realise there are various cages on the market which do advertise as being suitable for chinchillas. After all, we’ve included one on this list!