Small Business Spotlight: Snoozy Pet

When it comes to pet accessories, we don’t think it gets much cuter than tiny human-like beds, mini castles, caravans and tiny couches! And behind these wonderful designs is Snoozy Pet, a business that’s truly one of a kind and has succeeded in bringing something to the market that’s fresh and new.

The Snoozy Pet slogan is ‘little beds made for little pets, made with love.’ It’s a simple slogan, but one that’s never been more true since the level of thought and care that goes into Snoozy Pet products is incredible; it couldn’t be any more apparent that Snoozy Pet sticks to their word and that each one truly is made with love. They’ve managed to think outside the box, creating mini teepees, day loungers, as well as matching duvet and sleep hat sets for little reptile beds.

All items are uniquely handmade and have been created with practicality in mind using a fabric that doesn’t snag on little claws and can be machine washed.

Snoozy Pet products

The inspiration behind Snoozy Pet was, in fact, a very fussy Leopard Gecko named Aero. Aero belongs to Charlotte, the founder of Snoozy Pet. Unlike other geckos, Aero hated plastic hides or anything dark and damp. He’d often seek out the cuddles from his owner and loved cosy blankets. After trying and failing to find a cosy bed for her pet, Charlotte made Aero his very own snooze tent, and he loved it!

With a solution found, Charlotte wondered if other reptile owners were struggling with the same thing and decided to set up Snoozy Pet. She set up shop in 2019, and business has been booming! If the customer reviews are anything to go by, then Snoozy Pet was clearly the answer that many other reptile owners had been looking for.

So what does Charlotte think the driving force behind this success is?

”I think what makes my business unique is there really is nothing out there like what I do with such a full range, a few people make things for bearded dragons but there is nothing for leopard geckos as they until now have been regarded as reptiles with no feelings, needs other than food etc and research is now showing this is not true.”

What does Charlotte want people to take away from her business? –

”Many leopard geckos like mine really like to sleep in soft surroundings.
My goal is to change how people see reptiles, they are like any other pet and they deserve what we give to cats, dogs; reptiles need comfort too.”

The team here at Petz think Charlotte is smashing her goal. If your reptile or small animal prefers the unique and snuggly over the conventional, then we recommend checking out these truly special products for your small animal/ reptile accessories or beds.

Snoozy Pet Products

Our top picks:

Castle Leolot

This castle has it all with a cosy little pad at the moment and a super cool lookout at the top. Kitted out with a flag and a shield with the family crest on, this castle too cute to handle and makes bedtime so much more exciting and special.

It comes complete with a mini pillow set made in the exclusive hand-designed Sir Sirius of Leolot fabric and has a padded base for extra comfort. The castle has also been handpainted with non-toxic paint, so it’s completely safe for your little buddy.

Beardie Bedtime Bed Set

You want to make sure your little beardie is all snug and cosy for bedtime, and since this bed is specially made for bearded lizards, they’ll fit into this bed perfectly. It includes an adorable

wooden bed, padded mattress, two pillows, a fleece-lined cover and even a  little moon pillow, so your little pal can wrap up warm and snooze away on even the coldest of winter nights.

Gecko Snuggle Pocket

If your gecko loves to fall asleep in your hood, your pocket or on a pillow, then this snuggle pocket is ideal! It mimics your pocket, but the difference is that when they fall asleep, you don’t have to wake them up; you can just simply put the snuggle pocket back into the vivarium. It’s made of super-soft fleece, so they’ll be wrapped up in comfort and contentment.

Head over to Snoozy Pets to find out all the adorable and lovingly handmade things this little business has to offer!

Snoozy pet teacup