Blink Review: Subscription Cat Food Through Your Letterbox

How many times have you wondered what is really in your pet’s food because it doesn’t smell (or look) like it would be very good for them? How many times have you had to run to the corner shop because there’s no cat food left?

These are two problems that a Blink Cat Food Subscription can solve. All of the ingredients they use are top-quality — with no nasties — and they are delivered to your door when you need them.

Honest Recipes, Premium Fillets / Everything Your Cat Needs

What Is In Blink Cat Food?

Blink always uses real meat. Cats need meat to get the nutrients they need and are carnivores, so need animal protein to be in tip-top health. High-quality cat food appropriate for your cat’s age and health is the easiest way to achieve this.

Blink has tackled these issues in one fell swoop. Their premium, shredded meat fillets are sourced from British farmers and are gently cooked. The recipes are suitable for all ages of cats too. So, you don’t have to change what they’re eating throughout their life.

Every pouch is grain-free and complete and balanced. This means you don’t have to mix it with dry food but it is easy to adjust portions if they do get both wet and dry. Because Blink cat food is wet food, it gives them the best meat and nutrient content vs. dry biscuits.

Ingredients are 100% natural, with added vitamins and minerals.

Blink Cat Food Subscription

Why Should I Choose Blink Over Other Wet Cat Food?

First up — why are they called Blink? Well, this partly answers the question.

Cats slow blink as a sign of trust. They trust you to give them the best food and have their best interest at heart. What better way to prove you love them than with good quality food?

As mentioned, it is 100% natural and includes premium meat and fish sourced from British farmers – so Blink can certify what goes into every pouch. Every pouch is also free from derivatives and is a complete meal, which is great if you want to either stick to wet food or know how much to mix in.

“Some of the larger brands have up to 4 times the level of salt in their recipes compared to Blink, which makes Blink Cat Food the best cat food you can buy.”

It is also delivered to your door every month, so you can guarantee every batch is fresh. This can’t be guaranteed with wet food bought from supermarkets and produced on a mass scale. Many of these will contain preservatives that allow them to sit on the shelves until they’re eaten. This could be several months…

Cat food is commonly smelly, gross-looking and horrible to deal with. But Blink is probably one of the most pleasant cat foods we have actually ever tested. It is easy to get out of the pouch, and not messy.

Cats and kittens of all ages can eat Blink, from weaned kittens to senior cats. Just mash the pieces down a bit smaller if your cat struggles with chunks of meat.

You can choose from three specially designed box sizes based on how much your cat eats and how many cats you will be feeding (knowing that the boxes are delivered every four weeks):

  • Small Box – 28 Pouches
  • Medium Box – 56 Pouches
  • Large Box – 84 Pouches

Your first box is a trial box with a variety of all flavours on offer. From this, you can see what your cat(s) like and don’t like. Then, order only what you need from then on, by logging on to your dashboard. If no changes are made, you’ll continue to get a mix of everything.

If your cat suddenly goes off chicken or fish, you can leave those flavours out the next month. Having an online dashboard also means you can update details quickly and easily so deliveries aren’t disrupted (such as if your bank card details change or you move house).

You can also pause, cancel or skip the next delivery through the dashboard.

What We Tried

Office cat Chloe was treated to Flaked Tuna & Salmon, Roasted Chicken & Tender Duck, Roasted Chicken & Turkey and Roasted Chicken flavours.

The other flavours include Chicken Breast & Shredded Beef, Fish Fillets & Roasted Chicken and Tuna on its own. So, there is something for every taste, whether they are a fish fiend or prefer something meatier.

Any allergies are also catered for. It is easy to avoid certain meats and there is nothing in there that doesn’t need to be, such as cereals.

Blink Cat Food Review

We transitioned the food safely over a week without any fuss, before Chloe was soon on pure Blink food. The company has a really good guide on how to introduce Blink to your cat, which has to be done gradually due to the switch to high meal meals which can be rich.

As a chicken fan, all of the flavours went down very well. Even as a cat who isn’t a massive fan of fish flavours, the Tuna & Salmon was still eaten up which shows it is tasty.

Other Stories & Reviews

A quick look through other customer reviews for Blink cat food on Trustpilot has shown that Blink is great when it comes to helping with skin allergies. The cereal-free, back-to-basics approach to the ingredients means you know exactly what is in the food. And, you can avoid anything which will upset your cat’s tummy or skin.

Other reviews talk about how they have a fussy cat who avoids most foods available in the supermarket, and Blink is all they have touched so far. Cats like high meat content foods and won’t eat anything which isn’t nutritionally valuable to them and what they need. So, fussy cats choosing Blink is a good sign.

Blink also get high praise for their customer service and attention to detail, in case this is also important for you when buying a subscription service like this. Of course, people were also happy that they don’t have to rush out to the shops if they ran out, too.

What if your cat doesn’t like Blink cat food, though? Because that is your main concern, after all.

Because Blink is made from simply natural fillets and natural ingredients with no added sugars, salt, preservatives or derivatives, cats can find it hard to adjust to something ‘healthier’. This is why the slow introduction is essential. Cats can be fussy, but a proper introduction should make the change a bit less hard to swallow.

If it is still a no, though, with any luck you’re still only at the Trial Box stage. So, you can cancel before a full order comes. Blink pouches are also available at chosen supermarkets.

A sudden loss of appetite or stopping eating food that they have previously loved is usually a sign something is wrong, so if they won’t eat any flavour or brand, get advice from a vet ASAP