Small Business Spotlight: Trespaws

You’ve probably already heard of the global outdoors brand Trespass, but have you heard of Trespaws? And if you haven’t, then it’s time you did! Award-winning and forward-thinking, Trespaws is the sister company to Trespass, but rather than catering to our outdoor needs, Trespaws is in the business of creating smart, dependable and eco-friendly pieces that will ensure your dog will always be prepared for the great outdoors.

Forget the imitations in dog fashion; Trespaws uses technology and performance fabrics to make dog coats that are waterproof and windproof. And while their products are pretty as well, their main focus is always on your dog’s safety, comfort, and well-being.

From a casual walk on a rainy day to a big adventure… Trespaws is the brand that you want to know about.

Marihah Khushi Trespaws - Opening of dog sensory garden
Marihah is on the far right holding the sign in the dog sensory garden

A Family Affair

Trespass is a well respected and recognised brand in the UK with more than 250 stores throughout the UK, and this brand happens to be owned by the family of Marihah Khushi – the founder of Trespaws.

When Marihah finished university and went to work on her family business, she realised that the people Trespass catered to were active outdoors people and, more often than not, this usually meant they loved animals and owned dogs too.

While Trespass had everything their customers needed for the great outdoors, Marihah questioned whether their canine companions’ needs were being met. In the same way that people needed to be protected from the elements, so too did their furry friends, and so Trespaws was born.

With her veterinary background and degree in Environmental Science as well as a masters in Corporate Social Responsibility, Marihah felt she was in a good position to take on the task of leading Trespaws. And she was right; in the first season alone, her first capsule collection proved to be a big hit, selling out as soon as it hit the shelves.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, increasing their stock every year while being ethically and sustainably responsible.

Marihah is an environmentalist and tries to make everything as eco-friendly as possible. All of the labels are made of recycled material, and some of the coats are made out of 100% recycled material as well as using recycled materials for the packaging.

Not only this, but the premium performance material isn’t just kept for the Trespass products; all the dog products are made from the same technical waterproof material that they use in their coats, including the waterproof, windproof dog fleeces and even a down coat which keeps dogs super warm.

Speaking to Marihah about what makes Trespaws unique from other dog brands, she replied:

“Trespaws differs from other dog apparel brands as it is a part of the Trespass family. We use technical fabrics to make your dogs’ coat waterproof and windproof; therefore, when you buy our products, you get excellent value for money and a coat that will perform in all weather-come rain, wind, snow or shine.”

“As much as we like to make fashionable products that make your pooch look fabulous, the safety, comfort and wellbeing of your dog is always our top priority. We are striving to be an ethical, sustainable company by using recycled materials in all our products so even you grand puppies can enjoy the adventures you and your best friend have.”

It’s clear to see Trespaws is a company with all the right priorities and thinks of the future and well-being of our animals above anything else.

Hats off to them… We need more companies like this!

Trespaws products - Tamu Wterbottle, Alaska Cooling Vest, Sea Dog Waterproof Jacket

The Products

So now that you know a little more about how it all began, what kind of products can you expect to find from Trespaws?

The Sea Dog Jacket (Human version available too)

This is perhaps our favourite product from Trespaws. The Sea Dog waterproof jacket combines the adorable with the practical through utilising technical performance with a traditional yellow and navy striped design.

It’s not only waterproof for up to 3000ml but also windproof as well. And since it’s lined with a waterproof polyester jersey, your dog will stay cosy and will be protected through and through.

The fabric has reflective strips and also benefits from welded seems and Tres-shield performance fabric making it pretty darn sturdy.

It also comes with a hood and pocket, which is both useful and really cute! However, the best thing about this jacket is that there is a matching human coat as well!

Trespaws Alaska Cooling Vest

It’s not often that it gets hot in the UK, but when it does, there’s no denying that our dogs suffer. Whether it’s because we’re not prepared for the hot weather or the dogs simply aren’t accustomed to it, our pups just don’t fare well when the summer months come. And so it’s incredibly refreshing (no pun intended) to see that a brand has thought of a solution.

In fact, we’d go as far as saying that the Alaska Cooling Vest should be an essential part of every dog’s accessory collection. The durable dog vest stays cool for up to 6 hours and has an adjustable velcro for a comfortable fit.

Tamu Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

It’s not just ingenious coats and accessories that Trespaws cook up; it’s practical essential outdoor equipment too. As well as car seat covers, grooming mitts, blankets and travel beds, Trespaws has also designed this incredibly convenient dog water bottle.

We wouldn’t think to set off on a walk without a bottle of water, and yet surprisingly, we expect our pooches to do it. And to prevent your dog from dehydrating, the Tamu dog water bottle has a dog bowl attached that you simply pull down from the lid.

It’s 100% lead and BPA-free and expertly crafted from food-grade silicone so your dog can quench their first in complete safety. Silicone is a great choice for a dog’s water bowl since it’s naturally antibacterial; it’s just another ingenious product that we’ve come to expect from Trespaws.

For products that have truly been designed with your dog’s happiness, wellbeing and protection in mind, then Trespaws might just be your answer. Check them out online!