Gus & Bella’s Mother Of Cats Box: Mother’s Day For Cat Mums

To put it simply, the Gus & Bella box is the perfect gift for cat lovers.

From the thoughtful content of each box to the subscription’s flexibility, the boxes are designed with you and your cat in mind. Not only do you have the freedom to either subscribe or get a one-off gift box, but the unique treats delivered in each box is what makes this subscription truly different.

While the box is slightly more geared towards felines, the owner is never left out since every box contains 8-10 treats for feline and their owners to share and open together, which incidentally provides the most valuable gift of all – the opportunity to bond.

And it’s this very goal that sums up the mission of Gus and Bella.

They’re not just your average pet subscription box; instead, they aim to surprise and delight you with a new theme and a new experience for you and your feline friend to encounter together. But even then, they go beyond self-care, lifestyle products and irresistible treats because they also provide valuable guidance on how to entertain and care for your cat as well. So not only will you receive gifts that you love, but you’ll have fresh ideas on hand on how you can spend better quality time with your cat.

Gus and Bella understand that the thing that matters the most to us cat lovers is to be even closer to our pet, and it’s no wonder they get this so right when the business was born from avid cat lovers like us.

What’s Inside?

Every monthly box has a unique and exciting theme with previous ones, including the ‘Wellness Box’, which was packed with cat-themed goodies for the owner – a themed mug and shopper bag – as well as treats and toys that are designed to bring enrichment and calmness to your cat’s life.

Previous boxes have also included a cosy blanket and a guide to what cats want, as well as face-masks and slipper socks.

There’s even a box dedicated to sustainability and environmentally-friendly products as well.

And if you’re super lucky, you might even find the golden ticket surprise in your subscription box. It’s all full of excitement and mystery!

Our Box

For this month – March 2021 – the theme is Mother’s Day, and naturally, what better time to celebrate the bond with your cat than the month of motherhood?

We received the box, and not only did we love the play on Game of Thrones, but we were even more impressed once we opened it.

March’s “Mother of Cats” Box

The Gus & Bella’s Mother Of Cats box contains:

  2. Rosewood Ladybird Cat Nip Toy
  3. 1 x Bird & Blend Tea Bag
  4. 1 x Cat Toy Catnip
  5. Innocent Cat Tuna & Crab Slices
  6. Innocent Cat Duck & Venison Cat Food
  7. 1 x Cat Illustrations Totes Umbrella
  8. 1 x ‘YOU’RE THE BEST CAT MUM’ Wax Melt

Gus and Bella Mother's Day Subscription box

To say we were thrilled when we discovered what was inside is an understatement. With April showers on their way, it’s safe to say we were grateful for the adorable Totes umbrella, and as for what our kitty, Chloe, thought of the box, she was rolling around with the noise-making toy within seconds.

While Chloe was getting acquainted with her new toy, we decided to put the kettle on and try out our fancy Bird & Blend Teabag that was mightily refreshing. After that, we sat back and watched Chloe play with her squeaking ladybird toy while we relaxed into the gorgeous aroma of the Rose & Oud wax melt.

The box’s whole experience was invigorating and fun, and it felt like a really special way to spend the weekend. But don’t take our word for it; it’s time to check out this unique and wonderful brand for yourself over at Gus & Bella!