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Best Guinea Pig Toys for 2022

Although most guinea pigs seem perfectly content plodding along and relaxing in their enclosures… it shouldn’t be a shock for you to learn that things can get very boring without some entertainment!

High-quality guinea pig toys and activities can help break boredom, improve piggy health through exercise and most crucial of all, keep their teeth in good condition through gnawing and chewing implements!

But which toys do guinea pigs respond to best and more importantly, which ones are safe for your cheeky chewer!?

Well, to help you discover some truly terrific enrichment toys for your guinea pig, we’ve researched everything from tilting tunnels to foldable fiddlesticks to help you find the best guinea pig toys available!

Check out our top ten to find some classic playthings to stimulate the mind and body of your perfect piggies!

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    Our Top Picks

    Image Product Details
    HAYPIGS Circus Guinea Pig Enrichment Toy Bundle
    • Sliding tunnel
    • 3-in-1 treat ball
    • Weightlifter kebab stick
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    Naturals Hide 'n' Treat Maze
    • Edible maze with treat holders
    • Fun foraging stimulator
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    Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter & Play Tunnel Twin Pack
    • Two connecting tunnels
    • Anti-chew rings
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    The Top Guinea Pig Toys Reviewed

    HAYPIGS Circus Guinea Pig Enrichment Toy Bundle

    Our favourite collection on the market, HAYPIGS have built their reputation around creating piggy toys with one unusual theme… the circus.

    Allowing you to create your very own travelling guinea pig show, this triple toy starter kit features three of their best selling items: the cavy cannonball, weightlifter kebab stick and circus treat ball, ensuring you have a great variety of interactive and stimulating goodies!

    The cavy cannonball offers a unique tunnel and see-saw combo, encouraging repeat visits thanks to the fun tilting action, while the circus treat ball gives guineas an item they can push and roll around the pen in an attempt to release pellets or other sweet treats.

    The most unusual item though is the piggy weightlifters, which allows you to remove a weight and skewer on vegetables and fruit to make a weighty kebab for your piggies to wrestle over.

    They’re Big Top toys boasting tip-top quality!


    • Sliding tunnel
    • 3-in-1 treat ball
    • Weightlifter kebab stick


    • Dimensions: 31.4 x 24 x 14.5 cm
    • Material: Plastic, Silicone, Steel, Cardboard

    Naturals Hide 'n' Treat Maze

    Toys that combine stimulation and enrichment for ickle guineas are undoubtedly a great option and help keep their minds sharp and teeth sharper.

    Combining tasty treats, chewing opportunities and a fun hide and seek activity, this treat maze is entirely made with hay-coated, edible parchment, meaning the whole labyrinth is completely safe for piggy ingestion.

    A fun grassy piece of terrain for your guinea to explore, the maze is a fantastic foraging tool and provides a series of tubes and rings for you to hide tasty treats inside for your piggy pal.

    Ready to use on purchase, it’s also been pre-filled with appetising marigold flowers and sweet dried carrot mixtures your guinea won’t be able to resist!


    • Edible maze with treat holders
    • Fun foraging stimulator


    • Dimensions: 5 x 28 x 18 cm
    • Material: Parchment, Hay

    Pets at Home Edible Gnaw Carrot Small Animal Chew

    Not only is this chew carrot super cute, but it will keep your piggies entertained for hours as they nibble away.

    The carrot is made with an appealing chewable texture as well, which is also handy for keeping their ever-growing teeth short.


    • Chewable texture
    • Ideal for easing frustration


    • Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 4cm
    • Material: Wood

    Zippi Guinea Pig Shelter & Play Tunnel Twin Pack

    Turning your guinea pig’s run into an exciting and engaging environment is often a tricky challenge, as not all of us are certified playground architects!

    But this Play Tunnel and Shelter from Zippi could help solve all your issues, as it’s warren style design ensures you have a ready-made area that’s perfect for both exercise and relaxing without having to draw up your own blueprint!

    A pink shelter with two connecting, bendable tubes, you can add several of these together to create a whole new exciting world right inside your guinea pig’s pen, ensuring they never get bored running through their system of tubes and safe spaces.

    For outdoor spaces, they also provide excellent shelter from bad weather and we suggest filling the little rooms with cosy accessories so they can snuggle up to and relax inside!

