Small Business Spotlight: Pupcakes By Lilian

Setting up an independent business is no easy task. It takes guts, skill and faith in oneself to take the leap; and it’s all the more reason we, at Petz, want to celebrate every small business that serves the pet world and makes our animal-loving community all the richer.

The story of how Pupcakes by Lilian came to be is a story to inspire with Lilian overcoming a debilitating illness and taking the gamble of leaving a secure job to start the business from scratch. Just a few years on and her business is booming with doggy treats flying out of stock, her doggy birthday cakes in high demand, and a mention on the BBC for a Rangers FC cake that went viral. It seems the risk was certainly one that has paid off.

With Lilian’s autoimmune disease, vasculitis, getting worse she decided it was now or never to quit her day job and truly invest in her creative baking skills. What actually started off by making cakes for people, soon turned into ‘Pupcakes’ when Lilian made her little Frenchie, Floyd, a cake for his first birthday. The cake was shared on social media and with it sent the demand for her homemade doggy cakes flying – within a short period of time, Pupcakes by Lilian had overtaken her original business.

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And it doesn’t take much to see why… not only does Lilian create truly original doggy treats like the Pawtella (doggy Nutella) and the Valentines Day special of Whine and Dine (doggy chocolates and wine), but her treats are incredibly healthy too. Made with human-grade ingredients of peanut butter, egg, and apple, the cakes have no sugar in them whatsoever or any other nasty stuff and the chocolates and doggy Nutella is made with organic carob chips as well.

But what also makes Pupcakes by Lilian so special is the niche and unique quality it has. Lilian can make bespoke and personal cakes for dogs birthdays, always trying her hand at new things. For example, a new customer favourite is three-tier doggy drip cakes. Not only this, but customers can request delicious for themselves that match their fur baby’s cake as well.

Speaking to Lilian about her success, she believes it’s down to the help of her three children, Leah and Lilly, Saul, as well as the ever-growing pet community on Instagram.

‘’Seeing a dog having a birthday party brings joy to people, and they’re realising that dogs truly are apart of the family and deserve to be spoilt for all the happiness they bring their owners. Dogs are so grateful for you and now more than ever, people are marking special occasions with their dogs as a result of that joy and happiness.’’

So what other incredible products can you expect from Pupcakes by Lilian…


Lilian loves seasonal products, and it shows with her range of exciting products designed to ensure your pup doesn’t miss out on the big events. Whether it’s love heart jammy dodger biscuits and a box of chocolates for Valentines Day, Christmas Hampers or a Halloween goody bag full of treats for the tricks… Lilian has brought every event alive for your little buddy. There’s even Mother’s and Father’s Day boxes… they are our babies after all.


Dogs deserve birthdays too, and with Lilian’s birthday hampers, your dog is going to be one happy pup since it’s packed with treats, toys, birthday accessories and a big birthday cake in the centre.

You can also buy party bags, banners and a party hat with a big matching bow too – adorable!

Day to Day Treats

And since birthdays and Christmas only come around once a year, Lilian has made sure there are healthy treats your pup can enjoy every day with all-natural dog treats and natural grain and corn free Dental Chews, as well as occasional treats like Pupcorn, doggy Yappy Meals (complete with a toy, a pumpkin burger and pumpkin fries), and even Harry Pawter ‘chocolate’ frogs.

Non-Edible Products

Lilian has also founded a sister company, Floyd’s Fragrances (inspired by her little Frenchie), to tackle your pup’s practical needs, including a whole new range of nose butter which acts as a balm for noses and paws. There is also dog safe wax melts so you can have candles on without the overwhelming scents affecting your pooch. You can find natural flea and tick spray in the line-up as well as anti-anxiety lavender calming spray.

Going forward, Lilian is now looking to move her trademark ‘Pawtella’ into retail shops and continues to provide a contactless payment service where you can pick-up cakes and have less delicate treats delivered directly to your door.

So all that’s left is to check out this wonderful business to learn of Lilian’s story, plan your pooch’s next birthday or simply just find a perfect weekend treat for your little buddy!