Small Business Spotlight: Luxury Dog Hampers

When it comes to giving the perfect gift, luxury hampers have been always a favourite, but it’s no wonder when they epitomise everything that feels special. When you receive the gift of a hamper, you know that you’re getting something that you can’t just buy in the local store; you’re getting luxury treats that are higher quality and a little bit more unique.

When we think of luxury hampers, we often think it’s a great idea for our spouse, mother or friend… but we never think of it for our dog. And why not? Dogs have birthdays and Christmases too! They’re one of our most beloved treasures, and so it makes sense that they deserve something that has that same level of quality as well.

It especially makes sense when brands make specialised dog hampers that include only the finest, highest quality treats from artisan businesses and toys and accessories that are trusted, unique and made with love.

‘Where would we buy such a thing? You may ask.’

The answer is Luxury Dog Hampers.

It’s a business that’s born from a dog lover and is dedicated to providing organic, 100% natural treats and toys chosen for quality and safety rather than profit. It’s a business born from a woman who changed her career to be there for her dog. And that dog lover is Karen Rhodes, the founder of Luxury Dog Hampers.

When Karen Rhodes’s rescue dog, Bailey, reached 14, his health took a turn for the worse, and Karen had to put her award-winning dog walking business to one side in order to be there for him. Karen knew that to support Bailey, she’d have to be by his side, and her dog walking business simply didn’t allow that. She knew she had to do something different, but whatever that was, it had to be dog-related.

Luxury Dog Hamper

Karen had already been making dog hampers for Bailey for a long time. She only wanted the best for her boy and wanted to ensure he was getting the best quality ingredients in his treats. It wasn’t until Karen searched Luxury Dog Hampers into google that she realised nobody was offering what she had in mind. She bought the domain name the very next day, and Luxury Dog Hampers was born.

Today, Karen works with independent British businesses to sell a variety of unique hampers in three ranges, including Little Luxuries, Signature Luxuries and the Ultimate Indulgence. Each hamper contains 100% natural treats with no nasties and cruelty-free grooming palm oil-free products and has no harmful chemicals.

The toys are chosen from specialised dog brands that you know and trust, like Kong.

Karen has also included her dog Bertie who has taken over Bailey’s role as the chief tester. If he tests something and doesn’t give it the paws up, the product doesn’t get included.

So whether you’re looking for dog treats you can trust or something special to celebrate your own dog’s birthday, a friend’s new pet or simply a gift for your dog-loving client, let’s have a look at what’s in store.

Luxury Dog Hampers

The Hampers

The Little Luxuries Classic Hamper

The classic hampers are incredibly popular thanks to the range of products they provide. With the Little Luxuries, you can enjoy a fantastic selection of popular dog treats, including dental sticks from Soopa, KangarooMeat Sticks from Jr Pet Products and Papaya Chews, as well as Jr Lamb Pate and a Gor Hugs Bunch Family Frog Toy.

Upgrade from that to the Signature Luxuries, and your pup will benefit from Salmon and White Fish superfood bars as well as salmon sticks, sweet potato chews and coconut and chia seed dental sticks.

It’s full of so much natural taste, and nutrition that your four-legged friend will never want to go back to mainstream dog treats again.

Ultimate Indulgence Puppy Hamper

Our favourite is the Ultimate Indulgence Puppy Hamper that comes with a beautiful fluffy fleece blanket to cuddle your little furbaby, as well as the Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy puppy training book by Steve Mann, Yak chews and Innocent HoundPuppy Training Treats. Then, there’s the large puppy kong, Small Kong Wild Knots Bear and Herbal Dog Co puppy dry shampoo, and regular shampoo.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone that’s just bought a puppy or to celebrate your own pup’s first birthday!

Signature Luxuries – Enrichment Hamper

It’s great when a dog product considers the importance of mental wellbeing as well as physical.  And this enrichment hamper is an excellent choice for ticking all the boxes for your dog’s health and mental stimulation. The hamper is packed with natural and nutritious treats, including dried sprats, cranberry and sweet potato bites, lamb pate and chicken pate. And to ensure they get their sense of achievement for the day, the hamper also comes with a Kong Ballistic Hide and Treat Toy so your dog can utilise their problem-solving skills in order to get the hidden treasure within the toy.

So whatever the occasion, treat your dog to the best quality food around and give them the natural treats and nutrition they deserve.

If the reviews are anything to go off, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to check out Luxury Dog Hampers today!