    Our favourite feature of these tunnels though is their anti-chew rings which screw onto the end of each tube. These act as both secure connectors to fit them to the central shelter but also, as they say on the tin, stop guineas nibbling their new toy to bits within seconds!

    It’s by far the best guinea pig tunnel on the market!


    • Two connecting tunnels
    • Anti-chew rings


    • Dimensions: 90 x 20 cm
    • Material: Plastic

    andwe Play & Activity Balls

    Chew toy sets are a great way to maintain your guinea’s dental health and this great activity ball collection from andwe also doubles as a fun interactive plaything!

    Featuring 8 unique handmade balls from all-natural materials such as seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, willow twigs, corn husk and coco fibre, they provide plenty of fibre for your guinea and keep their gnashers efficiently gnawed down.

    Their round shape also means they can be pushed around your pet’s pen with ease, helping to end spells of boredom and keep them healthy and happy.

    To add a little more entertainment, their material also makes them easy to stuff with pellets and snacks, meaning they’re the ideal toy for creating foraging and hide and seek games.

    A certified instincts unlocker, these balls will keep your guineas entertained for hours!


    • Pack of 8 unique balls
    • Made from natural materials
    • Chewable & rich in fibre


    • Dimensions: 30.23 x 14.99 x 7.37 cm
    • Material: Seagrass, Water Hyacinth, Rattan, Willow, Corn Husk, Coco Fibre

    ERKOON 13 Pack Guinea Pig Chew Toys

    For anyone who’s owned a guinea pig for an extended period of time, you’ll know that brand new toys don’t always last that long thanks to their incessant nibbling!

    It’s therefore sometimes a wise idea to buy yourself a collection of chew toys, that you can slowly introduce your guineas to over an extended period of time, changing them over once the first few have become worn or no longer of interest.

    This fantastic collection from ERKOON is a great starter pack, providing you with 13 eclectic and odd wooden chew toys for your pipsqueak to enjoy! These include a square molar block with rope, pine nuts, apple tree branches, molar string, rattan balls and even a unicycle and dumbbell!

    Made of the highest-quality wood, they’re durable and excellent gnawing tools guaranteeing your pet’s pearls stay sharp and shiny!


    • Natural wooden chew toys
    • Durable molar tools


    • Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 4 cm
    • Material: Wood

    Pets at Home Tug 'N' Gnaw Small Animal Toy

    Nuzzling and gnawing away at objects is second nature to guinea pigs, so giving them a toy they can chew on and push around is a great idea.

    Much like the game, this Tug ‘N’ Gnaw toy is made from cotton and rope and light wooden blocks making it great to throw around for your piggie or simply for them to chew away at – chewing is a natural pastime for guinea pigs. It is actually essential for keeping their teeth small.

    Its colourful rainbow rope will brighten any playpen, and it also happens to be adorable as well!


    • Pet-safe material
    • Chew-safe


    • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 20cm
    • Material: Wood

    Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks

    This fun multi-coloured fiddlesticks bundle from Kaytee is a fantastic gnawing toy and adds some much-needed characters and cuteness to your guinea pig’s play area.

    Far from just a pile of twigs though, each stick is attached together meaning you can bend the carpet of logs into numerous shapes such as a fence or a hidey-hole tunnel!

    It’s also perfectly edible, meaning your guinea is free to nosh away at and fulfil their instinctive chewy behaviour!


    • Multi-coloured fiddlestick pile
    • Bend & simulate different shapes
    • Chew-safe


    • Dimensions: 6.35 x 30.15 x 24.43 cm
    • Material: Wood

    Naturals Dandelion Roll 'n' Nest

    A great option for those who just want a budget buy that still provides their guinea some key enrichment and exercise, this Naturals Dandelion Roll n Nest, is a giant woven grass ball that your guinea will relish nudging and nibbling around their enclosure.

    Helping to unlock a guinea pig’s natural foraging instinct, the ball is stuffed full of some of the sweetest flower petals available, including marigolds and dandelions, meaning piggies will spend hours attempting to bite their way through to the tasty centre!

    An optimum way to stave away boredom and offer up a tasty snack, you can’t go wrong with this chew toy!


