Small Business Spotlight: Chilled Dawgz Daycare

The secret to a thriving pet business is when the business decisions are solely made with the pets in mind. And that’s precisely what makes Chilled Dawgz Daycare so fantastic and so unique. After Lisa Fleming realised her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels struggled to be around larger dogs in her own boarding business, Lisa decided that she would solve this problem – while providing an answer to many small dog worries – by opening up Glasgow’s very first doggy daycare that catered only for small to medium dogs.

No more nervous little puppies or wee Yorkies being pushed around by the big and boisterous types, Chilled Dawgz Daycare provides a safe and calm environment where the little guys can kick back and relax knowing they’re on a level playing field with everyone else there.

After all, you wouldn’t expect your children to jump from nursery to high school, and so the idea to create a nurturing environment for the smaller breeds makes complete sense. In fact, it does more than making sense; it’s an excellent idea… so great in fact that we’re left wondering why we ever expected our little buddies to be okay around the big guys in the first place.

So with our spotlight in tow, we decided to catch up with Chilled Dawgz Daycare’s owner and find out how it all began.

Dogs playing at Chilled Dawgz Doggy Daycare

With an unlikely beginning, Lisa worked in the NHS for over 20 years before going into dog boarding. And while she grew up with a house full of pets, Lisa didn’t think about going into the business until her first King Charles Spaniel came along. She hated leaving her puppy alone to go to work and bought a second Cavalier to keep her company; thinking it would be easier to go to work. It wasn’t. In fact, it was twice as hard, leaving two dogs, and with Lisa was getting more and more unhappy at her job, the constant worrying about her dogs wasn’t making it better.

So, she decided to put the love for her own dogs and her passion for animals first and make a career change, leaving her stable NHS job to take up dog walking and home boarding. People clearly recognised Lisa’s affinity to dogs, the way she doted on them and her ability to take care of them as if they were her own because the business took off. In fact, so much interest was being generated that when a unit came up to rent, Lisa took another chance and lept into the daycare that is now Chilled Dawgz.

Lisa says:

“We knew from the experience with our four Spaniels that they weren’t comfortable around bigger dogs and I realised there was absolutely nowhere that catered for smaller dogs in daycare. This was when I had the idea of owning my own daycare for small to medium-sized dogs as I knew there would be people in my situation out there. We wanted to start off right, and we got in touch with the licensing department, and we’re now the first fully licensed dog daycare facility catering solely to small to medium-sized dogs.”

Speaking to Lisa about what else she believes makes her business so unique, she stated that:

“It’s the way we’re a small family-run business, and so all the dogs in our care get pretty much one-to-one attention. We take care of our clients’ dogs exactly as they would at home and try to make the daycare as accomodating as possible with play areas, sleep areas, quiet areas and puppy areas.”

With endless positive reviews on the Chilled Dawgz website as well as being nominated for Best Daycare facility in the 2020 Scottish Business Awards, we think the results speak for themselves.

Dogs playing at Chilled Dawgz Doggy Daycare

So if you’re in the Glasgow area and you’re looking for the perfect place for your little companion, then it might just be worth checking out Chilled Dawgz Daycare. It’s a place that will take care of your furbaby with the highest standards providing lots of fun, dedicated attention and experienced staff. Your dog can also benefit from a tailored raw dog feeding service as well that will take the fuss out of your dogs daily meals, creating a diet tailored to their needs every day of the week.

So why not get to know Lisa better and read about all the great things that she can offer for your little chum on the Chilled Dawgz website?