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Best Bird Feeding Stations for 2021

Everybody wants a garden filled with beautiful feathered friends and becoming a migration hotspot is thankfully a lot easier than you’d expect with a well-designed bird feeding station.

Sprucing up your lawn with their antiquated and boutique structures, a good bird feeding station should provide entice wildlife in every way possible, with trays for bathing and seed as well as hanging feeders filled with a variety of treats.

They also need to be able to withstand weightier birds and battle adverse conditions without collapsing at the slightest breeze!

So to help you find a station that boasts both style and substance, we’ve searched high and low for the best bird feeding stations on the market, helping you turn your garden into a fledgeling’s paradise!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station
    • 3 Brackets
    • Powder-coated finish
    • Water & mesh dish
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    Peckish Secret Garden Dining Station for Wild Bird
    • 10 feeder hooks!
    • Decorative leaf design
    • Strong & stable base fork
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    Henry Bell Essentials Two Arm Complete Feeding Station
    • Easy push button connector poles
    • 2 hooks & 2 feeders included
    • Designed with a cool grey finish
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    The Top 10 Best Bird Feeding Stations Reviewed

    Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station

    One of the best selling bird stations on the market, this simple but stunning feeding pole from Kingfisher features a multi-purpose design that’s perfect for enticing tits, woodpeckers, finches and many more wild birds to your garden!

    Utilising a sturdy metal construction with a powder-coated finish, it’s ultra-strong ground spike ensures a durable rod which can resist the weight of a wood-pigeon and be repositioned to different areas with ease.

    3 hanging brackets, a feeding tray and water dish also mean you can cater for just about every bird, allowing you to offer a wide variety of treats such as nuts, seeds and suet!

    Coming in a traditional, curved design, it’s thankfully easy to assemble too, with slot together poles that make elegance effortlessly achievable!

    There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular stations out there!


    • 3 Brackets
    • Powder-coated finish
    • Water & mesh dish


    • Dimensions: 49.5 x 18 x 190 cm
    • Pole Length: 190 cm

    Tom Chambers Grand Bird Station

    Probably one of our favourite designs on the list, Tom Chambers is renowned for his boutique and vintage style stations which make eye-catching garden ornaments as well as great wildlife attractors!

    Acting as a wondrous centrepiece to your outside area, this Grand Station is seriously heavy-duty, which guarantees a more weather-resistant, sturdy structure which won’t topple due to the weight of some slightly tubbier tits. To top it off, it also uses double stabilising prongs for optimum balance, so it can accommodate potentially hundreds of birds at once! (Although good luck being that successful!)

    The Grand Station is one of the better providers on the market and features 4 hanging hooks and some of the largest and most expansive seed and water dishes we’ve seen anywhere, so there’s always a feast to be had in your garden!

    Finished with a sumptuous spiral finial, this is quite frankly class on grass!


    • Heavy duty brackets
    • Decorative spiral finial
    • Extra large seed tray


    • Dimensions: 77 x 9 x 47 cm
    • Pole Length: 230 cm

    Green Jem Wild Bird Bird Feeding Station

    For those who are disappointed by the often stale aesthetics of bird feeding stations, this tantalising and pretty tree design from Green Jem is the ideal way to spruce up a small corner of your plot.

    With a quaint little bird finial and 4 adjustable tree leaf adorned hanging hooks, it’s as eye-popping as it is effective when it comes to attracting wildlife.

    Featuring an easy assembly, 3 pole slotting system, set up is a total breeze and a brown hammertone finish helps your garden shine with sophistication!


    • Bird finial & tree design
    • 2 metre height
    • Brown hammertone finish


    • Dimensions: 65.8 x 21.2 x 7.2 cm
    • Pole Length: 200 cm

    ChapelWood Original Dining Station

    One of the world’s largest and most successful wildlife brands, ChapelWood specialise in wild bird care and are at the forefront of innovative and high-quality new products.

    Their Original Dining station is a tough act to beat though and is an all-in-one feeding spot that can elevate any lawn into a luxurious grass masterclass with its curved and distinguished design.

    Made from high-grade steel, it features a two-way head, water dish, mesh tray and additional feeding hook so that you have a multitude of options at your disposal to help best attract your feathered friend menagerie.