    • Natural woven grass ball
    • Edible & interactive!
    • Stuffed with tasty flower petals


    • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15 cm
    • Material: Hay

    Snuggles Sleep 'n' Play Octopus

    Offering a unique and cuddly creature alternative to the classic tunnel and shelter system, this plush ‘octopus’ bed from rosewood is a comfy plush hideout complete with four soft polycotton tunnels.

    It’s a fabulous hideout for your pipsqueak piggy pals and the tunnels are complete with fun peepholes and anti-chew rings at the entrances.

    So comfy is the inner plush shelter centre, don’t be surprised if it becomes your pet’s brand new sleep space and you’ll be lucky if you ever see them again so irresistible is this plaything!

    If only it came in human sizes…


    • Cosy plush octopus bed
    • Interlinking tunnels with peepholes
    • Machine washable


    • Dimensions: 17 x 30 x 15 cm
    • Material: Nylon, Polycotton, Plush

    Buying Guide

    Types of Guinea Pig Toy


    The only absolutely vital choice you should make when purchasing guinea pig toys is to make sure if they have a few items which give good gnawing opportunities. This is because guinea pigs teeth are forever growing and so chewable toys that can give them a bit of bite will help keep their teeth healthy and prevent dental issues and infection.


    Offering areas to snuggle up or hide in, guinea pigs love running through tunnels and they’re often a great option for spicing up dull runs and hutches.


    While your guinea is never going to be the next David Beckham, they often enjoy rolling around and interacting with balls that are of a suitably smaller size. They’re especially engaging if they feature treat-filled centres or are made of chewable material too!

    Treat Finders/Activity Sets

    If you want something a little more stimulating for your pet, many companies these days have created clever contraptions and training style game boards where you can hide treats. Your guinea pigs must then use their instincts and foraging skills to work out where the treats are.

    Things To Consider


    Although guinea pigs are one of the largest animals in the rodent family, buying them absolutely huge toys they can’t possibly interact with isn’t a good idea. For example, things like footballs and giant cuddly toys are so big that your guinea pig is most likely to just ignore them and so you’re only going to be wasting your money. Opposingly, you also don’t want to give them anything too small that could be easily swallowed by them and risk injury or choking.


    One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a guinea pig toy is material, as guinea pigs like to chew just about everything in sight!

    Stick to purpose-made toys when browsing for guinea pigs, as you always want to be sure the materials are not toxic and chew-safe.

    Popular guinea pig toys tend to be made from wood or natural materials like seagrass and hay, as these are edible for guinea pigs and won’t make them ill!

    With plastic and fabric items, a level of care and caution needs to be taken as they need to be labelled as chew-safe to ensure your guinea doesn’t risk swallowing sharp plastic or unsafe fabric after a cheeky nibble. Even if these items are listed as suitable for chewing, it’s best just to observe your rodent while they play with the toy just to be safe.


    Avoid toys with sharp edges or materials that guinea pigs could get caught on and try and avoid buying them climbing apparatus or high platforms, as you don’t want them to risk injury.

    Other Buyers Ask...

    What is the best guinea pig toy?

    The best guinea pig toys are chew toys, as these are essential to ensuring their teeth are consistently gnawed down and any future dental issues can be avoided.

    To be cost-efficient, we suggest buying a multi-pack of chew toys such as ERKOON’s 12 pack as this will ensure your guinea pig has plenty of variety and stimulation.

    In our opinion though, one of the best guinea pig toys is the HAYPIGS Circus Toy collection, as they feature a fun theme as well as three very unique toy products you won’t find anywhere else.

    How much are guinea pig toys?

    Most sole guinea pig toys are relatively cheap and you can pick up plenty of little chew items and tunnels for between £5 and £10. However, the price of buying all these little toys can eventually add up and so we recommend buying multi-packs and sets which will give you everything you need for a much kinder price.

    In general, you shouldn’t ever pay more than £20 for one single guinea pig toy.

    Can you give guinea pigs cuddly toys?

    Yes, guinea pigs love snuggling up to soft toys and often use them as a pillow or a friendly cage companion. However, as guinea’s nibble on just about everything, you need to avoid toys which feature plastic items and attachments. This most usually applies to soft animal toys which feature glass or plastic button eyes which could injure your guinea if they attempt to chew it!