Best Viral Pet Videos Of The Month: July

It’s nearly the end of July and believe it or not, this planet is still in complete tatters.

But while your social media might be currently overflowing with posts about pandemic problems and political and civil unrest, don’t get too distressed, as there’s still been a boatload of cute and funny pet videos too.

From crashing important business meetings to ruining church sermons, our cheeky little furballs have still been getting up to plenty of mischief this month and thankfully, it’s all been caught on camera!

So for everyone still down in the dumps, we’re prescribing you our 8 favourite videos/stories from the past few weeks, as there’s officially no better medicine for 2020 than a spoonful of cat video.


Best Viral Pet Videos – July

Cat Got Your Tongue?

While we’re all bored to tears with Skype interviews on the 10 o’clock news being ‘hilariously’ interrupted by pesky toddlers who want a biscuit, surely there’s a little room in your heart for a parliament zoom meeting sabotaged by a ballsy tomcat!?

John Nicholson, a parliament member for Ochil & South Perthshire, was delivering an impassioned speech regarding the advantages of putting subtitles on children’s television, when a furry feline suddenly caused his rousing words to fall on a bit of a bum note!

John’s cat Rojo was clearly not one for the reformation of children’s television and in an act of defiance on behalf of his screen brother Bagpuss, he began strutting his stuff and blocking the MP from the limelight.

Cue laughter from MP’s and a very embarrassed Mr Nicholson.

The Fight Of The Century

As casual boxing fans wait in anticipation for world heavyweight champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to face off in the ring, another lesser-known Boxer has quietly been winning over die-hard fans of the sport with his cool and calm demeanour on the living room scene.

In the most bizarre match-up you’ll ever see, and surely a mockery of the strict weight classes, this unusual video depicts a barn owl squaring up to a napping dog in what must be the most strange home menagerie of all time.

Our owlet thinks he’s tough, our old tired boxer isn’t convinced.. from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

While the owl and the pussycat might have got on favourably, it appears these two are less keen on each other.

Some Very Hungry Caterpillars

A lot of lockdown has been spent watching box sets and TV shows to pass the time, with many of us binging on so many Netflix shows that we’ve had to resort to watching their exclusive Adam Sandler movies too.

But one compelling saga you may not have seen is the story of Sam Darlaston, a radio DJ who inadvertently brought home seven new pets after several innocent trips to Tescos.

Found nestling inside a packet of broccoli one evening, Sam discovered a caterpillar living cheerily on his greens. Deciding to keep it as a pet, he later sent a friend out to purchase fresh broccoli, only for them to return with one which was home to five of the very hungry creatures!

A third attempt wasn’t a success either and Sam now found himself a father to a septet of caterpillars.

Starting life as an engaging tweet, the story has now turned into a riveting drama to rival any box-set behemoth, with Sam regularly posting videos on his social accounts to reveal the next chapter in this humble seven’s tale.

Featuring the likes of Broc and Ollie (har har), some are already beginning to cocoon, setting us up nicely for an emotional series finale depicting a proud dad releasing his flutter of butterflies back into the wild.

Sorry for the spoiler.

A Twist Ending For The Ages

The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, Se7en and now… Man reluctantly gets into pond.

We all love a good twist ending and this short video that’s taken Twitter by storm recently is easily one of the best, forcing Hollywood to take note with it’s long, tense narrative, a tragic anti-hero in short-shorts and of course the now infamous climax.

What is this man doing and why is he miserably wading through the pond of a public park in broad daylight?

All will become clear as the video reaches its crescendo and when it does, you will feel a rush of all-knowing familiarity, empathy and despair for our fallen hero.

Then you’ll probably just laugh.

Cat Egg Challenge

Ah TikTok.

You can always count on this weird and wonderful app to create a bizarre new trend and the latest in a long line of strange ones is the Cat Egg Challenge, which literally consists of giving your cat an egg and seeing how they react.

It appears the trend caught on after TikTok user @annao shared what appears to be the first iteration in which she states, “Apparently if you give a cat an egg, they protect it, because it’s fragile.”

She then proceeds to pop one into her already curled up cat’s bosom, who responds by licking it out of interest.

@annafromtiktok##fyp ##cat ##egg ##categg ##eggcat♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

For some reason though, this simple licking action was enough to convince the entire TikTok world that cats do indeed see it as their sworn duty to protect a yolky pal and so thousands of imitators have filmed their own versions complete with @annao’s voice as their soundtrack.

@traceyjorgensenWhy do I do this 😂♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

Although some efforts are admittedly cute, with kitties appearing to curl up around their egg like a mother hen, we remain unconvinced, as most moggies just appear completely uninterested in their ovum gift.

@irelanderinWAIT UNTIL THE END!!!! His face expression 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ##fyp ##foryou ##cats ##catsoftiktok ##lol ##egg ##funny ##pets♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

In fact, our favourite attempts are the videos where a terrible tabby flat out rejects their egg, turning from would-be protector into cruel egg-cracking punisher in just seconds.

But I guess we’re just cruel like that.

@summystarrI expected nothing less ##fyp♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

Thou Shalt Not Steal

As all good Christian folks have found themselves unable to attend sermons on a Sunday morning during the pandemic, they’ve instead had to make do with live streams and prayer videos found online.

One of the most popular ways to keep faith in these troubling times is to watch Canterbury Cathedral’s morning sermon, which features Dean of Canterbury, The Very Reverend Robert Willis, reading from the beautiful gardens and grounds around the Cathedral.

Unexpectedly though, the videos have now become doubly popular with non-churchgoers too, as Canterbury’s grounds are also home to a number of cheeky cats, who’ve been doing their best to put the Dean off his lines for several weeks now.

Last month, naughty Leo caught the imagination of the internet when he performed a miraculous disappearing act under the Reverend’s robes, with many crying divine intervention.

This month though it was testament breaking tabby, Tiger, who was breaking the internet, as well as the 7th commandment!

As the Dean delivers his sermon, it’s impossible to concentrate on his powerful words as Tiger slowly creeps on-screen and without paws for thought, begins a cat-thief-like mission to steal the reverend’s milk from his morning tea tray.

Far from a practising cat-holic, Tiger appears to take much enjoyment in his sin and from the look on the Dean’s face, you can tell it’s going to be an awkward next confession.

Lion King Dethroned

It’s been an absolutely fantastic month for moggies in this month’s viral video hotlist and this is yet another cat clip which we just had to include!

The jealousy between cats at home can be fierce sometimes and this home cam footage captures a moment of betrayal which goes beyond mere sibling rivalry.

Like a low-budget, kitchen-sink drama version of The Lion King, this hilarious footage echoes the iconic scene in which Scar betrays his brother Mufasa and shows just how cats play when their owners are away!

Oh, were you sleeping here? from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

What Are Thoseeee?

Body parts are strange.

Just think for a second about the unusual shapes of ears and noses and just how odd they look, hanging there on your face.

And the less said about down below the better.

Of course, thanks to mirrors, we’re all fairly familiar with our own reflection and so the bits and bobs that make up who we are don’t exactly come as a shock to any of us.

But what if you’re a cat? Unlike us humans, the feline lifestyle doesn’t usually involve checking your reflection every few hours and so seeing yourself for the first time in a mirror is sometimes something of a surprise.

Threatening to be the best thing you’ll see all day, this hilarious video of a kitty discovering the sheer bizarreness that is its own ears is this month’s certified heartwarmer!