    At a towering 2.5 m tall, it’s an impressive centrepiece, with an ornate finial and enhanced scrollwork details making it truly a beautiful banquet for your favourite birdies.


    • High-quality, screw together poles
    • Additional lower feeding hook
    • Huge 2.5 m height!


    • Dimensions: 76.6 x 29.8 x 7.8 cm
    • Pole Length: 250 cm

    Garden Selections Wild Bird Feeding Station

    For all you bird-lovers with a more boutique taste in furniture, this Wild Bird Feeding Station from Garden Selections is a vintage treat, with an attractive bronze finish and Victorian-esque finial.

    Made from hard-wearing metal, a powder-coated finish ensures durability and protection from pecks and scratches, while an ‘all-in-one’ design helps cater to every family of fledgeling imaginable.

    This includes 4 feeders ready to hang, a seed tray, a water dish and even some bathing facilities so birdies can soak up all the glory that is your warbler Waldorf!

    Unlike other models, it’s also a stress-free setup, with no tools required assembly and a tapered base pole to provide slick and quick pushing into the perfect patch of soil.


    • Bronze vintage finish
    • All in one design, with feeders, seed tray & water dish
    • Easy assembly - no tools required!


    • Dimensions: 77 x 9 x 47 cm
    • Pole Length: 240 cm

    Peckish Secret Garden Dining Station for Wild Bird

    Most bird feeding stations are either featureless, eye-catching marvels or bland, sturdy structures designed to get the job done. But why shouldn’t you be able to have both?

    Luckily for you, we just can’t keep a secret and so we’re happy to be whistleblowers when it comes to Peckish’s Secret Garden Dining Station which is one of the few to provide the best of both worlds.

    Standing at a fantastic 2.5 m tall, it’s dazzling aesthetic is easily our favourite, with a decorative leaf and curved branch design that blend in with any modern or traditional garden.

    It’s also one of the most accommodating structures for your feathered friends, with an astonishing 10 feeding hooks to help you mix and match a smorgasbord of options to attract a variety of visitors.

    Despite it’s beautiful and sophisticated look, it thankfully offers a seriously simple set up too, with no tools assembly and a four-directional ground stability fork that ensures protection against adverse conditions.

    Pretty and practical, there’s no better station out there!


    • 10 feeder hooks!
    • Decorative leaf design
    • Strong & stable base fork


    • Dimensions: 6 x 20 x 80 cm
    • Pole Length: 250 cm

    Henry Bell Essentials Two Arm Complete Feeding Station

    Considering most bird stations don’t even come with feeders, they’re price tag can be somewhat of an eyebrow-raiser for us bird lovers who are a little more frugal when it comes to garden furniture and ornaments.

    If substance and function are more important to you than style and fancy features, this Henry Bell feeding station can help you save a bob or two while still attracting a bird or three.

    Because after all, the real beauties are the birds themselves, which this efficient station is guaranteed to entice in flocks!

    With two simple feeding hooks and feeders included, you can turn the garden into a little wildlife hub in just one purchase and easy push-button pole connectors make setting up a tool-free, effortless task.

    It’s the ideal solution for both wannabe twitchers and certified experts!


    • Easy push button connector poles
    • 2 hooks & 2 feeders included
    • Designed with a cool grey finish


    • Dimensions: 73 x 12.5 x 9cm
    • Pole Length: 215 cm

    Honeyfield's Wild Bird All in 1 Feeding Dining Station

    Sure four hangers are nice, but bigger is always better and the more seed and feed you’ve got – the more sweet songbirds your garden is going to attract.

    Using that theory as its blueprint and running with it, this stunning premium wild bird feeding station from Honeyfields is designed to enhance your plot’s appearance while offering the complete feeding solution with its astonishing 12 hangers!

    Treat and water trays are included while a super stable quintet of ground spikes creates a durable and steady fork that is weather-resistant and easy to lodge into your lawn!


    • 12 hangers
    • Weather resistant
    • Detachable twin fork stabilising base


    • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 210 cm
    • Pole Length: 210 cm

    Supa Wildbird Feeding Station

    Another much more reasonably priced model, this attractive Wildbird Feeding Station from Supa is everything you need to make an alluring and accommodating banquet hall for the birds in your garden.

    With a twin bracket, single bracket, mesh seed tray and water dish, it’s suitable for everything from suet to scraps and mealworms, meaning the appetite of every type of fledgeling is catered for.

    Assembly instructions also make setup a simple operation and a black finish helps the station blend in nicely with any style of garden.


    • Twin & single brackets
    • Water dish & mesh basket
    • Competitively priced


    • Dimensions: 49.5 x 18 x 150 cm
    • Pole Length: 150 cm

    Banquet Bird Feeder Station

    With a seed, nut, suet, and bread feeder, a water dish, fruit holder and hook for an additional feeder, this bird station provides a banquet so plentiful that Henry VIII would be jealous!

    Not only does it allow for a variety of treats, but once the birds are done eating, they can wash it all done with a refreshing drink of water.

    And if you’re not a fan of the metal birding feeding stations, then this provides a fantastic alternative that will enhance its surroundings with its forest-like and natural quality.

    For practical purposes, the roof opens on hinges so the feeders can be re-filled or removed for cleaning. The base also has a mesh panel to allow water to drain through and stop waterlogging.


    • Smart design
    • Four different feeders
    • Ideal gift for a bird watcher


    • Dimensions: 20 x 40 x 27cm
    • Pole Length: N/A

    Buying Guide

    Features To Look Out For

    Hanging Hooks

    If you want to attract the best birds, you need to provide them with the best variety of food and there’s a wide range of feeders you can buy featuring nuts, seeds or suet.

    However, there’s no point buying an arsenal of different feeders if your station can only hold one or two!

    The more branches/hooks your station provides, the more varying foods you can offer, which in turn should result in a colourful mix of different birds at your station!

    Water & Seed Trays

    A good bird feeding station should provide a spot to drink and bathe, as well as a seed tray, as some birds prefer feeding on a flat ground-like surface.


    Spending a fortune on a bird feeding station only to discover you then need to go out and buy a load of feeders to hang on it can be frustrating. If you don’t already own some feeders and don’t want to spend any more dosh than you have to, it might be an idea to purchase a station which includes them already.


    Unlike bird tables, feeding stations are usually metal as opposed to wood, which makes them more durable and long lasting. Watch out for powder coated finishes too, as these will help protect the metal from scratches or marks.


    Naturally, a bird feeding station needs to be able to withstand strong wind conditions and the weight of much larger birds without falling over. This requires a combination of both heavy duty material and supportive and stable ground forks to push into the soil.


    If you’re on the smaller side, you might struggle to reach a 2.5 m tall station, which would make changing feeders and handling the station a little tricky. So make sure to pick something that’s within reach!

    Easy Assembly

    Setting up your bird feeding station shouldn’t be a chore and so it’s best to find a model which either promises easy connecting rods, or the least number of separate pieces possible. The most important thing to watch out for though is no tools required as this means you won’t have to reach into your toolbox, or go out and buy one if you’re a little light in DIY experience!


    While attracting birds might be your main aim, let’s not kid ourselves that bird feeding stations can’t also make incredibly attractive ornaments and centrepieces for your garden. Therefore it makes sense to try and purchase something a little more fashionable. Pay attention to the material and design and watch out for attractive finials, the decorative pattern at the top of the pole.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    Which bird feeding station is best?

    We would suggest a heavy-duty model with plenty of hanging hooks and as much stabilisation features at the bottom of the pole as possible.

    It also doesn’t hurt to bring a little bit of style into your garden and so models with attractive structures and materials can often make good furniture for your lawn.

    That’s why we recommend the Peckish Secret Garden Feeding Station as it is both beautifully designed and features everything you need to attract a wide range of birds.

    How much should a bird feeding station cost?

    For a really good quality, bronze station with plenty of hanging hooks, you’ll usually pay somewhere between £35 and £60.

    However, we realise that this is a little steep for garden owners who are newcomers to attracting wildlife and there’s plenty of cheaper options with fewer hooks and style around which will still get the job done.

    Cheaper two armed models tend to cost between £10 and £25 and should be stable enough to hold court!